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CavaliereStellar 24-04-2022 09:36 AM

How to know if someone's trying to manifest me?

Lately I've been having some odd experiences, and while I'm not unfamiliar with spiritual practices I'm also not an expert, so I wanted to see if any of you guys could help me figure if I'm just paranoid or if there's more to this.

So, these last weeks I've had my balance shaken quite a lot. My days have felt a little "dreamy" and I've been thinking a lot about a person I used to know. This happened completely out of the blue, since I don't really have a reason to even think about them, but I paid no mind to this since it could totally be a coincidence.

A few days after the first experiences I suddenly got a big urge to talk to this person; which again, after thinking about it (for a lot of time haha) made no sense to me on a logical level.

Ever since that happened I've been feeling a bit strange, to say the least. I've been more depressed, and have some trouble sleeping. I've dreamt about this person too, but I always thought it was because they have been more present on my mind since everything started.

This has been going for two weeks, give or take. And, I haven't done anything about it yet because my instincts aren't "clear" about it, and that gives me a bad feeling.

So, yeah! I would truly appreciate the help and any advice you guys can give me.

asearcher 25-04-2022 07:21 PM

could this person be into black magic you think? if so part of a spell could be that these energies are sent to you and influence you. it may not be black magic either doing that. Dont mean to scare you and i could be wrong. you are always stronger btw, you have free will, universal law. so they might influence you - but it is always down to you, your choice. again i hope i have not frighten you. does it happen more so when you are relaxed, that dream state? i recognize this state you are talking about but i have never been wiser about it,if it was black magic or not, and it is a thing of the past.

it sound to me as if a part of you has welcomed this, is OK with it? Or maybe I read your words wrong? that can too give allowance for this to happen.

could also be the period you were in before when you did not think about that someone that it was not safe for you to do so, but now the period you are now it is and this is why it is suddenly happening. your subconscious doing this. have your life entered a more calm stage than before when all that was? (you don't have to answer anything naturally of what I ask, only to yourself, just write what you feel safe with and if that is nothing that is fine too naturally. i'm just trying to ask if something residence with you)

the bonding, the connection could be your allowance, that is. It can also for instance be as long as you have a view of yourself as inferior and that person superior you have then given up your own power, even if I don't feel that this is something of the sort, that negative. You need to know what is happening inside you to figure out what kind of allowance/bonding/connection this is. You hold the key to it,for it to happen in the first place, the other person does not even if it is the one to initiative it. This person will be powerless against you if that is what you decide to do.

if you don't want it happening you could try a soul cutting tie but then you can not start to think about that person afterwards and not even subconsciously (sometimes I feel as if our subconscious is like our hidden "enemy", LOL) because then it will grow back again, our thoughts are powerful but i bet you know this already and i don't mean to preach.

JustBe 28-04-2022 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by CavaliereStellar

So, yeah! I would truly appreciate the help and any advice you guys can give me.

I’m wondering why you didn’t honour the urge to reach out?

I get hunches and nudges to reach out and often it’s needed in some way.

I’m not entirely sure but I’m wondering if your body is showing you, when you don’t listen to those urges it suffers in some form?

I don’t know who this other is, or whether you can or can’t reach out. Or have good reason not too.

RedEmbers 28-04-2022 09:17 PM

I am similar to JustBe.

I get hunches and urges to reach out. Possibly more often then I acknowlede sometimes.
Sometimes I act on them and often I don't.

I find the scariest part for me is that, intuitively I have a sense of "knowing" why and yet logically, I don't like the way which I feel that I don't have mental power to dictate the way it unfolds.

It's that uncertainty aspect I guess.

FallingLeaves 28-04-2022 11:39 PM

one good thing about bearing whatever rejection that I think may be coming

is i can somteimes be unafraid to push beyond that and share what I think anyway ...

and this way I do get to say a lot of stupid stuff, for no other reason than that I feel like it. :smile:

Justin Passing 28-04-2022 11:41 PM

CavaliereStellar - Like JustBe and RedEmbers I too wonder why you haven't simply reached out. But if you don't want to that's fine. Just be aware - you're making a choice.

I'm sure you'd prefer it if your intuition told you what would happen if you did or didn't contact this person. I think everyone would prefer that. Sadly, we don't get to know that. You don't get to see the other player's cards until you put your money down. That's just how life works.

Either way though, there will be "repercussions". You've made a choice, and actions have consequences. Not bad ones necessarily, just things that happen. That's why I try and do what my intuition tells me to. I figure it knows better than I do, and is presumably steering me towards the "wiser" choice.

FallingLeaves 28-04-2022 11:44 PM

as to the op, you won't know what is going to happen unless you try. Which isn't either to say you have to try. For example, pandoras box might have been better left unopened, and eve might have done better by us all if she hadn't listened to a certain serpent...

Not everything that is out there has to be experienced. As the taoists might say, it is very precious, to simply know how to stop...

and if someone is 'summoning' you you don't HAVE to heed the call.

RedEmbers 29-04-2022 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by FallingLeaves
as to the op, you won't know what is going to happen unless you try. Which isn't either to say you have to try.

and if someone is 'summoning' you you don't HAVE to heed the call.

I agree :smile:

Bambo 30-04-2022 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by JustBe
Iím wondering why you didnít honour the urge to reach out?

Yes you should,dont be afraid!!

Maybe they are trying to reach you also :smile:

Izz 30-04-2022 07:24 PM

I would get some hint of a vibe and if I don't like it, I simply "block" internally

If my inner voice said this was good, I would allow. If my inner voice said a warning, and I felt that vibe of the person trying to manifest something concerning me, I would do that inner block. Simple and straightforward

Decide for yourself


This has been going for two weeks, give or take. And, I haven't done anything about it yet because my instincts aren't "clear" about it, and that gives me a bad feeling.

You said here, it gives you a bad feeling

I'm going to be the person in this thread who tells you - no don't reach out, if you feel that badly about it. You decide for yourself first and do not feel the obligation to reach out if something is off

Ultimately though it is up to you. You know the situation better

asearcher 01-05-2022 05:32 AM

To me it is a difference if I feel that someone is thinking about me and then what happens is that they will call me next day or so or we will beat each other to the point, but I never ever have felt as if I am in a "dreamy","sleepy"-state those times . However I have felt that one period in my life and that was with a person I was not into like that as it was into me. To me it is crossing a line that should not be crossed. Where does it start to be manipulative? Where does it start that I push my own will on someone else? Don't you want that person to get to that point inside themselves, how they feel about you - without you doing that? Why is it OK? It's not OK, not in my book it ain't. If you are manifesting or what you now like to call it - and that effects the other person to feel everything what the CavaliereStellar has described - it is too much so. I don't think it's OK. I would not reach out to a person doing that to me. You shouldn't force your own will on to someone else like that to make them feel like that, they have a life to live etc. All I can say it was a problem to me, in my every day life.

The one doing this to me would later talk as if in love with it's own story about a vision of our future etc and I remember I had this sober moment in my head at one point thinking But I'm not happy now. Why would I be happy over there? What's so good about over there, that it shouldn't be right now?

I don't know why people go around manifesting this and manifesting that when it concerns other people. Let them be, I say. Stop trying to manipulate them just because your feelings are so strong and you want it so bad. Let them come if they want to come. It's like having a real person leaning over you, trying to force you to listen. Who appreciates that? Leave people alone and let them feel in their sober mind and heart and spirit what they feel about you, and then you know when they come to you (if that is what you are waiting for) that they come 100% without the influence of the manifestation.

I get why some manifest some things in the future for them like they want to imagine they get the house of their dreams or the job they really want and to believe that will happen - fine. If anything it can be creative and being creative is good, so then lets say you can start being creative in your mind about that home you want and where it should be located and how it will be built. All good (in my book). But when it comes to other human beings I feel there has to be a line to not be crossed and I think for one if a person cross it the way it to me it sounds as if it has been crossed - that is not the kind of person I would want to be with. All in it's time, if it is to happen. One has to respect the other persons life line as well and well being, if now one claims to care so much for that person as well. And things happen in their time. I can just use myself for an example. I wanted to work somewhere but opportunity never came around I thought (inpatient) and then finally one day it did and I got the job. It is only as of later I understood because of what had happened all the time previously when there was no job offer that had I come then - I would not have liked it, it would not have been the place for me. All in it's time. It can be the same with humans, spirits. Just because you are ready - don't mean they are. Then don't try to stand over them like that. Let them come when it is their time and their time alone to do so, without any influence from the manifestation. Sure you should be true about your true feelings for them, but then you come pure, then you come in front of them. But this manifestation-style to the point that you are doing this to someone? Not OK. Sneaky, I'd say. Intrusive. Manipulative.

How come the person doing all this manifestation-frenzy don't pick up the phone like a normal person and call CavaliereStellar, that's what I wanna know? Perhaps because doing it this way it itself take no risk in getting rejected by calling, but allowing that down to CavaliereStellar? So then you are dealing with a coward as well? Anyone can sit in a secret corner doing manifestation, doesn't make it right.

lostsoul13 12-05-2022 08:30 PM

Physics states all decisions are with entanglement this could be a ripple affect from a alternate self saying itís worth you being in contact now or *insert.* situation entanglementó-

utopiandreamchild 14-05-2022 02:43 AM

I think it's good to acknowledge your past loves or those whom you have loved in the past by rembering the love that was there at that particular place and time. Once loved, always loved in my book.

Love is the thing that unites us and makes us one, to love a thing once is enough to put that thing on our radar and begin the process of attraction. Thats the law of attraction at work within ones life.

The question is are YOU thinking of a person more than usual because a single positive thought is enough to initiate the law of attraction and begin drawing that person into your personal experience.


nandansahoo 17-07-2022 04:46 AM

7 Signs Someone is Manifesting You
  1. You feel like you know them. ...
  2. You had a feeling you were about to meet someone. ...
  3. You experience Deja-Vu with them. ...
  4. They are always on your mind. ...
  5. You have dreams about them. ...
  6. You have visions of them. ...
  7. You feel the need to find or reach out to them.

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