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nightowl 13-08-2011 12:56 AM


Originally Posted by Kaere
Hi nightowl,

It wasn't that the priest wasn't letting them in - but they couldn't get to where they wanted to go by that door. He was trying to tell them they had to go in a different door to get to where they were going. But they weren't listening to his very patient explanations. He was saying "look, you want to go to the Sanctuary. Okay, go back that way and take the next door". But they weren't heeding his advice.

I just can't understand why the church and catholicism would be in my dreams at all. I am not religious and in fact, this may sound rude, I view catholicism and all it's mysteries in somewhat the same way someone might view an ancient tribe and it's shaman or witchdoctor. It's just not a part of me - very foreign. So your ideas about being a bride or body of the church is quite good but I just can't see it being me.

Yes I realized what you were saying about the door I just didn't finish my thought. I can understand you not relating to the Catholicism from a religious stand point.

Let me share everything that I see in it and maybe it will be clearer.

I see the dream as a representation of faith or belief in general. It is a bigger message than just you, at least this is what I think.

I come from a Christian background so the symbolism speaks to me.

Maybe it is trying to express to you that we are all part of a universal belief system. Regardless of how you approach religion. You sitting on the left side of the church speaks to me of those, who in scripture, are the believers from the other pasture. The ones not in the church. Not as a condemnation but as the unseen brides, or believers. There are those who do not follow what the priest say but still beleive in there own ways. They can enter into the sanctuary just not through the way they think they must enter.

I can't speak to how it applies to you personally, as I do not know what you believe or do not believe. Maybe there is a mystery with faith you are being directed to investigate. I can't remember for sure what 5 represent?

I don't know if this cleared anything up for you...


tragblack 13-08-2011 12:57 AM

I like your interpretation, nightowl.

Kaere 13-08-2011 01:05 AM

Thanks nightowl, I'll definitely give that angle some thought.

nightowl 13-08-2011 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by Kaere
Thanks nightowl, I'll definitely give that angle some thought.

It is interesting Kaere...wish you luck, :hug3:


nightowl 13-08-2011 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by tragblack
I grew up Catholic, and to be honest, remembering the Church makes me nostalgic for that kind of sweet community that they offered. Also, it was easy for my young mind to accept pretty much all that they told me. Being in the church and really believing that Jesus and God were there, caring about me being there, was really comforting. It wasn't until I was a bit older that I started to feel that sandpapery rub of my true beliefs against my Catholic ones.

Sometimes, when I pass a church, I really want to go in and "play Catholic" just one more time... Since I know all the "moves." =)

Often, I wonder if there are some deep truths within the Catholic faith that my soul craves, or if I am just feeling nostalgic.

Hey tragblack,

This sounds very familiar :smile: There is something about it that can be comforting and I think some churches particularly the old ones hold the genuine prayers, energy of many. They almost have a saturated atmosphere of hope within them. Personally I think every religion holds nuggets of truth and insights. Man just make a religion out of them. Nice post.


Emmalevine 13-08-2011 10:18 AM

hI Keare

I dreamed about being Catholic not so long ago, and like you I'm not in the slighest bit orientated towards Catholicsm. My dream was about guilt and repression - within my dream I considered an abortion and I was to be punished for this. The sense of being a frightened Catholic girl was very real.

I'm not sure if this is the same for you, but when religion comes into my dreams it's almost always about feeling constrained to a certain way of being. Maybe the people ignoring the priest relate to different aspects of you searching for something right now - a different belief system, way of being, way forward...I don't know. The Priest could in this instance represent your wise higher self who is trying to encourage you to find peace. Or it could be that the Priest represents repression and is directing those people where they simply aren't ready to go. Either way, it sounds like there is some sort of conflict within you at the moment.

Catholicism in dreams doesn't need to relate literally to your life - it is symbolic of something. Only you can dig deep and find truly what this is.

in progress 13-08-2011 11:49 AM


I was in a Catholic church – what is with the Catholic theme, I really don't get it. It was Christmas time – there was a priest there and some other people and we had been wrapping presents and organizing food, like for a get together after a service. I was wearing my wedding dress (veil and everything) and I didn't know anybody there but I was still a part of the Church somehow. I was sitting in a pew by myself on the left side, about 5 rows back. We were all singing The Twelve Days of Christmas, kept alternating between the fourth and third days. Then some touristy type people came to the front door wanting in – the priest was trying to explain that they could come in but they couldn't go into the sanctuary from here, they had to go in a different door, but they weren't understanding what he was explaining.

This dream of yours gets me kind of excited! I really like it and I'm not completely sure why but I'll sort it out as I type away. I think good things will come if you make a few adjustments of some sort.

Nightowl picked up on another definition of catholic which is about being broad in scope or all encompassing.

Catholic may refer to the entirety of your spiritual body. So there is a big day coming, full of gifts and the priest (higher self?) is preparing w/ some help. You're ready in your wedding dress. Weddings are sometimes used in dreams as symbolism for the marriage of the inner divine self (begun by a kundalini awakening). Much of this energetic "excitement" begins on the left side of the body (feminine side)(you were in left side of church).

Five is a number that means change, most likely inner change based upon my personal experience w/ the number five. Twelve is a very spiritual number as well imo (think of all the twelves in christianity, twelve apostles, twelve tribes of Israel etc) You see it a lot outside of christianity too, twelve chakras, 12 strands of DNA for eg. I don't know the exact meaning of twelve but maybe it could be thought of as "spiritual completion"?

So the singing of the twelve days of christmas is about the completion of the spiritual self to come? But they get stuck on the third and fourth days. I think this is about an energy blockage in the third or fourth chakra area that needs your attention. The spiritual leader/higher self says the way into the sanctuary (third eye or crown chakra depending upon who you ask) isn't available, use a different door.

So the path to the ultimate goal in your spiritual body is not available directly yet but if you make some inner changes, get them cleared it will be Christmas! Lots of gifts, food (nurturing) and celebration.

That's my way crazy interpretation!

Emmalevine 13-08-2011 12:36 PM


Just to add - I've re-read my own dream from the other night and there are some startling similarities that might help you.

Mine was situated in a classroom, not a church, but I was looking at a collection of jewllery in a corner and was drawn to a large purple ring. I assume it was an ameythst. I was also looking for a necklace that I intended to buy for my 'bridesmaid' so persumably I was getting married, although the dream didn't follow this. Then I became aware of many children in the classroom and we had to give a presenation on something or other. One of the children was called Rachel and in real life I knew her from years ago in my childhood. She was from a strong Catholic family. She began to sing 'Away in a Manger' very vividly in my dream. I was full of joy and remember running around the classroom before I started to sing 'I wish you a Merry Christmas' with others.

I know it isn't exactly the same but it does strike me as significant in relation to yours. Rachel was clearly put in my dream as a link to religon/the Catholic faith, and the birth of Christ. The ring symbolises connection to spirit, just as the wedding in your dream does. The name Rachel means ewe or 'purity'. I think there is a similar theme in both dreams.

If you are interested I can try to find where I wrote down my nightmare where I was a Catholic, but i'm guessing you have enough info now.

P.S I did actually post about my Catholic dream (the nasty one): http://www.spiritualforums.com/vb/sh...ad.php?t=19391

Kaere 13-08-2011 02:33 PM

Wow. Those are some great insights for me to work with, thank you so very much!

The ideas of inner changes and repression - those have both struck me quite strongly.

mattie 13-08-2011 02:49 PM

Spiritual Journey
I think the Catholicism angle is just one of many references to underscore that this ‘dream’ is about your spirituality, not the Catholic religion.

Meanings from dreammoods.com. Fuller meanings on the site.

Catholism isn't listed, but dreaming about Christianity can be about one’s own spiritual journey. Being in a church is about spiritual enlightenment. Wrapping gifts can be something hidden. Seeing a pile of presents can be unutilized or unrecognized abilities. Christmas can be about new beginnings. A priest can be spiritual beliefs or needs. A wedding can be a transition or new beginning. Seeing or sitting in a pew suggests reflection on one’s life. Singing can be uplifting others. Hearing others sing can be spiritual fulfillment.

The ‘12 Days of Christmas,’ a 16th century Christmas carol is significant as it specifically alternates between the 3rd & 4th days. The third verse refers to 3 French Hens & the fourth verse adds 4 Calling Birds

Birds can be goals & hopes. I wonder if the alternating between verse 3 & 4 is a numerology reference? 7 is the most spiritual number.

Seeing tourists can be showing how you are in a position to help others or that you are ‘ready to explore hidden and unknown aspects of your self.’ & are ‘welcoming the changes.’ A priest can be one’s spiritual needs or beliefs. A door can be a transition.

There are multiple references about this being about some sort of transition in your spiritual journey.

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