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water drop 07-09-2021 09:19 PM

Healing with just one of the hands ?
1 . I got a cut in one of my fingers .... how to heal it ? by putting one hand next to the cut of the other hand ? (or maybe the hands heal themselves while treating other parts - so its pointless to do reiki on the hand = just like its pointless to do reiki on the top of the head when doing self reiki?)

2 . main question : how doese healing with one hand effect the healing process ?

is it less powerful (2>1) ? maybe its more concentrated ?

If i got a tiny spot i want to heal in my body - what should i do with the other hand ? put it on another random body part ? maybe just ignore it ?

how do i "de-activate" the other hand if i want to do reiki with just one hand ?

Eelco 07-09-2021 09:40 PM

The hands are focal points for the energy, however, Reiki does not depend on them. In my mind the hands symbolize connection. Connecting to Reiki is enough. How else could one treat or attune from a distance?
You may be overthinking things a bit, but then I am not sure what your teachers told you, so if I am out of bounds please disregard what I'm writing.

That said:
1) Just cup the cut fingers in your other hand and let Reiki flow.
2) It doesn't matter. 1 hand, 2 hands, or no hands. The feeling of connecting the reiki energy to the affliction is enough.
In the case of the tiny spot. Do whatever feels right. I would lay my extra hand on my upper thigh I think If I was unsure where to put it.

I would not "de-activate" anything.
In my mind reiki flows throughout the entire body. As I said the hands are just convenient, comfortable means of connecting. People tend to look funny when you do reiki with your feet, knees, or your nose. Hands are accepted points of contact in a healing modality.

water drop 08-09-2021 07:21 AM

Thats what i was thinking a few times ........ on the other hand im very confused about the whole reiki enters through the head ... than to the heart .... than to the hands

that seems like a pretty strict acknowledged path no ?

and to add to that there is something about grounding and being barefoot and energy leaving from legs ?

and the whole not crossing the limbs during a reiki treatment ?

Traveler 08-09-2021 09:55 AM

You don't have to worry about where reiki enters for it to be effective. But when I do reiki; before starting I send a request to the sun to send its energy to me entering the top of my head and filling me with energy. Then I send a request to the earth to ground me and to send me its grounding energy through the bottom of my feet. I then visualizing both energies filling me and centering on my heart chakra and then that energy coming out of my hands as I invoke the reiki symbols. I also request my guides, ascended masters, reiki masters, and any one of the light who wishes to participate to join me in the healing session.

Remember, energy follows thought.

I think the 'not crossing limbs' is something that someone somewhere along the line thought that crossing limbs blocked energy flow. But it's not true. As a reiki practitioner, the more you practice the more you will intuitively be led to place your hands and you may find mixing modalities with reiki too.

Have you read Diane Stein's "Essential Reiki" yet?

water drop 16-09-2021 05:27 PM

No , didnt read it

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