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Unseeking Seeker 22-07-2022 03:32 PM

Vibrationless humming ~
of time stretched Samadhi;
pulseless and breathless state,
throbbing in blissfulness,
dancing at heavenís gate.

Vibrationless humming ~
in bliss suffused silence,
unbroken awareness,
reflecting soulís vibrance,
one with the That oneness.

Vibrationless humming ~
of divine magnetism,
bursting forth from within,
transmuting mind-body;
bliss bubbling on our skin.

Vibrationless humming ~
the void and we are one,
as witness consciousness
imbibes loveís elixir,
in childlike playfulness.


Notes: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samadhi

Unseeking Seeker 26-07-2022 04:48 AM

I see it now

The shiver
In the mirror
Is my gaze

Canvas contorted ~
Life view distorted

Though the end of days ~
I mend not my ways

Unseeking Seeker 28-07-2022 02:24 PM

The Pathless Path

Bound by chains of gold,
soul growthís put on hold.
Earth life plot thickens
as lust thrust quickens.

Prisoner of fear,
heartís desires hold dear,
we thus trauma bond;
with ego abscond.

In dream worldís movie,
what will be will be,
yet as goalposts shift,
we find soulís adrift.

Head and heart when linked,
with hues of love inked,
we become the light,
shining within bright.


Unseeking Seeker 02-08-2022 02:32 PM

Be still that voids fill

Energy scattered
finds our soul battered,
whilst if weíre aligned,
truth of lifeís divined.

Let us be precise,
as also concise ~
melding head with heart,
is where we should start.

Making heart steady,
signals weíre ready
to slow down thought flow,
in staid stillness slow.

What then does emerge,
is a purging surge
of heightened rapture,
mind cannot capture.

Thus whence thoughts distilled,
heartís emptiness filled,
our soul returns home,
back to Godís bliss dome.


Unseeking Seeker 06-08-2022 05:50 AM

Let the muse flow

Freely flows our soulís melodious verse
For we are aligned with the universe
Inspirations glide onto our mind tree
Soft music flows, without need to rehearse

Itís all fun and frolic, in childlike spree
Head and heart, with joy pulsations agree
There then thus is nothing we need to do
Our vaporised presence is always free

We pause nowhere since thereís no egoic glue
Soul delights feeling bliss rapture renew
Transfixed thus in the dance divine sublime
Godís grace in-pours like the fresh morning dew


Unseeking Seeker 12-08-2022 08:29 AM

Mindful eye

Put up a stop signal,
before desires intrude,
with intent to cause harm.
Know fear mirrors each urge,
hence the cause for alarm.

Put up a stop signal,
for anger, lust and hate,
choosing instead Godís love,
that our soul may ascend;
love and light, hand in glove.

Put up a stop signal,
to each body impulse
before granting release,
that soul be in control,
flowing along with ease.

Put up a stop signal,
to egoic delusion.
Rotate polarity,
in time thus attaining,
with the void, parity.


Unseeking Seeker 15-08-2022 11:11 AM

Blue pill or Red pill

Who we are, we tend to forget
Transfixed in thoughts, desires beget
The rot, dear hearts, has sunk in deep
Our consciousness needs a reset

Witness cravings upon us creep
Into core of heart, they thus seep
So unless we choose to be still
Weíll feel not, the divine bliss beep

Matrix question: blue or red pill
As with Neo, we use free will
Choosing to plunge into the void
That soul fissures, Gods grace does fill


Unseeking Seeker 20-08-2022 09:13 AM

Is this so

Sense of touch enables soulís aliveness
Myriad forms thrive within space-time
Each having roots in That Oneness

God in-dwells us all, as love sublime
He speaks to us as voice of conscience
In the void of stillness, we hark His chime

All souls are born free as pristine innocence
Purity soiled by instinctive fear and desire
Shrouding innate divine luminescence

Oh hermit, if we wish to rise higher ~
Consign ego to the funeral pyre
Terza Rima

Unseeking Seeker 25-08-2022 08:27 AM

That I Am

That I Am but yet
here now in form set,
Godís prismatic light
is our heartís delight.

Tranquil peace seeps in,
oozing from our skin
as bliss unity

In-dwelling this form
as magnetism warm,
eternity now
paves way for bliss wow.


Unseeking Seeker 28-08-2022 05:59 AM


Can we stake our life, oh dear soul
On our affirmed belief
Have we renounced each egoic goal
Giving ourself relief

Is void-centric our awareness
Nonchalant to outcomes
Presence vibrant in blissfulness
As the song divine hums

Are we yet trapped in lower mind
In bondage to desire
Have we left every fear behind
Free from earthy quagmire


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