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Angeline16 13-07-2015 11:52 AM

I had a yoga teacher who figured it out. She said she's "spaced out" all the time and her family are always telling her to come back down to earth. She was about 50-60ish. Oh, to be in that place all the time!

LadyMay 13-07-2015 11:58 AM

Being spaced out is not really a good thing actually, it's a sign of ungroundedness and unintegrated energy, which is harmful and the opposite to spiritual... just though I'd mention that :)

bluebird21 14-07-2015 03:46 AM

That's a challenging place to be, especially if you don't know you are in it.

LilMariposa85 22-07-2015 07:11 PM

That's an awesome way to summarize it. However, remember.......we have karma with a lot more people than you think. Sometimes we fulfill karma even when we aren't thinking about it.

LadyMay 22-07-2015 07:36 PM

I thought I would add this link here too, for anyone who wants to do more reading and see these types of connections from a different angle: http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/sh...ad.php?t=88598

snelson5871 24-07-2015 01:08 AM

The scariest part of meeting ones twin flame is knowing they are on the inside but since the initial meeting was too short its like you can't acknowledge it out loud because that is some creepy **** to have that kind of infatuation within such a short time especially when there is 0 communication after the first break.

Howla Dark 19-08-2015 12:03 AM

How would you define being in love with someone you haven't physically met but only talked to on the internet?

PhoenixSifa 02-09-2015 11:47 PM

Infatuation or TF/SM
I am going to attempt to shorten this as much as possible.
I met a friend who I initially communicated with for two years via messages and phone calls. I'd like to add, my initial reaction was only to be friends. Especially, since I was already involved in a relationship with someone I thought was the 'ONE'. As the relationship began to diminish, My friend and I grew closer. Long story short, we ended up pursuing the romantic aspect of our relationship. On our first date, apon meeting, I was instantly taken back by his energy. Also, I was so nervous I even got goose bumps. Three times during that first day, as he touched me, I would 'shock' him. We spent he next two days in a cabin. The energy was euphoric, almost like a drug. Although, we both unwillingly agreed not to become intimate, the energy was so intense that when I closed my eyes, the white light of the energy was all I could see--Building up in the pit of my stomach. He also was taken back by the surge of energy that he claimed to begin in his tree of life (scrotum) and shot straight up into his tummy. We literally would have to separate to contain our emotions.
I am new to exploring my spiritual self, spiritual ascension, self healing and meditation. I am in fear of this powerful feeling. Yet, I feel safe with him. He supports me in all my endeavors. I find myself doing self checks to eliminate negativity within and emotional baggage; and completing tasks I usually procrastinate on. Also, it seems like everything has been lining up in every aspect of my life. The coincidences are perplexing at best. I could go on and on!!!!!
Please someone, explain what this is.

Averil 06-09-2015 07:19 AM

TF vs Near TF
Here is my opinion based on my experiences. In 2004 I was in a bad marriage and that is when the first deep soul connection appeared. I had 4 more after that, the 3rd one being what I thought was my TF at the time. I went through the dark night of the soul with him. They talk about runners and chasers. I was a stalker. I couldnīt control it. I ended up doing a past life regression to start the healing process. A year after meeting him I met another. I went through it all again but not as intense.

So, I decided just to enjoy life, I had a few relationships but nothing hit me in the heart like those 2. In 2013, I saw "His" picture online on a friends account and contacted him. Little did I know that he knew. He tried to get to me then but was detained in his country. Other stuff happened in between but I never went or dated another man after that initial encounter.

About 4 weeks ago I came to the conclusion that it wasnīt going to happen again in this lifetime and I had settled for the life I had and would accept and be content with it. Then he contacted me.

He had got out of his country and was coming my way if I wanted him. I had a few scary moments but gradually, they disappeared. He arrived, we experienced the "Bliss Bubble" then everything started happening, the mirror phase. He stayed a week and had to leave as it was too much for him and I to handle. Thing is, we both know what this is so no matter what strife we had together, it doesnīt cancel out the connection. It isnīt about waiting and pining, it is about "The Knowing" and keeping the faith. If I had not gone through all of the deep stuff years ago, I doubt I would have been prepared for this now. Hope this helps :)

PhoenixSifa 06-09-2015 12:04 PM


Thank you for your response. It did give some enLIGHTenment. 'Let it happen and have faith'... :love2:

Love and light:angel8:

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