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Esconced 26-05-2018 05:41 PM

The In-between Life
The In-between lives are the areas to which our souls migrate once our physical bodies can no longer successfully house our spiritual bodies. I'm trying to find out more about these dimensions from online sources (not ready to buy a bunch of books that may not really describe these in-between places), can anyone here add insight through NDE's or soul regression experiences? Or maybe recommend videos or books with first hand accounts to the in-between?

Tomma 27-05-2018 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by Esconced
Or maybe recommend videos or books with first hand accounts to the in-between?

There is a free online book which contains channeled messages from a spirit guide that cover this topic. I myself found it fascinating and very enlightening. If you are interested I can post the link.

linen53 27-05-2018 12:19 PM

Sure, I have memories of my in between life from the last one to the beginning of this one.

I commit suicide in my last life. I remember having my life review and being very disappointed in myself. I was so shameful. I wanted to go somewhere to think. I just couldn't seem to grow spiritually beyond a certain point. Many lifetimes of distractions in some form or another.

So several guides/angels took me to a gray planet. We passed through space passing planets and even a group of people floating in space engaged in group sex

Once we got to the gray planet I was directed to what looked like a huge bubble. The surrounding terrain was gray and flat with no vegetation or other landmarks. I could see an oasis inside the bubble with trees, a cottage and a horse next to the house.

I walked in the bubble and was amongst the oasis setting. This bubble was like a hologram (Star Trek). I could go for miles and miles once inside the bubble. But once I was inside, I couldn't go out of the bubble. I was in this bubble for quite a long time.

There were residents who lived on the gray planet who would come and watch me. I called them the 'murmurers'. They wore plain robes with sandaled feet and all they did was murmur (gossip) amongst themselves. They irritated me to no end. Eventually they would go away (murmuring). But every so often they would be back.

While I was in this bubble I took walks, rode the horse, there were orchards, streams, meadows, just about everything you would expect in the setting. I would use the cottage when I needed privacy from the murmurers or just to take a nap. I don't think there was night there.

As I said I was there for a very long time.....thinking. And when I had thought it all out, a Being appeared and took me out of the bubble.

I went before a 'council' and told them what I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime and how I wanted to accomplish it. It was pretty ladened with some bad stuff. And they truly tried to discourage me. But I was adamant. And so I am here.

Oh, I also remember my soul coming back to this plane. I was falling. Falling. Falling. I was excited and thinking of what I would accomplish in this lifetime and all the stuff that would happen to me and how that would occur. I was positive that this time I would get past my stumbling block. All the while falling. As I fell further it went from bright to dim. And dimmer and dimmer. And I remember taking note of that. And as things became dimmer I felt myself further away from the Source of Light. And as I was further away from the Source I began to have doubts as to my life-plan. And then everything went black.

There are many, many, many, many planes of existence on the other side, which one may term 'heaven'. All of them are different and are at a different vibration. Where one goes when they leave the body depends on their own individual vibration, i.e., where they are spiritually. And also where in their subconscious, they term 'heaven' as being.

If one thinks heaven is a Christian place then they will go to the Christian heaven. Islams go to the Islam heaven. People who love business and working will go somewhere they will be comfortable in a business heaven.

There is a general gathering place that many souls go to.

I have some books that I guarantee will give you some insight into what happens and where most souls go after they 'die'. I will, a little later, list some books even though you said you didn't want buy any at this time.

Tomma 27-05-2018 02:07 PM

Thank you linen53, for sharing this. Very interesting, and it touched me.

Esconced 27-05-2018 04:08 PM

Sure, post the link to the book. Thanks.

Nice amount of details. How has the knowledge of your previous suicide helped you in this life? Where is the place that most souls gather? Since you fell from where you were, did you fall through other dimensions or planes? If yes, how many?

Tomma 27-05-2018 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by Esconced
Sure, post the link to the book. Thanks.


You can read it on the website itself or download it in pdf form (it's free).

The three chapters Transformation of Human to Spirit, The Afterlife, and Reincarnation should be most interesting for you as they deal with everything that happens (or can happen) while in spirit.

Enjoy! I couldn't put it down :smile:

linen53 27-05-2018 05:57 PM

Ah, your welcome Tomma.:hug:

Esconed, well, I sure won't commit suicide in this life. I heaped, and I do mean heaped some pretty bad experiences on myself in this life to make up for the lost time and for my frustration of failure, last life.

But I only came into this life between life remembrance about 30 years ago. And just prior to that was a dark night of the soul for me. If I was ever serious about committing suicide I would have done it then, during that dark night, ignorant of what I did in my past life. Thankfully, grace saw me through until I could remember.

I think the falling was symbolic for what I would expect to experience (everyone is different!). Yes I was literally bodily falling but it was more of going from a higher dimension/vibration to the lower one here on Earth. There weren't any barriers from one plane to another. That wasn't a part of what I would have expected to do in arriving at my locale where I would begin my reincarnation.

Our Creator or whatever you want to call It/Him/Her is so very vast we can't comprehend the magnitude of what It/He/She is capable of. Our individual realities are supported in every aspect. That may sound confusing and like chaos but it isn't. It's seamless in execution.

All just my opinion. Not saying what I believe is written in stone. I respect everyone has their own views. I can only relate what I have experienced.

inavalan 27-05-2018 06:52 PM

You'll find several scenarios, described by people honestly believing their experiences while being in altered states of consciousness. Those experiences strongly reflect the beliefs of those who facilitated the experiences, who inadvertently influenced the subject's perception. Most scenarios have a highly anthropomorphic character, which, most likely, reflects our Earth centric mode of thinking, even at subconscious level.

My suggestion is to read a lot, keep a healthy reserve about what others believe, have your own experiences from the perspective of no preconceived opinions and expectations, and iteratively refine your view of the Universe, physical and non-physical.

Uma 14-07-2018 11:43 AM

Our chakras are portals to other dimensions called Lokas. As multidimensional beings we can live in several simultaneously. The loka for the earth dimension is the root chakra. You’re sitting or standing or lying on it right now.

Tobi 16-07-2018 07:22 PM

I have only vague, fragmented memories which I have been able to access all my life. But they are so unlike anything else -even dreams -that I feel they may be life-between-life memories.
One is so horrendous I won't even describe it. In fact, it is indescribable in normal terms. There are no features like landscape, just a pervading miasma. That in itself is indescribable.
It certainly is nothing like any descriptions of "Hell" that I have ever come across.
What that's about, I have no idea. I can't even pinpoint what relationship this "place" is to me or why I'm there. But one thing is for sure, I never want to go there again.

But the other memories are the exact opposite. There are landscapes, beautiful swathes of gentle hills and fields with some trees. Here and there, are small blue lakes. There are people about but I can't recall what they are doing besides resting or enjoying the place. The light is lovely, but different to a high pressure sunny day here. I remember no sun.
There are also similar places, rural, but with areas where there are white stone buildings or open courtyards with pillars and greenery but no roofs.

That is about all I recall.

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