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MidasCloud 10-07-2022 03:30 PM

Fundamentals of Ayurveda
This is my notes on Ayurveda the First Chapter, from the book, The Ayurveda Encyclopedia:

The three doshas are vayu, pitta, and kapha, which can be detected by directing one's Hair Follicle Energy at something by thinking about it in the mind:

Vayu (also Mind-oriented Directional Temperament or Aura Love Energy Temperament) is associated with Experience or anything allowing for an Experience

Pitta (also Others-oriented Directional Temperament or Heart-Stir Love Energy Temperament) is associated with purpose and anything with a Purpose

Kapha (also Body-oriented Directional Temperament or Environment Love Energy Temperament) is associated with Exchanges, and anything related to making exchanges

Sattwa Mind (also known as Independent or One-on-One Career Temperament) is calm, alert, and thoughtful.

Rajasic Mind (also known as Team-oriented Career Temperament) is energetic and active.

Tamasic Mind (also known as Audience-oriented Career Temperament) is stable and fluid.

All three doshas and the three mind-types have a primary and a secondary, as well as Flexible, or having characteristics of all three.

Lack of spirituality and mindwork-energetic awareness (like the psychic modalities) leads to illness. Illness starts with digestion problems. Environment, attitude, love and life direction, as well as proper or suitable work and actions create healthy individuals.

Spirituality includes being aware of the interconnectedness of life, like with Emotional Repression Release, ethers of multiple of multiple universes each with their own Emotional Repression Release pattern, as well as wisps, and how different personalities that manifest physically as animals and everything else in existence.

A person's life is to satisfy his or her innate desire or be in alignment with specific reincarnation energy. Life pursuits include health, children, and more knowledge and increased awareness.

Know to "seek a righteous path, and wisdom will be yours", "there is a right way to do anything", "wish others to find the love of their lives", and respecting natural rhythms and nature's patterns helps with living a healthy, loving, and productive life. Also, know that "time and laughter cure most pains".

Things to look out for in terms of keeping active, healthy and clean, include:
1. Plasma (drink plenty of water)
2. Blood (limit or moderate blood sugar levels)
3. Neuro system (do a yawning stretch; engage in moderate physical activity)
4. Cerebro system (socialize with others)
5. Muscles (engage in moderate physical activity)
6. Skin (wash clean, but keep away from anti-bacterial agents so as not to harm the healthy bacteria)
7. Stomach (be aware of your digestive ability, so don't overeat or eating too much of something high in sugar, fat-protein, or salt)
8. Sensory system (stay physically comfortable or be in your comfort zone)

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