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girlsearching 15-11-2021 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by RedEmbers
Probably a butterfly and live for a couple of days flying from flower to flower and then get eaten by some kind of slow moving mammal.

Perhaps I would like to come back as an ocean wave or a lava lamp owned by some kid which loves lava lamps who passes the lamp onto their kid and then eventually when I need to be repurposed I could be emptied of the liquid and used as a vase for flowers.

I don't really want to come back as a human.

huh I'd never would have thought to reincarnate as a inanimate object. the lava lamp story is really sweet.

utopiandreamchild 16-11-2021 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by girlsearching
Cool especially the wanting to the Angel of death reincarnated.

The darkness has always had it hard that's why I can relate to them.

They're a misunderstood breed of souls and have suffered much.

All it takes is a little love then with it comes the understanding.

We're all in this together, without us there would be no me or you.

Amen and Praises.


JoeColo 25-11-2021 08:22 AM

In Lemuria, the most advanced civilization Earth has seen, by far. India is the remnants of Lemuria, and ancient Egypt, of Atlantis.

lostsoul13 23-01-2022 07:47 PM

Teleportation- or jumper.. that life I lived a long life- able to get free to safety…

violathesiren 23-01-2022 10:58 PM

I’d like to belong to classical musician parents from Oxfordshire, and be a tall, long limbed, black haired noble beauty who wears opulent clothes, like Greek folk costumes etc and studies ancient poetry at Oxford, and be with my red headed soulmate Charlie. That’s my number one afterlife wish, always has been. ����

or I’d like to be Jessie b on YouTube, I love the way she looks, acts, she’s a drama Queen, and I love how she talks so much, many times I sound like her. I’d give up twenty years of my life to be her. She’s got my sort of personality, and I adore who I am very much already, but she has model like beauty I don’t have.

girlsearching 28-04-2022 04:19 AM

Your ideal-fantasy Incarnation?: I'd like to incarnate as a Alien an Energy Being like the ones I have envisioned in my head. I also want the artist Prince Nelson to incarnate again with the same height 5'2", wieght 112 lbs wasitline 27" Inch Prince was not as "wide" when standing next to someone and he was tiny, with the same physique I loved his frame.
He would have a diffrent western zodiac sign . Prince Nelson would also look slightly diffirent facially .

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