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Emmalevine 26-09-2011 05:25 PM

Feeding pigeons - good or bad?
I've been feeding the birds in my garden lately, which mainly consist of pigeons. It makes me feel really good, like I'm giving something back to the natural world, and the birds recognise when their food is coming so I've developed a bond with them. However, a friend of mine told me today that I shouldn't feed pigeons because they carry disease etc and they can cause nuisance. I did a brief google search on this subject and it seems that the general advice is not to feed them. Call me childish but I feel quite upset that what I thought was a kind deed is seen as wrong. I don't know whether to stop putting food out now or not.

What are people's thoughts on this subject please?

Time 26-09-2011 05:29 PM

They only advise you not to feed them cause "they are pests". And that is the unfortunate bottom line.

IF you do feed them, dont feed them rice, this causes an alka selxer-like effect in their gullet, and BOOM goes birdy...

The only thing I cna see bad about feeding birds, is feeding them to the point where they dont hunt for food, liek insects, nuts and seeds. I just feed them when ever, at random, as long as it isnt very single day. I would feed them ever 3-5 days, more int he winter, less in summer.

Emmalevine 26-09-2011 05:42 PM

I see. Thanks for that Time. I might just reduce the amount I'm giving them at the moment so they hopefully don't get dependent on it. I'm currently feeding every other day...but that's probably too much in that case, I'll up it some more if it gets really cold this winter. I don't like to stop completely as I enjoy feeding them. I'm hoping different types of birds appear as well but so far it's only been pigeons :)

I'd be interested in other views on this subject. Anyone else feed them (or not)?

Silver 26-09-2011 05:58 PM

I think that's good advice, Time. I am the same way with the seagulls when I go to the beach, but I don't feed them every time I go, I did yesterday. There was only 1 loaf of bread which is what I usually take, and it goes very quickly and as more come, they're left standing there waiting for more and it doesn't come and I drive away feeling bad I couldn't feed more of them. They do become a nuisance, too, though...last week when I was there, I saw them getting into people's stuff who were planning cookouts later. People can't leave their food unattended.

mattie 26-09-2011 06:07 PM

The Pigeon loves it.
Good for the pigeon!

Silver 26-09-2011 06:11 PM

Birds might not seem scary ~ what can 1 bird do? I think it's a thing with all wildlife ~ in flocks, they can do a lot of damage. They say not to feed the bears for the reason that they become aggressive and only takes 1 bear to do great damage.

BlueSky 26-09-2011 06:17 PM

I also agree with Time's advice. I am a bird feeder too but for many reasons i have pretty much stopped except for from November to March or so.
If the land we humans inhabit was more friendly to birds in the winter in regards to natural winter foods, i would stop then as well. Currently I am working on making my land more adaptible for them.
In addition, the thing with feeding them everyday is that you will attract hawks and such.
I certainly understand the bond that is made and I love it as well but all in all the experience of bird feeding has shown me how unfriendly our yards are and I am thankful for that because it has been my very motivation to persue helping reverse that in my yard and subsequently, others as well.
Good luck and bless you for caring for them..............James

Oh yeh, in regards to people scaring you about diseases and such................I listen sbut then I use my own head and research simply because it usually comes from fear.
I refuse to live my life in fear especially if it means not following my heart. When they are hungry, I can sense it.

mike bike 26-09-2011 06:51 PM

Feed the poor little devils....they are God's children as much as we are.

And as for them spreading disease ?....I think this is rubbish.

The wicked Mike Tyson is now doing all that he ever really loved doing....looking after his pigeons !

Blessings ......Mike

Squatchit 26-09-2011 06:56 PM

I tend to feed the birds in spurts...oh geez I'm still rhyming. :smile:

If my nyger seed feeders are constantly full, I'll have dozens of goldfinches relying on the seed and killing each other to get to the feeders first.

One of my favourite sounds is the cooing of wood pigeons and I love it when they waddle across the patio looking for scraps. I affectionately call them 'fat vicars'. :tongue:

And as others have said, make sure they have more food in winter when their natural supplies are scarce.

As for disease, I have this habit of turning things on their head. What about the diseases WE carry? If the birds are willing to live within our near vicinity, then I'm not going to drive them away.

mike bike 26-09-2011 07:08 PM

Good point.Squatch,

If wild life
is willing to live near us,why should we be scared of them being near us?

I have a pair of doves come regularly into my garden...they are beautiful...I suppose the "experts" would say they spread disease too.

Expert....."Ex" meaning "has been"....Spert meaning "Under pressure"....Lol !

Feed the birds...poor little things are going to suffer this Winter (Once again according to the "experts")

Blessings Mike.

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