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nifreit 11-01-2022 03:26 PM

Playing cards as Divination
I want to hear everyones opinion on using paying cards as a divination tool..

The way I see it, it works just like any other kind of cards, as long as your attention is in drawing subjective meaning from them
i believe it can be used for divination
even tarot cards (a more rudimentary version) were used in play before they started being used for divination

Lucky 1 11-01-2022 03:46 PM

I've met people who say playing cards work for them but it has never worked for me

Starman 13-01-2022 11:10 PM

I have used both, the Tarot and the 52-deck of playing cards, and have done some extensive study on both.
It is believed that the 52-deck of playing cards were created before Tarot cards. They both have similar
attributes and can be used for spiritual development.

Some of the similarities are the 4-suits, and the 52-deck of cards also has astrological attributes just like the
Tarot cards. Although the Tarot is actually two distinct decks, the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana,
the 52-deck of cards are only one deck, that is similar to the minor acana of tarot.

Which means that it does not make the transition to the higher mysteries as the Major Arcana does. The Court
Cards of the 52-deck, as well as the Court Cards of Tarot, are the transition point between the lower
common everyday mysteries and the higher spiritual mysteries.

The 52-deck uses another method for the higher spiritual divination because it does not have a major acana deck.
The 52-deck are 52-cards and the tarot is 78-cards, there in is the difference. Although, it is my experience
that the 52-deck of cards can be used for in-depth comprehensive divination just like the Tarot.

It is believed that the 52-deck of cards were created in China around the 9th century, while the Tarot was
created in Italy around the 15th century. But I have studied the Qabbalistic Tarot which dates back before Jesus Christ.

Starman 14-01-2022 08:16 AM

P.S. Every one of the 52-cards are assigned to a birth-date; the card assigned to my birth-date is the Queen of Diamonds. There is a wealth of information on each of the 52-cards, this information relates to astrology, numerology, and tarot. Each card also outlines the “Mundane Path,” or sequence, and the “Divine Path,” or sequence, which a person born on a certain day may take.

We have the option to walk the mundane path or the divine path. These sequences in the 52-deck of cards show the past, present, and future of those born on a certain day. I did my own sequence many decades ago and it was true to form; depicting my path from birth and into the future. Each birth-date in a year has an assigned card that is its governor and conditioner, and that card progresses through other cards in a sequence depicting influences.

The 52-deck of cards is also called “The Little Book,” or "Book of the Seven Thunders," which is referred to as being carried by and archangel in the Biblical Book of Revelation. The 52-deck of cards is said, in esoteric circles, to be a book of mathematical symbols that correspond with cosmic laws. A lot of this information can be found in “The Mystic Test Book.”

The Mystic Test Book is rather complicated but since I started studying this stuff many decades ago I have learned how to simplify it. If you post the month and day of your birth I can tell you what the 52-deck of cards say about that particular month and day. Although I will not say that you will be able to relate to everything I may post about that birth-date. I do not need to know the year of your birth as I will only be providing a summary.

Okay so here is a link to The Mystic Test Book: http://http://iapsop.com/ssoc/1893__richmond___mystic_test_book.pdf

RedEmbers 14-01-2022 07:41 PM


I use them sometimes and in fact prefer them to other cards. I can also buy them in many different designs just like tarot or Oracle cards.

My former name birth name means "one who divines", it is not specific about a mode of divinination and I suspect it is because almost anyth can be used as a tool for divination.

Middleagedseeker 19-02-2022 07:13 PM

I’ve always wanted to learn this! Right now I’m “dabbling” with tarot and Oracle cards. I also really like the Gypsy witch fortune telling cards a lot.

nifreit 03-05-2022 07:45 PM

thank you everyone :)

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