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Laurel99 07-02-2017 04:10 AM

Sharing feelings
Hi! My name is Laurel and recently, my ex and I started talking. She texted me after a month and half saying she had a bad feeling about me. At that same moment,I was having a panic attack. She didn't knew.

Since then, we discovered that we can feel each other pain, physically and mentally. In exemple, she feels when I can't breathe because of the attacks, and my body became full of red spots at the same moment then she had an allergic reaction.We are living 1000 miles away. I searched a little and the only explanation I can find is that we're soulmates. Could that be possible? And what else could it be? We're desesperate for answers! Thank you very much!!

H:O:R:A:C:E 14-02-2017 10:27 AM

in any type of contact, there will be an energy exchange.
it can be especially true for intimate physical relationships.
that you each might retain an aspect of the others energy
signature isn't too hard to fathom.
that you've cared enough to each maintain a "living sample"
of that energy is rather telling, and it shows that you still
have feelings for one another... but it's not necessarily
indicating a "soulmate" relation as i understand things.
if you've undergone some 'life changing' experiences and
evolved in some way through your relationship, then it'd
be more convincing as a soulmate connection.
distance (and time too) aren't really factors of import
[though being aware of each others condition/situation is].
so, knowing that you've got this connection, how do you
figure you'll use that info?
through it, you might consciously develop your psychic
abilities it would seem. you for sure can grow more
empathic towards others if you don't focus exclusively
on yourselves.

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