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Meiotribe318 12-01-2021 04:53 PM

Am I supposed to be with my twin flame or soul mate?
Which is soul mate which is twin flame and who am I supposed to be with
OK so around seven years ago I had a dark night of the soul and met my twin. During the separation process I met another woman who resembled my twin a lot. My twin has fair wavy hair and green eyes and is a little on the chubby side and this other woman is sleek (for a lack of a better word) with straight dark hair and doe eyes which are blue. This other woman is taller and thinner than my twin, but they are very alike. It's the whole aura that they both exude, elegant, feminine, special, clever. Now I'm pretty sure who is my twin the chubby one and the other is a close twin they are so alike. I just wonder who I'm supposed to be with because me and my twin are still in separation and I feel like it will remain this way for a long time and I also know many twin flames aren't meant to be a romantic connection. The other woman is also not currently in contact with me because I havent actually met her I just see her in visions and dreams. I have started 2021 with manifesting many things and one of them is a relationship. But as you can see here I don't know who to manifest/attract. My relationship with my twin is wrought with a lot of pain although we love each other but because of many things out of our control we cannot be together. Anyway I would appreciate it if someone could do some energy or reiki reading for me and tell me who I'm supposed to end up with in life. Thanks so much to anyone who responds and reads.

Native spirit 14-01-2021 11:17 AM

From what i believe is to write two lists one for each girl.
put what you would like about both of them.
and what you dont want . and try and manifest it that way.
But doing that you may get to meet someone totally different to what you want.
Look outside the box so to speak


lostsoul13 25-04-2021 06:31 PM

I’m currently in reincarnation with twin so we are together as one as my I’m — I still feel apart even though we are one as I’m — I can’t imagine beings apart in different bodies like some twins.. I’ve given the sandwich theory I think about and still wouldn’t reincarnated to different body’s yet which leave me thinking what body we can be able for reincarnation for us— I’m kinda selfish atm with the account and taking the lead in avartar reincarnation although our account seems to be doing what it wants atm ( I’m not sure about a reading although you should be with whom is your true twin, some body issue and images are superficial to acceptance which could manifest with these things—that’s the most important thing otherwise it can keep us apart. Some times we need to be apart too appreciate?

jennifer_maan 02-05-2021 08:05 AM

twin flames are the other part of your soul. they come in your life to guide you and lead you towards your life purpose. I believe they are lucky who have found their twin flames! <3

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