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ImthatIm 19-04-2021 04:36 PM

I certainly had my doubts after seeing the image you posted.
Then after listening to the first part of the vid. I heard 'seminars and a book'.
I did go right to "Oh boy here we go, frog skin religion".

So I went into it with the attitude of proving my doubts.
So when I said 100%, I had to examine myself and I truly could not
recall one time during the vid. where I could disagree with his words.
I wanted to disagree. It did surprise me when I could not disagree.
I can usually find something to disagree with.LOL

Will I buy his book? No, not at this time.
Will I pay and attend a seminar? No, I never have traded money for Spiritual entertainment and possible experience.

He claims his mission is to bridge indigenous knowledge back to the Western world.(Or something like that)
then he has many challenges ahead...IMO.. And those frog skins get slippery.
I do wish him well though.
I can't speak to the culture he was trained in or how they feel about it being monetized, so all this is speculation from my perspective.:wink:

sentient 19-04-2021 07:58 PM

"One Red Blood" :smile:


ImthatIm 20-04-2021 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by sentient
"One Red Blood" :smile:

The Good Red Road. Yep!! One Red Blood , no doubt.:laughing7:

ImthatIm 20-04-2021 01:30 AM

I am still in 100% agreement with him.
Even more 100%.

Day 1 - Introduction
^^ ^^ ^^
There are 11 of the above guided practices or sessions or challenges.

Healing in the West with Traditional South African Xhosa Sangoma John Lockley

sentient 20-04-2021 03:00 AM


Originally Posted by ImthatIm
I am still in 100% agreement with him.
Even more 100%.

Day 1 - Introduction

Here I do differ from him a bit.

Sending prayers – good idea!

Being mindful of your heartbeat – not always a good idea, especially if one is suffering from arrhythmia.
Besides, I don’t really send from my heart.
Instead, I visualize the purest nondual principle (I am ‘in love with’) – which of course is the World Pole, because it transmits prayers to all directions – to Totality, or prayers directed to more specifics – in a ‘right’ way. (I’m too dumb to know what is ‘right’ for anybody).

And then I would use the drum, like this drum sound/tone:
Because I am, my heart is but a part of the collective heart.

So I am glad he brought the drum into it as a medium.


ImthatIm 20-04-2021 04:34 AM

Oh,sure I differ too. I just don't disagree.
and I agree more.I still maintain my differences.
I'll watch his vids. and I am liking his/their songs.

sentient 20-04-2021 07:29 AM

He is probably teaching what he has been taught and how & I’m nooo healer.
But my goodness, he does have a lot of youtube videos!


sentient 20-04-2021 05:50 PM

He puts a lot of emphasis on dream work.
I think there are tribes in South East Asia who live according to the guidance of their dreams.
And since this is supported by collective orientation – people learn to become highly functional in their dreams.

In Buddhism there is talk, when Dream Yoga should be introduced.
I can’t remember, but after the realization of “The Sphere of Limitless Space and the Limitless Consciousness”, the veil between dream and reality is so thin one starts to complement the other. So I would go with that and not before.

Then again, the idea of dreamwork must have gone into my subconscious, because I woke up this morning having just had a long teaching dream, which was good …. :smile:


ImthatIm 20-04-2021 05:53 PM

Drum teaching from an Elder Cree man.25mins. maybe but so Good.
Drum Teachings With Howard Walker

ImthatIm 20-04-2021 06:01 PM

Good, teaching dream that's good.:smile:
Don't you live with the Dream time people? If that is a correct question?
We believe in dream, and dreams helps us.
Sometimes Dreams seem to be messages from the subconscious and sometimes it is Spirit helpers giving a direct pay attention:icon_rendeer: message.
They are different to me.

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