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Sapphirez 30-04-2014 01:18 PM


Originally Posted by Tobi
Blessings, Sapphirez.

I only became vegan a year last November after deep consideration, since I learned something amazing about animals and their spiritual state. It plunged me into another way of thinking and feeling, and really woke me up.

Now I have found vegan sources of the same nutrients I need for fitness. It has involved me in some work researching, but it is worth it.

ah that's not that long ago. yeah it's quite a commitment. but I'm hoping when I fully dedicate myself to it too I will not look back. And it's not about judging people, I mean I eat meat now and can still speak realistically about it, and want to change and just be real, that's what's important. Awareness is the first step as with so many things. So what was it about the animal spiritual state you learned? Also, if you feel like it maybe you could share some of the nutritious revelations you've gathered? I think I could figure out how to fashion a diet to be adequate, but am interested in your particular story and findings. :hug3:

Phantasmic Fox thank you I'm glad you appreciate the source. It really is a wonderful article and compilation. We've been misled about so many things, especially so that "they" can profit from our unenlightened beliefs.. it's not easy to successfully remove our chains which we've been taught to think are so shiny and well-placed.. Thank you for working to try and help others spot the tarnish too. It's hard when we're met with so much opposition just for speaking logically and from the heart/soul viewpoint..

Lynn 30-04-2014 09:09 PM


It has become clear that we are off topic in this thread and that its time to stop the back and forth discussion on whom is right and whom is wrong on what they believe. From the spiritual view point we are "what we eat" and it does have effects on our spiritual body. Be that meat or veggie its all life that we consume and its all energy that we consume. Whom is to say that a plant does not have the same sensations as an animal when consumed we just assume no brain no logic thinking centre or emotions ext.

When we find that balance in what we take in it can have profound effects on how we feel. What one might try is in meditations asking on what the body feels from eating certain things. Connecting to that Higher Self and exploring what is needed. At times we get headaches that we dismiss as stress and it might well be from a slight allergic reaction to something we have taken in, or a rash ext .....when we learn to listen to our inner voice at times we move into a better state of health and in that we move into a better state of spiritual balance.


The effects of eating meat on human chakra
Can someone help me identify any adverse effects if any at all from eating meat on meditation and the human chakra?

Creative 30-04-2014 09:31 PM


Originally Posted by Sapphirez
thinking you should be doing. laughing you should not.

I think it's rather sad that the ones defending their meat eating refuse to examine evidence stacked against their faulty logic, and also think that cows being tortured their entire lives living pathetic excuses of existence and then often being hung upside down having their throats slit and frequently still being alive for hours while bleeding out the last millimeters of their excruciatingly horrendous "lives" has nothing to do with them, and is supportive of their root chakra.. really I think your root chakra would have a different idea. at least stop deluding yourselves and be real about it. This isn't a dream (well it's a nightmare of years for them obviously) these are real animals with real feelings, that can communicate with each other and humans and deserve love and compassion just like us. They, when allowed to have a life, have social, tender relationships, and romp around in fields and enjoy the Sun and the breeze and eating pretty green grass.. not the red bloodied dirty disgusting existence of sorrow and terror that you're trying to justify. They are innocent creatures. not substitutions for lazy indifference toward researching how to create a proper plentiful diet without the senseless cruel murdering of living animals.

If we respected the animals, their grazing could turn barren desert land into lush prairies. We could use their waste as our fertilizer and harvest the nutrients that way. When they die we can bury them in the ground where their bodies further enrich the soil and Earth. and lay their souls to rest instead of making them regret every second of their life from birth when their tails are usually cut off without anesthetic after being ripped away from their mothers and often never seeing them again, then to grow up with nobody and nothing except violent treatment, fear and pain. Stop lying to yourselves and to us. Educate yourselves, and get enlightened. That is what this forum is for I believe.

I'm going to suggest that you are making a lot of generalizations in this post, which creates inaccuracies. Not all animals are raised and treated as you propose. Nor are they all slaughtered as you presume. Some are, some aren't.
From where I stand it also comes across as a bit unfair & arrogant, as you accuse people of 'lying' and needing to be 'enlightened'. Boy o boy......I'm sure that's not what you intended - right?
I'm not perfect, but I do know a fair bit about this planet and all the creatures in it. I also know a bit about what I need.
I'll keep the status quo for myself, but I'll also extend graces to those who choose differently.
To answer the OP. Yes, some meat of the right types can be beneficial to a person and their chakras. The key is how the animal was raised, killed, and eaten. If done right it's spiritual. If done poorly, it can lower vibration.
The Christ reached the highest levels of spiritual development & he ate some meat here and there. If it's good enough for him, it's good enough for me.

Revan 30-04-2014 10:52 PM

i totally agree with that because the meat i ate usually was not from a happy animal a "happy" animal would be much better for chakra

Sapphirez 02-05-2014 03:23 PM

edited due to feeling threatened at ramifications on spiritual forum for expressing free speech and speaking against killing of animals that want to live life to enjoy it

someguy92 02-05-2014 06:36 PM


Originally Posted by Lynn
The effects of eating meat on human chakra.Can someone help me identify any adverse effects if any at all from eating meat on meditation and the human chakra?

Meat ussually grounds you, it kind of "despiritualise" you. Its good and bad. Its bad when you want to meditate, when you want to astral project, communicate with higher beings etc. But its good when you need grounding, when you do too much meditation and astral projecting, your soul is leaving your body and well you can outtune yourself, you can outtune yourself too much and that can be very dangerous. Grounding yourself into your body is important, but too much grounding can hinder your spiritual growth. You need both worlds, physical and spiritual, you need to balance it. Thats why our ancestors, eated meat, but not in such quantity as now, now we eat too much meat. We need meat, but too much is too much, people are addicted to meat....literally.

Sapphirez 02-05-2014 11:36 PM


Originally Posted by Phantasmic Fox
there are over a hundred alternatives to grounding your root chakra. Physical activity, wearing red, apples, meditation, to name a few.

Did you even bother reading the information sources cited above? (regarding abundance of interesting factual information about human's actual vegan nature and why eating meat is far from ideal


1. See red. Seriously—envisioning the color red glowing brightly at the base of the spine, where this chakra is located, is the beginning of root chakra cleansing and balancing. Start with the simple meditation of imaging a bright red light at the base of your tailbone. Picture this red light extending down your legs and feet, grounding you to the earth. Use anything that is the color red to help balance this chakra. Since stones are frequently used for healing, this could be a red crystal, such as garnet or ruby. It could be wearing something with red in it. It can be also imagining the color red in the chakra itself.

2. Dance. I don’t care if you “can’t dance.” Close the door and move your body. This is one of the best ways to balance this chakra. Even better—turn on music and sing along, as singing cleanses your throat chakra for an added bonus.

3. Get on your yoga mat. Many yoga postures are designed to cleanse this chakra. My favorite is tree pose. You can use your ‘seeing red’ visualization as you firmly plant your entire left foot onto your mat and bring your right foot up into tree pose. Keep your hip points squarely ahead and your toes tucked in as you place your foot anywhere on your leg besides your knee. Be creative and make your tree pose your own. Place your right leg into half lotus or engage your core and reach your arms overhead, keeping the base of your neck soft and your elbows straight as you rotate the pinky side of your hands in to engage your triceps. Most importantly, feel supported and connected to the earth as you hold your tree pose for 5 to 8 breaths before switching sides.

4. Take a shower. This is such a wonderful root chakra cleanser. We are physical animals in addition to being intelligent, thoughtful human beings. Embrace and love your physicality by being completely present as you bathe. Mindfully moving is a powerful form of meditation.

5. Zen out on a walk. Take this idea of mindfully moving on your walk with you. Concentrate on your foot leaving the ground and connecting to the earth again with each step. You’ll give your mind a break and cleanse your root chakra at the same time.

6. Get a pedicure. I had to throw this one in. My grandfather had a friend that was known for saying, “you can always tell how well a person takes care of themselves by how they take care of their feet.” This might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but loving your feet and taking the time to pamper your physical body are great ways to also care for your root chakra energy.

7. Carrying a piece of black hematite.

8. On a daily basis or even more frequently on the days you need it, you can do this quick and free exercise to ground yourself. Sit up straight, with your feet flat on the ground. Take a few deep breaths and begin to imagine that you have roots growing from your feet and that you have a beautiful tail growing from your root chakra. They should all be about the size of a dinner plate. Imagine that the roots and tail join together and become one root or whatever receptacle you imagine. (Could be flower vines, magic wand, etc.). This root travels to the very core of Mother Earth and even circles it. Now, just inhale and let Mother Earth’s energy come back to you through those roots. Speaking of roots, another favorite way to ground is to stand next to or even hug trees. You will feel the negative energy leaving your body and you just connect with Mother Earth. Standing outside barefoot is another excellent way to ground.

9. Use essential oils such as Valor, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Cypress or Frankincense.

10. Murder something (or have someone else murder it for you) and eat it.

well.. *shrug* if 1-9 and all the other wonderful healthy ways to ground yourself don't work I guess 10 is always an option :dontknow: but I'd just as soon spruce up the ol' sacral chakra of creativity to figure out another way :wink:

wolfmanthe1st 03-05-2014 12:50 AM

There can be effects from eating meat on the human chakras. Most animals that are consumed are treated cruely and suffer a terrible life. As a result, there is alot of negative energy in their cells which when eaten by a human has an effect on us. If an animal suffers trauma maybe during their death the person who eats that meat will be absorbing in their cells the emotions of fear and aggression which will create blockages in the lower charkas, especially the root chakra. Chakras that are functioning well are vibrating at a high rate. Eating meat lowers your vibration rate.

wolfmanthe1st 03-05-2014 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by wstein
Scientific evidence is that cooking foods reduces nutrition slightly but makes it much easier to digest. The net effect is more benefit from less food. Going raw uncooked ends up using more resource for digestion leaving less net benefit.

Cooking something above 115 degrees reduces the nutritional value by 80%. A raw diet gives you the full nutritional value therefore you have to eat less.

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