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Unseeking Seeker 02-09-2022 03:55 PM

The practice

Such is our meditation art
We invite God into our heart
Then we shift into his abode
On feeling bliss ignition start

This path’s pathless, there is no road
Each breath we take, to God an ode
Standing still, we be to become
The bliss flame, striking mother lode

Bliss beats strum, hark the cosmic drum
Heart’s door open bids love welcome
Our delight, hidden in plain sight
With nary a care for outcome

Teleported to zenith height
By bliss cascading day and night
Vaporised self is one with God
In His domain of love and light


Unseeking Seeker 13-09-2022 03:38 AM


Ceasing thinking
Love with love inking
Tranquil heart still
Awareness unblinking

Patterns that have been
Habit routine
Mind-body cage
Dulls our soul’s sheen

Divine energy flow
Blissful and mellow
Elixirous mist
Imbibed in stillness slow

Both, the material
And the ethereal
Even our dreams
Everything is real

Unseeking Seeker 19-09-2022 02:55 PM

Zen mode
There is a deep pull,
yearning to feel full,
vibrant with delight
radiating light.

Stupor our painís cause,
which we put on pause
by exiting trance,
watching bliss beats prance.

Negating desire,
our heartís yet afire
to become the flame,
as soulís claim to fame.

What matters this life,
if weíre not bliss rife,
flowing like the breeze,
unfettered with ease?

No half-measures then
in our mode of zen,
within womb of space,
imbibing Godís grace.


Unseeking Seeker 27-09-2022 07:04 AM

The joy continuum
Meditationís but softened attention,
alertly poised in the void of silence,
divine entwined without expectation,
simply present, as vibrant innocence,
aglow in itís innate luminescence,
whilst infusing our heartís loving intent,
receptive to the magnetic current,
as joy gently in-pours, each pore a door,
our radiant form thus effervescent,
suffused with bliss, as Godís blessings galore.


Unseeking Seeker 06-10-2022 02:57 AM

Is-ness of being-ness
Earth entity seeking ascent
Is thus not here and now present
Feeling discontent with is-ness
Not yet grazed by the bliss current

Desires spawn thoughts, scarring stillness
Cause of our mind-body’s illness
Consciousness is boundless like space
Having chosen, in-form this-ness

Slow down hermit, slow down life’s pace
There are no puzzles, here to lace
Life’s but a splash in the ocean
Our aliveness, is by God’s grace

Upon ending thought commotion
We imbibe nectar’s bliss potion
Soul’s delight hums by day and night
Vaporised self has no question

Notes: https://www.chakras.net/energy-cente...e-bindu-chakra

Unseeking Seeker 07-10-2022 09:56 AM

The poems I never wrote
When attention is soft and heart mellow,
the sounds of silence oft invades our form,
pervading presence, igniting soul's glow,
felt vividly as blissful currents warm.
Vaporised self's swept away in this storm,
shaping in our head words sent from heaven
but if we take this boon as a given,
the music slips through fissures in our mind;
thus unless the void remains our haven,
these gifts from beyond we must leave behind.


Unseeking Seeker 13-10-2022 08:53 AM

In staid stillness
In staid stillness let us receive
with gratitude, each breath we take,
making mind tranquil like a lake,
negating schemes ego does weave,
for whose demise we need not grieve,
that in quietude we awake,
in staid stillness.

Burden of fear we chose to heave
was evidently a mistake,
which at soonest, we'd best forsake,
compelling ego to take leave,
in staid stillness.


Unseeking Seeker 19-10-2022 03:59 AM

Let silence carry us
Let silence carry us
unfettered by our mind,
into bliss mists divine,
a memory rewind,
replayed when we align.

Let silence carry us
within the womb of time
to the hall of mirrors,
where love helps love to climb
octaves of bliss tremors.

Let silence carry us
right to the very core,
wherefrom bliss currents flow,
piercing each node and pore,
keeping our heart aglow.

Let silence carry us
into the arms of God,
where kind, body and soul,
in wonderment are awed,
fulfilling earth life role.


Unseeking Seeker 26-10-2022 01:45 PM

We are yet In mind
We had pledged
To leave behind

Release, release
Mind-body apparatus
For it is but dust
Why for then the fuss

Bliss in permanence
Heightened rapture
We're ensconced in joy
Mind cannot capture

Unseeking Seeker 31-10-2022 11:55 AM

When the navel chakra asserts itís presence,
spark divine ignites within, a potent fire,
whose true purpose is to burn sin by penance,
desire vaporised, thereís nothing to aspire,
save gaining into cave of heart our entrance,
where Godís effulgent light becomes soulís attire,
as boundaries blur and nodes within us stir,
savouring dripping, sublime bliss elixir.

Ottava Rima

Notes: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manipura

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