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asearcher 14-09-2021 02:24 PM

Feelings of energies in homes, other areas, how to turn it off?
I know many people say a home or place has a certain energy to it, but the way I have felt it since young age it's almost too much of it, which is something I would be appreciative if someone knows how to turn that off, if possible?

Just to use an example in my adult life, how it can complicate things.
I was in a relationship once with a man who told me his romantic past. It was no big deal. He did not come across as someone who lied about his. He was the one to bring up the subject. He said it in a matter of a fact way. There did not appear to be of something of unfinished nature there. Not that he was bottled up about it (but he did not mention her . I will come back to her.) In his home I felt this special of a kind female energy and in the energy was feelings. In the feelings was information. It was all mixed in. It was a real bother. There was nothing there that I could see or smell (like parfume):confused: , any trace of her. I was not jealous. Only puzzled. Even afraid I had gone mad. That I was oversensitive. He had told me one time he had always lived there alone. He had lived with another woman or women (the serious relationships he had had before), but not there. During our relationship he never gave any indication that he was dating others. He had been the one to tell me that we should only date each other. I had agreed.

It was not a good feeling to be in his double sized bed. I could wake up as if I had just had a nightmare. He would be sleeping like a baby. It was so that I wanted to sneak out to go back to my old bed to get some sleep. I felt her, them too much. If, when I would have left like that it would have looked as if i just used him, one night stand, and if we were only that, he would have gotten real offensive about it.

I was never jealous during our relationship. He gave no indication that there was someone else. I never watched him flirt with someone else. He did not come across as a player. I never accused him of being unfaithful. I never thought he was.

One time we were at this event with so many people there. Somewhere in the crowd I could feel the energy, the sensation of it from an limited area and I looked over and I saw her. Afterwards I would say it was female intuition. I did not know how else to explain it. Of all the women I pointed out her. Our eyes met for a brief second. I knew then, and then she was gone, lost in the crowd. He was sitting beside me and he showed no reaction. I thought "She's real", I hadn't imagined it. One time he and i began to talk about it. I was right. Other things would too happen where I was too open. Not something I could turn on and off.

If and when I would have an experience when a child I was told not to tell anyone. That was the end of it.

When I move into other people's homes or different work areas how do I stop it from effecting me? Has anyone else had the same problem? Those who know me say I get tense. I am tense even if I try to relax. All my emotions show in my face.

I am still at some level thankful that I had the experience of her. Had I not had that it would to me keep his true face behind his mask longer, or maybe even forever (although, I doubt that). Overall it would be how he allowed himself to treat other people, including me that was the biggest turn off. Once I got to know him more I did not like him. I had not liked him the first time we met even if he had liked me. I should have stayed with that gut feeling. Instead I let myself be flattered and hoping and thinking he was this image he selled, when I all the time knew better. When I had felt her I always felt sympathy for her. I doubt he was ready for that. Perhaps she was working as a warning to me to be cautious. On a subcounscious level I think I knew I was in danger, mentally, even if everything looked perfect on the surface.

In each home or work place I go into I feel the energies. When I was young I picked up the sickness and death of a boy in a home that had happened more than 30 years before and where there was no trace of him. I was so incredibly tense then. The grief of it. I could smell things that I think was hospital's medication used on him in some way. I could not enjoy myself there. So it is a problem sometimes.

There has been other times too when I really don't feel like going into someone's home even if I enjoy the people there. One I was close enough to ask about it without that person looking at me as if I was nuts (I've never asked in some other cases because I knew they would just dismiss it and think I was nuts and I did not want that). I was then told about what had happened there. I guess to me I can see like some other people see - a beautiful table, or an expensive watch on someone's wrist but it does not do anything for me. Looks too. Images. I feel more and that is what is reality to me, it weight more. Its like I see it, but I don't care. I don't put so much treasure in it. It's not what's so important, but to some it seems it is all that is important.

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