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Unseeking Seeker 08-01-2019 11:18 AM

Short & crisp are the words we spake while deep & warm are the intervening gaps of silence we did casually forsake; the essence of emotion escaping our tamasic cognition.


Unseeking Seeker 08-01-2019 03:10 PM

Decisions are made easy if the consciousness be free flowing, agendaless & breezy, that which spreads happiness on the canvas of Oneness being the direction without any deflection, computation or calculation, loving embrace, face to face, being the automatic mode of engagement as of divine entwined enablement.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 01:23 AM

Being the movement, being the centre, both together, knowing that the time continuum of the pendulum is at the periphery, wherein we are, as we are, in unclinging levity, while at the centre, the reservoir where all experiences enter, our beingness as Oneness in all time meditation allows seamless assimilation of entirety, as of our divine bestowed enableability.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 03:37 AM

The ego, being a wily sleuth, accepts not the truth, for if it does, the cause of consciousness delusion arising from the egos adroitly spun web of illusion will disappear and what then will automatically appear, is what always was, is ... non-ego self presence, in resonance, within a continuum of rippleless stillness, with the That Oneness.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 03:47 AM

Seeking neither assent nor tacit consent, well meaning, demeaning or otherwise, the wise being complete & resolute, as of Oneness awareness absolute, unwaveringly maintain course, steering clear of elements coarse, dispersing unendingly, indiscriminately, the exalted love fragrance, imbibed by their presence, in childlike innocence, from the omnipresent divine essence.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 04:29 AM

There are no voids, else how are we so overjoyed, immune from ephemerality, while embracing innate be-ability and so, when the doer disappears, the knower appears.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 05:05 AM

Innumerable roots, each doing what suits, yet all getting to the singular source, receiving & remitting the nutritious energy, with its conjoined external form in a harmonious synergy.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 08:13 AM

The seeds of love may take some time to grow, transformation and ascension tends to be slow, so if the fruits of seeds sown did not as yet show, just know in an orientation acceptant & mellow, that it is so.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 08:45 AM

The root of all contracting thoughts manifesting within lies in the delusion of our attachment to egoic or separate-self illusion, the ‘attachment’ elaboration or explanation being its composition of fear & desire, mired to our consciousness, the contraction delaying our ascension to pristine awareness.


Unseeking Seeker 09-01-2019 09:18 AM

Upon absolute knowing, there is no room for speculating, debating, hesitating ...


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