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girlsearching 26-08-2021 04:25 AM

Virgo Suns and their Energy

Virgo suns are likely to have libra mercury or venus, which can cause them to be hyper focused on relationships. Virgo energy often makes people anti social, shy, self conscious, have social anxiety, outcasted or socially awkward. They tend to isolate themselves. Y'all have to study each sign individually.

This won't apply to everyone but in my experience I find it to be true.

girlsearching 26-08-2021 04:33 AM

People tend to read my facial expressions and I guess I'm transparent without meaning to be.
I do believe I give off this weirdo energy that makes people uneasy. I walk fast if I'm going somewhere usually with my head down. I have low-self esteem and I'm self conscious in my appearance. I know the Sun ,Rising, and Moon Parents traits make who you are but I also know the Environment one lives in also plays a factor.

girlsearching 26-08-2021 02:20 PM

Not all Virgo sun people don't always have a Libra or Venus in their ruling planet Mercury. again each individual is different and so are the planetary placements. In my case I do give off "Wierd Energy" maybe because I struggle with self confidence and people can sense that.

Clio_86 26-08-2021 03:47 PM

I have lots of virgo sun female friends. I'm not sure what their other placements are but many of them are always in relationships. My childhood virgo friend is married now but I noticed she always had someone lined up for when she'd break up with her bf when younger. LOL.

But I find virgo suns to often be quite funny! Not sure about the anti-social/weird behaviour though.

FairyCrystal 26-08-2021 04:30 PM

I think much of Virgos sometimes odd behaviour has to do with their general lack of self-confidence. Like having a replacement partner that Clio spoke of. Not wanting/being able to be alone, having confidence levels hinge on a partner & relationship etc.
I have spotted this in a nr of Virgos I've known, male & female.

In Virgo males this also seems to express itself in out of place and ill timed flirting, and over the top sexually tinted flirting too.
I think in a way attention seeking to compensate for low self-confidence and low self-esteem.
In some it wasn't necessarily flirting, but still addressing & greeting strangers when you were out and having coffee at a restaurant's patio. That is weird behaviour, no one does that. I'd find it creepy if someone did that to me without any reason like eye-contact, smile, etc.
And it was annoying as we were in the midst of conversation and it seemed as if he wasn't interested. Why the need to greet total strangers that aren't even looking at you while you're out and supposed to have a good time with a date?
My Virgo ex did this with the girl behind the cash register. He even waited until she acknowledged him before he wanted to leave the supermarket. Much to my annoyance and embarrassment, and often the annoyance of that girl as well, and of people that had to wait in queue because of his stupid behaviour.
And he did that each time we went grocery shopping. You can figure how much I liked that. Not!

They can also be socially clumsy. Likely also due to lack of self-confidence/esteem.
My former daughter in law had known me for a few years, yet when they visited and my son went to the loo she got all fidgety and awkward, and began to whinge, "Where's N?"
Me rolling my eyes thinking, "***! He's been gone a few minutes, you're in conversation with people you know in a home you know. What the heck is wrong with you?"

They should be one of my Sun sign's great matches, but after trying a few times -one a long term-, I scratched Virgo off my list of potential matches.
Not to say they're bad people, not at all, but not a good love match for me.
And to be honest... I've never met one so far that was more balanced and empowered. I guess overcoming their low self-esteem and insecurity, victimhood, is their biggest lesson. Like each sign has lessons, but all different.

Clio_86 26-08-2021 05:29 PM

FairyCrystal, you made me think of the virgo suns I know who I find really funny... but I can say that a lot of their humour is quite self-deprecating. This also reminds me of many virgo suns I work with or have gone to school with... who were really intelligent/talented but incredibly humble. I just saw an article on twitter about how perfectionists are held in high-esteem by society but this trait actually portrays elements of self-hatred in that they never feel good enough.

FairyCrystal 26-08-2021 07:51 PM

Yeah, when you know a number and think about their behaviour you can notice a red thread, as we Dutch say.
And what you said about having a replacement partner... my ex daughter in law broke up with my son but before leaving was already hanging out with other guys, wearing totally indecent dresses, behaving like a s**t -while she always had portrayed herself to be shy & modest-, flirting, and we have reason to suspect sleeping with others as well. It was totally shocking as it was a total clash with the girl I had gotten to know and grew close with for 7 years.

And shortly after the breakup and her moving out she was with another guy, got registered partnership and bought a luxurious house. She was always after the posh for whatever, and he makes real good money, so she's in heaven I guess. She always had this need to show off expensive things but not in a really very obvious way. But she still did.
I think that too is a form of attention seeking and feeling better about herself (self-esteem) by surrounding yourself by posh things.
May sound far-fetched, but it's just psychology and that type of behaviour happens more often. External posh to make up for inner emptiness where self-confidence should reside.

I hope I'm not painting to bleak a picture of them, that is not my idea. Like I said before, all signs have their typical things & lessons. Just that I happen to know/have known a number of Virgos up close & personal and noticed a pattern.

RedEmbers 26-08-2021 10:16 PM

Mine is offset by my gemini and aries placements.

I am pretty direct and curious in communication with others.
People assume that I am confident when they meet me. Probably because I am sure of my own opinions.

I am training myself not to overthink and overannalyse as it makes me feel sick. Good thing about virgo is that I am extremely connected to my own body and the Physical sensations so when I choose to lead a more sensory and intuitive life I function in a much happier way.

girlsearching 27-08-2021 02:32 AM


Originally Posted by FairyCrystal
I think much of Virgos sometimes odd behaviour has to do with their general lack of self-confidence. They should be one of my Sun sign's great matches, but after trying a few times -one a long term-, I scratched Virgo off my list of potential matches.

Not to say they're bad people, not at all, but not a good love match for me.

I agree with you, but I know not every person under the Virgo sun is the same way. It just seems they sometimes do struggle with accepting themselves sometimes.... Yeah Virgos love to have a "Woe is me" mentality .

girlsearching 27-08-2021 02:46 AM

well I don't care for my sun being in Virgo or my Rising in Aries, and to make things worse my moon is in Pisces, the combos do not work well at all. Ironically a character that is inspired after me if I was teenager in the late 1970's will have the same birthday as me but hers will be 9-1-1958, and she will have the Sun, Rising , Moon, all in Virgo for her Western Zodiac. I don't dislike my sign it is just the ignorance from biased lazy New aged astrologers when describing "Virgo the Virgin" that is annoying . There is more facets to my western sign and what it fully represents .

I'm glad there are Ancient books that break down the Etymology of the origin of the word Virgo and delve into the sign better . hopefully I can purchase these books from Amazon.com because some of them are expensive .

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