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pixiedust 30-04-2021 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Early in the morning we see many webs or strings of webs left over from travel...

Here are some of the oral tradition and stories from Wikipedia.

pixiedust thanks for reminding me about the Time of the sixth sun series.:smile:

Very enlightening, thank you so much ImthatIm!

sky 30-04-2021 05:27 PM

[Originally Posted by ImthatIm
Early in the morning we see many webs or strings of webs left over from travel...]

And how beautiful they are, works of Art.... I love to search for them in my garden on a frosty morning when the sun breaks through and they glisten with colour.....

Native spirit 30-04-2021 09:15 PM

My mother was really scared of spiders and it passed to my sisters they to are scared one day my sister screamed i went to see what was wrong .
she said look a huge spider it was that small. it was barely visable i just laughed at her picked it up and put it outside.

But i agree sky looking at spider webs in the hedges is lovely.


sentient 02-05-2021 12:00 AM

Spider mythology in a nutshell ...

In my culture the “Spider Mother” weaved the world so that through its web we have a sentient connection to everything that is.

The Spider Mother has 8 legs, so all the Sacred buildings are 8 cornered, i.e. we have 8 directions.

The Spider gives us the “Golden Thread back to the Source”, the "Central Sun" through our sentience. Remembering, that in 'cobwebby situations', the Spider is both the liberator and the trickster.


ImthatIm 03-05-2021 10:32 PM


You have fit a lot in that nutshell.
This is why I brought the Spider up.It is so important and they appear to
be in many habitats and I would suspect in most habitats.
Yet I rarely hear about them being talked about in a Sacred manner.
Most of what I hear is negative.
Maybe it is because it is hard to decipher Spider talk and messages and work out the Trickster tricks to learn the lessons.
I don't' know. I guess I am used to trickster talk and riddles and deciphering Spider talk, since I know the teachings can be very valauable.
I probably have been taught the most from the Spider.

sentient 03-05-2021 10:43 PM

Well, coming from “Earth People” people, like you do and I the hunter-gatherers....
How else could we have been able to explain “Life, Universe and Everything” but by using references from Nature.


ImthatIm 03-05-2021 10:55 PM

This show started me thinking about place.
Sacred places and rhythms of these places.
Respecting these places means also respecting the
ancestors and cultures of the land.
Songs can be found in these places and health and healing
comes from my rooted-ness in these places.
I can't hardly root myself in Cambodia becuase I am not in that place.

Earth Focus
Can Religion Save The Environment?
(25mins.or so.)

sentient 04-05-2021 09:08 PM

Good documentary ImthatIm. Lovely and so sad and worrisome.

I have never been to my ancestor’s lands. Only on the ‘Viking’ side Gotland.

But a relative R.I.P. dedicated his adult working life collecting funds to clear the (what was it?) useless dam created destruction on a Sacred River (on the Russian side), so now the salmon or some other fish can go up the stream once again and the rare, endangered flowers bloom on its banks (or something). He got an environmental award for it.

But to get the (new, Russian) locals there on the side, who had no regard for the river, he donated hospital equipment and gave a lot of other aid as well.


The only Sacred Site of my ancestors’, I “went to”, was during a Reiki course initiation or ‘attunement 1’ – when I entered into a ‘lucid dream, a shamanic journey’ type of trance.
Flying over the mountains and then entering into a specific ravine.

I painted and drew those afterwards, when I got home that day …

Then when a priest came visiting, who had been to the East side of Lapland & recognized the “Place” of my painting immediately - I did not believe him, thinking all the mountains in Lapland looked more or less the same, so how could he tell? & so, I did not take any further notice.

But then, when wearing a Saami-drum T-Shirt, I met our local Aboriginal Elder (cutting the story short), just the look in his eyes and his smile told me beyond any doubt I had a specific drum connection in Lapland.

So back at home that day, I went through my H1a haplo gran’s DNA Saami cousins, and they all came from a specific “Place” & when I looked that “Place” up on the net – my painting was staring back at me :icon_eek:

Found THE Ravine of my drawing as well and the Drum story.

That “Place” is now on my bucket-list to go to, to see and experience – if I can.

So. Does one need to be there – to be there?

And how come our local Aboriginal Elder knew about the drum connection, before I did?
He must have seen into my ‘energy-field’ and then looking at the T-shirt … saw they were a match.
(Though ‘my drum’ is a Siberian design rather)


sentient 05-05-2021 04:24 PM

Took the Reiki course because almost every friend of mine at that time had taken it, and especially after seeing one ‘negative person’s energy-field’ - after Reiki 2 - so altered, even their dog did not recognize her, which made me really curious. So, when the course came to my location, I took it.

But why the ‘initiation’ did induce a trance ‘sending’ my awareness to a ‘Sacred Place’ in an area, I have never been, but is where my other gran’s relatives came from – (the ones she never could mention to anybody - not even to her children) is a mystery.

Perhaps it is time to take a Reiki retreat – get some treatments and ask some questions.

Maybe Reiki is “New Age” – but it has got something to it.


ImthatIm 05-05-2021 05:02 PM



So. Does one need to be there – to be there?

I have had a similar flyover experience.
Though I did not paint it. It also has no meaning to me other than it is apart of me.
and it is cool to fly, that way.
The whole experience was rather educational in other ways.
Though the death experience is not something I wish to repeat daily, to find out more.

Though this is different then the Spiritual nature and residue of the Land speaking to you from where you stand.
Which can be a daily occurrence.
Though I guess a person can deny the relationship with the land your standing on and build a city of your own ancestral choosing.:icon_frown:

I am sure you know the difference.

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