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Altair 25-01-2019 01:45 PM

Overcoming fear and discomfort
Have there been any asanas in your practice that you thought were scary or very uncomfortable at first but you overcame that and now enjoy them..?

I had this with halasana.. the first time I touched the ground with my feet it was scary.. such a loss of 'control'. But it's one of my favourites now..


Another one for me would ustrasana.. especially breathing peacefully and feeling at ease was difficult when I began with this..


What are yours?

LibbyScorp 29-01-2019 07:56 AM

From downward dog, flipped dog, into wild thing and on to wheel. It used to terrify me like my elbow would snap lol. Not so sure why it was so scary. I've got it now. It is the most freeing sequence to do over and over rolling it out.

Things i am working on strength for now is side crow

And kicking into handstand so i can do all the variations. Getting closer and doing tons of wall workouts but it's the greatest lesson in patience and preference

Altair 29-01-2019 09:50 AM

Side crow..?! That is pro.. :tongue:

Interesting video by the way.. I usually stay in asanas for xx minutes of time, with sun and moon salutation am I 'moving around'.. lol.
I find those already something if practised slowly combined with breathing techniques..

Interesting how much there is.. I wonder if it's at all possible to learn all of it!!:icon_eek:

Thanks for sharing.

Sapphirez 29-01-2019 12:14 PM

kudos to you both! very impressive and inspiring to someone like me who has wanted to get into yoga seriously but hasn't yet

I don't have anything else to contribute to this thread with its original intention lol sorry, maybe some day though. but since I am here I will just add about some of the little yoga I am familiar with. Apparently it is wonderful for the whole body and chakra system etc yet is easy enough for novices. Have you both heard of the 5 Tibetan Rites? That is the only yoga (it is yoga right?) that I've done on a somewhat regular basis for a prolonged period of time, though I haven't for a while now and need to get back into it. I just wanted to share because it seems like a worthwhile simple yet profound addition to any routine and also perhaps you have an opinion or advice on it based on your experiences

LibbyScorp 29-01-2019 03:32 PM

Altair, haven't said I've nailed it yet! Lol it's hard af. Many people in my classes can come into it from standing
I have to sit on my bum, cradle my leg and wrap into the leg twist but coming into balance on my hands is so difficult. My arm strength isn't quite there yet.

I've come to almost a 90 degree angle with my feet on the wall and hands on the ground. Super close to kicking up into handstand. But once i start creeping more weight into the finger tips for even distribution and i become even more upright, i become terrified and come out of it lol. It feels so close to kicking into the full deal and I've never done it before. Have to get past this little monkeh mind that tells me i can't because clearly I can.

Sun and moon salutations. Nice. I have been doing a lot of mandala sequences basically dancing in all directions of the mat. I find the experience beautiful.

Sapphirez, the 5 tibetan rights are actually what i looked into many years ago. They are a good way to get that excess energy build up to flow out of you. A good start.

I suggest looking up some beginners youtube videos if you are looking to do more than those 5 poses in the rights. I think you will be very happy with the freedom in your spine and body if you explore more :)

Altair 29-01-2019 04:10 PM


Yoga is a path and it contains many pieces.. the asanas are only one part..
You can also do breathing exercises (pranayana). Those are already very beneficial..

But I do agree with LibbyScorp.. to have freedom in the spine and body is an amazing feeling and totally worth it..
I used to think I was healthy and agile... well now I would say I didn't know until I did asanas!

Some say your spine will reveal your true age!:biggrin:

The great thing about these practices is that they are very practical and you can develop that connection with other layers of yourself..
There's no need for any 'philosophy' or discussion.. you just do it, observe, and grow..
That's not just asanas but other pieces of yoga too. Do and observe.

Good luck with the side crow, LibbyScorp.. it's one heck of an asana to master!
But the fun is in the challenge.:wink:

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