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John The Red 16-06-2021 06:55 PM

The Descriptions Seem To Fit…
…But I don’t even know if they exist yet. I suppose the best way to describe my personality is to tell you that I am an INFJ/Empath Scorpio with ADHD, BiPolar and OCD. Countless websites exist to explain in plain English that someone like me is largely intuitive and keenly aware of the underlying darkness that exists in the world. In short, life is heavy and thick with the fog of emotional war but its not without its rewards. Think ‘starving artist’ or ‘rebel with a thousand causes’.

I’d love the notion of Starseeds and Indigo Children to be true but my fear is that somewhere along the way I’m going to run into the doctrine and dogma of even a free-thinking, spiritual phenomenon. I hope it’s just church PTSD that has me worried.

madalina_diana 04-07-2021 02:35 AM

Daughter is 4 and has got me thinking of this children like Dixie Jane/ Charlie D'Amelio. Some people are unable to accept that sometimes there is a second child. Younger one could feel is more loved even mother is suffering a bit more doesn't want to say how it is there . She never want make herself understood.

dronjom 14-07-2021 04:06 PM

yo yo, this is the new meetingplace for starseeds? peace and happiness to all <3 I'm Daniel *deleted* from norway, born 25.may 198x. working in a grocery store. made lots of music through the years. Where is the society in universe, why are we still waiting? :)))) maybe I have a house out there, waiting for me for 34 years. Friends I have known for billions of years, I want to know all the history, or maybe I dont wanna know? How are you doing everyone? Pray with Jesus Christ. God is real. Maybe I will travel to Andromeda one day. Lets all boost positive spirit all over the place. I put up posters with peace and blessings now and again, was traveling 4 years in Europe from 2014 to 2018. Take care. feel free to write me pb. cheers.

Kyra wildstar 14-07-2021 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by Andromedan2000
Yep, I think you found one!

I'm an Andromedan Star child.

Interesting thing is this that my mom is also a starseed. She's a Arcturin.

I can say this about myself, I'm a thin and tall guy with big alien-like eyes, ungrown mental powers, etc. And I need to say that I hate dark beings like Reptailian, Draconian, etc.

So thats all I can say now. I wish you love and peace!

Draconian here, I think.

Andromedan2000 17-07-2021 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by Indigo Wildstar
Draconian here, I think.

The post was for long ago, My blieves about Draconian and reptailians changed after some researches!!!

Sorry if I was a little Rude!

True Angel 20-08-2021 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by Andromedan2000
The post was for long ago, My blieves about Draconian and reptailians changed after some researches!!!

Sorry if I was a little Rude!


How do you now view the Draconians and other Reptilians? What has your research uncovered that has altered your viewpoint?

I have read they eat humans and are a warrior-like race of beings. BUT there are a few people who say that some reptilians are gentle and kind. Can't imagine that being true, but anything's possible.

I had one particular dream about the Draconians where a race of people prepared to destroy themselves because they felt they could not defeat the Draconians who were about to board their vessel. Upon awakening, I felt so sad for them. I felt their fear and hopelessness. I was horrified by their imminent demise.

So I find it difficult to believe there are good Dracos or Reptilians out there. And they look sooo fierce like demons, I guess.


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