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lostsoul13 26-04-2022 04:44 PM

Messages and threads (mobile phone)
I get lots of messages on my phone~ saved calendar memorial- text messages: I’m sure it’s the alternate self or a vampire following me; my life points on sims free play I bought a pack, I woke up and I was down to one when there were like eight left..

I’m wondering who’s writing these things~ I had text messages evening written from my screen- no one was there but could hear the clicks of typing.. nothing was touching the phone..

I’ve had pictures being saved..

Things being deleted…

I’m pretty sure it’s my BPD BLACKOUTS- happening when my alternate self gets in contact or drops little hints: things like “snuck in” or “xx and kiss emoji”
“Shopping and dropping out over something “ “doesn’t trust me and going to get verification from someone else” “thinks I’m talking to my self” “thumbs up”

I’ve even seen messages being delivered to my thread while I was looking … through a thread conversation with some one else~ only way to do that is gave my Apple ID —- I think I’m talking in my sleep, and divulging this information to alternate self or vampire- it can’t be all a ghost..

I had a thread about how I’d received flowers on my windows with something visiting me, and spilled milk, knifes moved and blood in the toilet… I even called the cops..

Seems there’s something new everyday, they even turning notifications on to alert a week advance..

Justin Passing 27-04-2022 01:24 AM

Sounds like you've got a bit of a dilemma on your hands. You've even seen (heard) them not being there typing on your phone. Good news is, since they know your password it's probably you. Sadly, that's also the bad news. Meds?

Sounds like some things are slipping out of your hands. Is there someone who can help you with that? Doctors? You don't want this to get worse. :hug:

JustBe 27-04-2022 06:05 AM


Originally Posted by lostsoul13

Seems there’s something new everyday, they even turning notifications on to alert a week advance..

It’s making me giggle reading this because it’s just too much. I can’t imagine what your feeling in all this. It would send me loony. I’ve had times where things out of the normal sphere of reality came in at me. Things flying across the room smashing into bits, writing my name down only to find it vanished off the paper. Waking at three am with bright green light in my microwave. A room lighting up full of gold light..my whole house shaking like a jet was taking off in it..It was a super weird time but I’m guessing I’d entered a reality that allowed for this movement. Like an intersection and meeting point with another dimension of sorts. I was able to talk telepathically to people too. It was all very real for me, but others didn’t see it or notice this.

So that told me, I had shifted dimensions. When your intersecting a dimension that creates things as it does you have to find yourself in it in some form. What’s it trying to show me I need in it? What can benefit me in this intersection that is helping me to see something for me in this?

It wasn’t meant for anyone but me, I had to understand myself in it.

Anyhow I enjoyed the ride and just let it do it’s thing, survived and developed more authentically from it. It was messing with my psyche and it opened me to understand my place in a greater expanded view of reality. I was lucky I got through with spiritual support. I had guides to hold my space. Not everyone has this, so it’s important to tend to you as you might need. If it’s too much find support.

Altered states can put you in a position of seeing things others can’t or don’t experience. For some reason the messing with your brain through technology seems part of this. I can’t explain it entirely why this happens. I suspect being a close connection to your every day use and a system of communication, it gets your attention. Attention to something means your noticing yourself differently. Out of the normal stuff gets your attention.. and there arises those questions about you in it.

lostsoul13 27-04-2022 08:03 PM

~ just passing : I’m on medication (monthly injections for schizophrenia but I’m sure I have BPD [borderline personality disorder] I’ve had black outs but these things ARE happening.. strange because deep down I know the answers but so many people go through phases where similar stuff happens and it’s the century’ of technology… I’ve had black outs before remembering after it happened {sort of thing} I wouldn’t even get started on the inserts while teleportation occurs because you think I have gone MAD but these things have happened { black outs how I got from one place to another} if you’ve heard of moon knight it’s a comic but Disney plus have done a series on it[ Steven had got Bpd and mark is his alter ego along with moon knight whom is the vengeance of Khonshu (god if the moon) Egypt… he has black outs while fighting mark being the skilled one in martial arts and moon knight even further.. I can totally relate to it- it’s portrayal of BPD is spot on ~ even so I think it’s a reality not a medication other than a diagnose for something that’s really happening!

I had Tutankhamun statue drop on my head while on a ledge and nothing could of knocked it off~ more references to strange things happening…

I really believe that a higher self is living a life with different entanglement—- maybe because my life sucks lol but it’s the same process as the likes of falling asleep?! Go figure?

~ justbe: lol I’m glad you found it funny:I didn’t at the start thought it was ironic?!

Yes, I’ve had ‘dimensions open up’ and allowing for a real treat with what can only be called magic: bottle smashing and a sound and them fixing again —- teleportation ( even in inserts ) but I found my way back home always to early than the holidays was over[over 30 times]

I’ve been blindsided- wow you’ve had a lot happening I definitely believe life opens up to these possibilities and something we can achieve.. strive for amongst our reincarnations..

Thanks for your reply both

Justin Passing 27-04-2022 08:44 PM

lostsoul13 - Glad you're ok. You had me worried. Thanks for letting me know. :smile:

I know about the Moon Knight comic but haven't read much. Didn't know they were doing it on Disney Plus. Sounds really good. I should check it out.

asearcher 30-04-2022 12:28 PM

Hang in there Lostsoul13, my thoughts are with you. As you know I have had poltergeist activity around, don't know if I have somehow created that or someone else in the family or possible both or if it has been other entities, spirits, but regardless of what move things out of the way so they can't fall down and hurt you in any way, like what happened with the Tutankhamun statue. You've always come across as a good guy to me, Lostsoul13 even if you write that you are narcissistic ;) .

"They" (poltergeist activity but also spirits) seem to like the idea to play with anything electronic, so yes absolutely I believe you that something is up with your phone or computer but it can also be yourself when you have your black outs too I gather? Can be a glitch of time? Could be low levels just having "fun" with you? I have experienced that.

I don't know what to say about that and chose not to think too much of it because if I do I fear I go insane. But i have heard and seen things before they happen one time, and I think it was low levels that played tricks on me back then (just to try to drive me nuts, so they would mimic voices, they would make a door shake that only does that when the front door is open but no front door was open, only for the same stuff to happen some time later when it was for real. I had during the time before thought of course that the voice/s I heard was because someone was coming home and talking to someone else, but no. Scary. I've heard from previous owner that someone in the home use to confuse a voice it heard with another family member but that family member had not said anything at all, so I am not the first that this has happened to, and that is at least a somewhat relief.

You could perhaps with help use salt to place out and sage and do a pray and see if it calms down.

Please, take care.

emelyb 25-05-2022 11:58 AM

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