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dream jo 13-07-2022 09:39 PM

I cleanse my Pendulum in water and sanitiser
I don't like this but I cleaned my house Pendulum in what and sanitiser and I cleanse my Pendulum in what is sanitizer and I've got the same for answers but I did I think I did it like I don't know
Just eat this is it if you get a head Pendulum like cleanser water and some kaiser mix together
And now I've got four pendulums and force him answers I asked
I get in my hand I like with the Twilight and my wife and and my right hand am I left hand as a board and I got the same for answers answers at the same number for answers I asked the questions and the 405 got the same answer the questions I asked
Show my for my phone handle and put on my last pendulum I bought online is a chakra one and it's 7 quid on it seven chakras and I asked the same question I asked my three times I've got and it said the same answers the same my necklaces and an atlas FM bought me it helps when I'm ready to ship the same answers
But I will not tell the questions I asked on here but some of us person
Because I do not want upset paint them I am pressing I realised no I am not pregnant if I was pregnant because I've not got a boyfriend or husband because nobody wants me yet but the one in job in the family is welcome to Ocean but what is it about me a few months ago they can do 1000 times better than me but it's not the way around the sun I'm telling people I'm pretty and then put down my family but it's Ugly Duckling as a beautiful Swan at last because I'm a bit like that I will get there I will get I will get there I will get add something to the channels
Show my photo pendulums have given the same answer on all 4 questions and all questions I've asked and I've got the same answer clockwise yes anticlockwise and no YouTube I Love by YouTube on this on
Looks like the one in the family is going to come true on me but I'm a good persone

Bambo 13-07-2022 10:15 PM

I guess its good to clean it often so it works the best for us :smile:

dream jo 14-07-2022 08:49 PM

Thank you
I cleanse for my pendulums I even close my necklaces and my early my other jerseys to get rid of negativity and bad energy I may picked up during the month I do
Pendulum manual pendulum I got yesterday my chakra Pendulum I cleansed it in what hand sanitizer together how to write a new technique
And I got the 4 sim answers I got the same phone answers at the same answers on the four questions I asked on it the same question I asked I did an answer was I'm going to say but I'm at the clockwise clockwise yes anticlockwise no and I used I have to same question over and over again to see what I got and I got the same answers on the 7th for pendulums on the same4 pendulums
I might get a new and your pendulum next month but not yet just thinking about it I've got for now I have 4 now on a chain and a necklace one but offend if you touch What a Friend bought me from church
I'm a different person I was when I first joined here I was such a different person because I did not behave myself I do not believe in myself plus I was exhausted and worn out because of dementia not me for the dementia family
But coming in here is taught me a lot and go into a spiritualist church as Tottenham or and it's cool it's cool it's cool it's cool it's cool when I was at school
I am no longer the fruitcake put the thought of us for seeing and hearing spirit because friends at church I've had the same explained as me they thought they were nuts to people did but not on here or it search and the Pendulum I learnt about that church

Traveler 14-07-2022 11:25 PM

Get a small pretty dish and put salt in it. Keep your pendulum in the salt when you're not using it. If you use it lot, I would replace the salt frequently. I don't think it matters what kind of salt, but sea salt would probably be best. I'd worry about the alcohol ruining any metal that you have on your pendulum.

dream jo 22-07-2022 08:53 PM

I cleanse my pendulum I got off my psychic shop online yesterday I can sit in sanitiser and water again I did and I got a SIM answer I did other third pendulums I did
I even use my pendulum board the same answers but I'm not going to say the questions I answered they don't want to jinx it

Native spirit 23-07-2022 11:41 PM

When I get a new pendulum I always hold in in my hands for it to get use to my vibration.as much as I get used to it
then I smudge it, so it is ready to use


Bambo 24-07-2022 02:25 AM

Ahhhhh NS your so sweet and kind :smile:

dream jo 25-07-2022 08:56 PM

Hi I have been doing that too native split I have I have 5 pendulum now and each one I pick up in my handbag I put my my hands on them then I asked them a question and I'm do it when my mum and dad's Ashes are buried and my uncle's to and I've had the same answers I've asked over and over again but I'm not going to say it on here because it's personal
And the same five pendulums of give me the same answers yes or no yes or no if my pendulum board I've given the same answers I'm 5 pendulums and my birthday necklace chain I've got it on my why are used on my I use it on my pendulum board and I got the same answers to
I love problems I love my president Pendulum plus I love my parents too but I will it's more pendulums again next month I've got a new Hobby Now by independence and collecting them and collecting problems and buying them plus the good thing about it is I am the only one is allowed to touch it
Because my friend from church give me some good advice to and then she did clockwise for yes but I was fine but is right and anticlockwise for no and no way it was a girl or boy was expecting but a could either way if she's expecting twins or triplets or quads I forget what it's called when it's 5 kids having 67a kids I forgot I feel sorry for a lady who's expecting 9 kids in in one go like cats and dogs give birth to kittens and puppies there must ever awful time giving birth
My cat's birth mum she gave birth to 7 kittens in 2016 in August it was and it was 3 boys and 4 girls and I got one boy and I got one girl I did plus I think if you are a painter talk to cats as well
But the pendulums I love them and it's safer than original board a Ouija board

Native spirit 25-07-2022 10:47 PM

Its good that you have found something else to spark your interest
pendulums are good , how are you finding using your pendulum board to using them without the board?


dream jo 31-07-2022 09:59 PM

I asked my5 pendulum the same questions but I asked him in the graveyard but the wind can move the sad get the answers I wanted and I still got the same 5 answers on my problems I did
I will not say what the questions was but I got the same yes and no answers on the 5 on the 5 I did on the 5th pendulums I've got I did
And I'm not well this is great clockwise yes and anticlockwise no because I've learnt my church said I was doing it right so I'm pleased about that
Plus my pendulum board I've got as well my panelboard I've got the same answers with the same 5 lambs pendulums I did
Safer than a VG board AVG board ouija board because they are dangerous but pendulum boards are not

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