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LadyVirgoxoxo 30-03-2011 11:28 PM

Who else knows about the Sidhe? I just learned of them yesterday and I cannot stop thinking of them! They seem like such an amazing people, I feel so connected to them! Already I've been inspired to write a short story about them. So yeah if anyone wants to come discuss them come here! They are so awesome<3

jondav 31-03-2011 07:00 PM

The sidhe,pronounced,"shee" is the collective term for fairies ,used in Ireland,to learn more I recommend a book called "The middle kingdom" by D.M.Mcmannas, published in 1953,reprinted in 1973,this book gives incredible down to earth accounts of fairy encounters,fairly recently in Ireland

LadyVirgoxoxo 31-03-2011 10:14 PM

You mean encounters with the Sidhe? As in the different group of fairies?

Asrais 31-03-2011 10:50 PM

I have had one encounter with what I believe to have been a Sidhe - in a woods in Ireland - looked like a very tall man, peeking out from the window or a ruined building. He was there for just a split second, then dissapeared. His face was not like any man I have ever seen, large eyes, his nose almost pointed and his head seemed to come up to a peek.

The family I married into also has a Bean Sidhe (Banshee). Legends say only families with Mac or O' at the start of their sir names have them.

LadyVirgoxoxo 31-03-2011 11:06 PM

oh my gosh you are so lucky! I hope one day when I go to Ireland I see them! And that's really cool that your family has a Bean Sidhe! But at the same time kind of scary...I'm not entirely sure what they are though. I know what they do, but are they of the Sidhe people?
Oh by the way not trying to be mean or anything but your cat looks like my cat's evil twin lol. I love black cats<3

Asrais 31-03-2011 11:51 PM

Ha, my cat is a total softie - she justs likes people to believe that she is evil!!

The name Bean Sidhe translates to fairy (sidhe) woman (bean). She is seen as either an old hag or a young woman, crying, wearing flowing white robes. She is often seen near water, or sometimes appears at the end of ones bed where she sits combing her hair. She offers warnings of danger or predicts the death of one in the family. At the time of the death she can be heard keening.

Although she is a scary figure, she is actually a protecting fairy - she predicts death, she doesn't cause it.

The only encounter I know of in my family was just before my husbands father died - the bean sidhe was seen out side his second storey window, when she was spotted she hurled her comb at the window and dissapeared. There was a scorch mark left where the comb had hit the window frame.
I don't know this to be true, as I didn't know them at the time and the window has since been painted, but the family including my husband, whom I trust, swear its true.

LadyVirgoxoxo 01-04-2011 04:33 AM

Wow that's really cool and scary. I'm kind of freaked out now lol

norseman 02-04-2011 12:50 PM

"Riders of the Sidhe" painted by John Duncan


There is a place in the Pennines/Dales where I walk which is called Gunnerside - the original spelling was thought to be Gunnar's Sidhe ! It was a Norse settlement. They constructed pastures beside the river for hay to feed their cattle in winter, and terraced the sides of the valley into strip fields to grow barley. There is a tradition, going back centuries, that the hay is never cut until the wild flowers have set their seed. In the later spring, the pastures are a riot of colour. And, yes, it is a magical place !

Pastures at Gunnerside. Look carefully and you might make out the strip fields.

LadyVirgoxoxo 02-04-2011 03:55 PM

I love that painting! I want a replicate of it! Every single time I look at that picture the song Riders of the Storm pops into my head lol.
The pastures are absolutely beautiful<3

norseman 02-04-2011 05:54 PM

Prints $13


Loads of books on Amazon

LadyVirgoxoxo 02-04-2011 06:18 PM

Cool! I don't often buy things online though so hopefully I can find it while I'm out shopping :smile:

Boldylocks 02-04-2011 10:24 PM

From what I gather, the Sidhe are a race of Beings created long before the human race-- and they realize we are a fallen race in need of restoration. At times they try to help us where possible, but they exist on a dimension close to ours.

I believe I heard a Sidhe woman sing to me shortly after my first Faery encounter in 5/2008. The first Faery I saw was very small and I saw her face to face resting in a section of my hair. After that encounter, I excitedly made my first faery garden and really pro-actively began helping the little things in Nature. I began sparing the little wildplants I used to consider weeds and I began transplanting maple tree saplings instead of throwing them in the garbage, etc.

One morning before waking up for work --while I was still half awake/half asleep, I heard this woman's voice singing this hymn to me:
"You are helping the flower to seed; all things are precious"

The voice of this woman was not a tiny voice of someone very small-but of someone of human stature or taller. I believe it was from one of the Sidhe- and that they are not only in Ireland and the Celtic regions.

I've also heard one of the small Fae speak to me later- and the voice was entirely different- and definitely from someone small. That also was when I was half asleep. I couldnt tell if this Being was male or female, but the voice was so sweet and melodic-- and I'm leaning toward thinking the Fae was maybe female. She said, "Can you help me?" I sent a thought back that I'd like to- but would ask God how I can help them.

The woman who sang me this song the first time was definitely of someone much taller- and someone interdimensional.

LadyVirgoxoxo 03-04-2011 07:49 PM

That's amazing Boldylocks! I hope the Sidhe aren't just in Ireland and the Celtic regions. I want to see one in my backyardd! Then again if I did see one I would probably think it was some weirdo in my backyard and chase them away with a rake...

Crystalline_Lilly 11-04-2011 07:23 PM

seems to me you might be a sidhe if you feel connected to them do people hear bussing noises from you when they are near? that is a sidhe they hear buzzing noises..

LadyVirgoxoxo 16-04-2011 05:35 PM

Haha no is there any other signs?

Boldylocks 23-04-2011 06:39 PM


Originally Posted by LadyVirgoxoxo
That's amazing Boldylocks! I hope the Sidhe aren't just in Ireland and the Celtic regions. I want to see one in my backyardd! Then again if I did see one I would probably think it was some weirdo in my backyard and chase them away with a rake...

Heehee, ohh my, I hope the Sidhe would have a sense of humor about that..lol! That's funny and with my luck, would be something I'd definitely do by mistake as well- wether it was an angel standing in my yard or Sidhe!:D:tongue: I'd hate to think it, but that would be something the Unseeley would definitely love to watch..yikes!

Tea Break 25-05-2011 03:36 PM

If anyone is interested in a bit of really good fiction reading, I can very much recommend Jules Watson for "sidhe" type stories.

Her "Swan Maiden" is heart-touching, as she describes the experiences of her heroine encountering the Spirit world. Likewise her "Raven Queen" all the better for being fairly grim as her characters are introduced at the beginning.

Then there's Juliet Marillier's "Daughter of the Forest" the first of an ongoing series set in ancient Ireland and Britain. "Daughter" particularly is "Sidhe"-rich, but they get a look-in during her following novels of the next generations of the magical Sevenwaters family, too.

Such fiction novels are invaluable for helping us to understand about such spiritual eings. Learning while relaxing - what could be better?

If you'd rather not buy them - request them at your local Library, and share the magic with some other lucky people, too.

Angel Blessings to All :angel8:

LadyVirgoxoxo 25-05-2011 03:53 PM

Thanks for the recommendations Tea! :hug2:

Prokopton 25-05-2011 04:09 PM

The Sidhe are the great Celtic race of faerie.

This book contains hundreds of documented encounters with the Sidhe in the Celtic countries of a century ago. Very highly recommended reading if you would like to know what Sidhe encounters are like -- not new age stuff, these are the real folk talking.

norseman 25-05-2011 05:48 PM

Riders of the Sidhe by John Duncan

LadyVirgoxoxo 26-05-2011 12:18 AM

Thank you for that link Prokopton! I will try to read some of that it looks interesting!
And thanks norseman for the picture! I love that pic<3

Prokopton 26-05-2011 10:34 AM

Chapter II is probably the most entertaining to start with.

I'm a big Duncan fan BTW norseman esp. that particular picture. Lots of interesting symbolism woven into that one.

Tea Break 26-05-2011 12:33 PM

[b][/My pleasure, LadyVirgo - I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for the tip, Prokopton - I'll see about getting that!

Norseman - that's a beautiful image.

Angel Blessings to All. :angel8:

LadyVirgoxoxo 10-06-2011 04:30 PM

Dream about the Sidhe
I had a dream last night thatt I went with my school on a field trip to the beach. And I mean my whole school. Which is strange I did because I recently graduated. Anyhoo, somewhere I got lost and ended up on this island with these two adults. On the island was a huge mountain and the Sidhe lived on it. They were very kind with us and let us stay there with them since we were losst. Their main meaens of survival was the fish they caught. All of a sudden a huge ship came along with a huge fish net and caught a bunch of fish in it. I thought that was unusual since thatt's not how the Sidhe fished, and asked one of them about it. That Sidhe said it was the humans who found their island. Then a bunch of people from my school came along and basically disrespected them. I was taken back with my school and was very upset that my school would disrespect such a beautiful people. I remember scolding one realy ignorant guy about it. He's like well I don't care because they live the old way. So can anyone interpret this dream for me? Haha I haven't thought about the Sidhe in awhile so it was strange.

Tea Break 11-06-2011 01:25 PM

Well - as we know, everything we experience in this world (or our dreams) is quite literally a message from Spirit, LadyVirgo, so part of your dream seems plain to me - the Sidhe are confirming to you that you are now in theory and fact "graduated" away from the those who are still "learning" (or remembering?) to open their minds and accept spiritual truths. Even when "lost" as you were, you live by your truths, and are confident now to even reprove a learner who shows disrespect to the path he has actually chosen to follow (i.e. he's abusing himself, rather than the Sidhe who were the focus of his mocking.)

The Sidhe themselves accept the other ways of other lifeforms as part of the whole we all are i.e. though human beings "fish" in different ways, the Sidhe don't mock or judge them for that, and are willing to share what's available, with us.

I think, through your dream, they're also encouraging you to live with a similar attitude in this respect, while leaving you free to choose for yourself, as each of us must do.

As regards the "why now" bit - well, the time is obviously right as you've just graduated out of the school, and since nothing happens by accident, it's also at the time when we're approaching mid-summer, when the Faery/Sidhe kind are at their strongest influence in our world.

I'd take it all as their encouragement of you, as you "walk your talk" in our world.

Of course, it's only my take on your dream - I'm sure others here will have things to add, too.

By the way - are any of us keeping a camera (ideally digital) close at hand over the next few weeks? Faeries (often snapped as orbs, of course) are always around us, but a few shots in some natural location especially at this time of nearly mid-Summer may reap a wonderful crop of orb or faery-rich photos! It's fascinating to spot them.

Angel Blessing to All :angel8:

norseman 11-06-2011 02:20 PM

Lady, have a good look over this one and see have many you can spot. :smile:

norseman 11-06-2011 02:23 PM

or this one

Tea Break 11-06-2011 02:48 PM

Thank you, Norseman - it's fantastic! What a size they must be, to be big enough to be seen in a photo, and at a distance!

Such beautiful scenes, too - I've shamelessly tried to save both on my laptop, but they're too large for the little guy to handle ... but I'll come back for a "dream" every now and then. :smile:

Angel Blessings to All :angel8:

norseman 11-06-2011 03:17 PM

Tea Break. How did you try to copy ? Right click and Save Image usually works.
Sidhe Queen dancing in waterfall

LadyVirgoxoxo 11-06-2011 06:06 PM

The Sidhe were contacting me via dream??? Really??!! I'm hoonored :icon_eek: Do you think they can feel what I'm feeling or know what I'm thinking? Because I tried to contact them yesterday when things were rerally bad at home XD I asked them to take me away. But then I really thought about it and I was like I don't think that's a very good idea lol
I can't see any in the first two pictures norseman :icon_frown: But I can feel that they are there, it's a very powerful energy, I just know that they are there. Did you take those pictures? Oh and I did see the Sidhe queen in the water! XD

EDIT: It's really weird that I feel I can trust them like that. I'm not understanding why I have such a big connection with them. In this time when I feel I can't trust anyone, I feel I can trust them...

norseman 11-06-2011 06:57 PM

HI Lady ! Yup, all my own work :D
In the middle photo, look in the water. Atleast six there. To the side, look in the rocks :smile:

LadyVirgoxoxo 11-06-2011 07:44 PM

Oh I do see them! Is it just me or in the water does it look as if the yare walking across the water? I see two Sidhe men doing that...

Tea Break 13-06-2011 02:06 PM

Thank you, Norseman - I've got 'em!!:hug2:

I was going into "File" and "Save as" which didn't work. These pictures are a double gift, for when I'm looking for a bit of relaxation, it's great to meditate on such physical beauties as these ... and then of course, there is the wonders of the Sidhe, too.

LadyVirgo - all life is connected through Spirit, so yes - the Sidhe can and have contacted you, or anyone friendly to them, through dreams. It's when we're most receptive to Spirit messages. You're obviously an Earth Healer (as they are too, of course) which is why you're "open" to them - an they know it! Great to have special friends, isn't it? :smile:

Angel Blessings to All :angel8:

LadyVirgoxoxo 13-06-2011 08:20 PM

I want them to contact me more in dreams! lol that's awesome. What's an earth healer? And I feel so special to have friends like them :love1:

Asrais 14-06-2011 12:58 AM

In Irish mythology, we are often warned to be wary of the hospitality of the Sidhe. Never eat or drink anything that is offered to you, because if you do, you will remain in their world forever - and that ending is not always as fairy tale like as we would imagine.

They have little care for humans as a whole - we have done so much damage to their world, but in the Irish legends, it is said that the reason they diminished is they used up almost all the magic in the land and so became weak, allowing humans to populate, so in a way, they too abused the earth. I think because of this many of them are bitter.

Enjoy their friendship, but do not think they will take away your troubles. Trust your intuition, you will know bad from good.

LadyVirgoxoxo 14-06-2011 02:28 AM

You're right, I shouldn't fantasize that much about their world, it's probably no better than the world we live in. I hope in my dreams I'll never eat or drink anything they give me...

Tea Break 14-06-2011 03:41 PM

I agree with your advice, Asrais on the eating and drinking part, if we encounter the Sidhe in a waking state. I'm not certain about it being incautious in a dream - so long as we're aware that it's only a dream, for many people drawn to the Sidhe (or Faery) people were at some point of that people themselves, and are now on their related "missions" in our world. Dreams are where they can contact us more easily, for most people choose "common sense" over their intuitions during daily life.

That's what I mean about being an "Earth healer" LadyVirgo. The Faery peoples are the "caretakers" of our Nature world, even though unseen and unacknowledged by the majority of human beings. So "earth healers" carry on the work in a more obvious sense, in our world. Anyone who cares for our planet and it's natural life, or the lives of any creaures, come to that, is an Earth Healer, and in our own ways aid the Sidhe/Faery in this vital work.

Has anyone read "The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries" by the Rev. Robert Kirk? Its quite fascinating, as it recounts the experiences of a Methodist minister between 1688 and 1692 and his actual encounters with the Faery/Sidhe! I was brought up in the Methodist church - and trust me, a belief in Faerys was not a part of those beliefs - Angels were barely acceptable:smile: Quite unstrangely, Kirk "mysteriously" disappeared eventually, and it seems that he was allowed to return to this world to write his story, and then agreed to go back to the "people under the hill" - forever.
I read it coming up to mid-summer a few years ago - fantastic!

Angel Blessings to All :angel8:

norseman 14-06-2011 05:23 PM

Earth Healer is a core value in the pagan creeds !

LadyVirgoxoxo 15-06-2011 02:59 AM

Wow so I was a Sidhe in another life?That's so cool that I'm an earth healer! And I really want to read that book! Is it easy to find? Norseman, what are the pagan creeds?

norseman 15-06-2011 12:08 PM

Lady - "pagan creeds" - just most types of pagan, including wicca, etc. Every pagan I have met has been "green". :smile:

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