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Altair 03-02-2020 06:01 PM

I think it may just entirely depend upon yourself and what you want in life. If we kill ourselves while still having specific goals that couldn’t be achieved, than we may be disappointed in ourselves. But someone in old age suffering from a lot of physical pain deciding to end it could be a different story and be ready to leave and satisfied already with what has been achieved.

Molearner 03-02-2020 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by ocean breeze
No consequences. No reasons for consequences.

Either way you'll be dead so its not something dead people worry about or deal with. You can die today or in many years, eventually people will grieve for your death whether you die naturally or do it yourself.

ocean breeze,

Yes and no. The character of the grief that your loved ones experience would be much different.....die of old age we understand....die of suicide those left behind often experience guilt. So, IMO, the consequences of suicide are much greater and far reaching. It sort of goes back to a thread where we were discussing karma. I spoke of the possibility of collateral damage. I would suggest that suicide has much more collateral damage than natural death.

inavalan 03-02-2020 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Yunoschut
If there are any, what are the reasons? I think that there is none, but seeing the grief of our loved ones could be pretty heavy on emotions.

Bottom line, to whoever thinks about suicide: don't do it!

Why are you asking about it?

zastrakoza 03-02-2020 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Yunoschut
If there are any, what are the reasons? I think that there is none, but seeing the grief of our loved ones could be pretty heavy on emotions.

There are consequences for all actions, because this is a universal law. But do not be dismayed. Consequences are not penalties. And believe me, consequences are enough. We are forgiven for our mistakes, even though we must endure the consequences.

Remember the relationship to Spirit, who granted us this gift of a lifetime on earth. It is for benefit to be here, and not just our own. To remove oneself is making a bold statement to our earth friends, but more importantly to Spirit. We did not give ourselves life. To self termination is disrespectful to the life givers, and abandoning those we could help to see the light. None of us see the future clearly.

The humble heart finds himself in earthling form and begins to do all that is possible to bless his environment and his fellows. We are here to shine light, which we would not do, if not at first exposed to darkness. All of us struggle, and those who overcome become that shining light, and a very great blessing to the rest of us.

I would urge us not to be short-sighted, but to press on, using every moment to our advantage in our goal of achieving our highest potential, so that we may eventually find enjoyment in the ability to shine the light of Spirit on those still struggling.


neil 04-02-2020 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by iamthat
The discussion was about the grief felt by those left behind, not the person who has left the body.
I find your claims somewhat unconvincing.

The opening post is about grief, that the person may experience after being liberated from the flesh. And my post is in accord with the opening post.

Quote from the OP.....Are there any spiritual consequences of suicide?
If there are any, what are the reasons? I think that there is none, but seeing the grief of our loved ones could be pretty heavy on emotions....unquote.

And my post in response to yours is quite relevant to your post. Especially in your first paragraph.

And if you are ever able to knowingly experience what I have. You would then not refer to my experiences as unconvincing, and simply dismiss them.
Maybe if you thought outside the spiritual box, you may come to a different understanding of spiritual life in regards to yourself & what you can not see in & arround yourself, in regards to what i speak about in all of my posts.

If you simply disregard the accounts of the experiences of others, without being inquisitive, maybe you will be missing out on some very sound information, that will definitely be of assistance to yourself after you are liberated from the flesh.

My experiences with the evil ones, have allowed me to see what others can not see in scripture. And i continually suggest this on this forum. However it always falls on deaf ears...oh well not to worry.

ajay00 04-02-2020 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by Yunoschut
If there are any, what are the reasons? I think that there is none, but seeing the grief of our loved ones could be pretty heavy on emotions.

As per Hinduism, each human being is actually an eternal soul occupying a temporary organic body engaged in the duties of ensuring material prosperity (Preyas) and spiritual prosperity (Sreyas).

If due to cowardice or weakness, one destroys the body before its destined death or destruction, it creates a lot of karma for oneself.The soul then lives on as a ghost like entity with greater suffering and misery than before. It takes a lot of time before it gets liberated from its present position and acquire a better one.

Strength and courage are considered as virtues which helps the soul on its onward path, and weakness and cowardice are considered as vices which regress the soul and pulls it backwards and hence should be shunned.

Disease has a purpose of purging the body from past negative karmas and hence should be borne patiently and bravely.

However, for very old people suffering from senility or very painful physical disease, and are not capable of taking care of themselves physically or financially or other means, self-euthanasia in the form of voluntary starvation is not considered sinful. This is known as prayopavesa or sallekhana in Hinduism and Jainism.Sallekhana should be done with a calm mind, peacefully and joyfully, and with the mind focused on spiritual matters.

Also only a person having no desire or ambition left and no responsibilities remaining in life is entitled to perform it.

This is forbidden for the young, strong and healthy and for such it is considered suicide and highly sinful.

Native spirit 04-02-2020 09:36 AM

I have to agree with Iamthat


Sir Neil 16-11-2021 09:53 AM

Unresolved issues from the lifetime they committed suicide in, will then roll over into a subsequent one to be dealt with.

Traveler 16-11-2021 10:20 AM

There's an essay by Robert Bruce that explores the consequences of our belief systems that can carry over in death.

hazada guess 16-11-2021 11:59 AM

Are there any spiritual consequences of suicide?

Some say there are, some say they are not. However, when you pass you judge yourself. There may be deep regrets when you see things outside of the purpose for your actions.
However, I'm not about to find out:biggrin: ,Life is precious.

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