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glrecom 08-10-2019 04:41 PM

Evil spirits attaching to my back
I have an evil spirit and its entire family attached to me. They verbally harass me daily. Always threatening to kill me, humiliate me, and force me to think of thoughts that I would never think of. Then they would use poltergeist balls to assault my brain.

I have not had any dreams of this family of evil spirits. But they answer and tell me their name. They would make me imagine tall, long haired, and slim figures of caucasian men walking behind me and talking curse words at me.

The whole family is bent on killing me by a slow death.

Does anybody have a cure for this? I want to detach these evil spirits from me for good.

Lepus 12-10-2019 07:24 PM


How did you contacted these spirits?

You would need to cleanse your personal space and yourself. If you have windows have them open for a brief moment after you've finished cleansing. There are several ways you can keep your room cleansed by burning sage, palo santo, frankincense or copal. You can even combine them and burn it on a charcoal disk. You can also use essential oils such as lavender, lemon, frankincense or peppermint. Apply a few drops into the diffuser or in a bucket of water for mopping. This will raise the vibrations within the room. Add salt into the corners of your space, afterwards within two days, vacuum or sweep the salt and flush it away.

Here are some herbs that can be used for expelling spirits: Herbs That Protect Against Evil Spirits.

Take a ritual bath adding salt, hyssop, and lavender. Do this every waning moon phase in a Saturday until the evil spirits detach themselves from you.

Practice shielding using the Tower of Light or other methods to protect yourself. Place wards to prevent anything harmful entering into your personal space. Use crystals. You can also have some burning white candles for protection. Burning dragon's blood also provides protection.


glrecom 13-10-2019 12:00 AM

Thank you for responding, Lepus.

I will try to salt my surroundings, take salt water baths, and burn candles at night.

lomax 17-10-2019 06:10 AM

Good infos from lepus.

Chances are to be 'inner' blocks and parts of your psyche,rather than external spirits.
In that case,no amount of room cleansing will work.In fact placing them outside of you,will give them more power to manifest externaly.

If the problem is coming from you,a herb bath will have good results,and you'll feel the difference immediately.

I don't know much about herbs,but i vote for laurel (bay leaves).
Put some dry bay leaves into water,leave them for some hours,and then use the water over your body.
Feet,head,forehead,hands or even better your whole body.

Also i've heard about camphor.It's unpleasant to parasites and low level beings.You can buy some discs from the super market and burn them over charcoal.

lomax 17-10-2019 06:29 AM

Also how's your health?Usually these phenomena are weaken the immune system,leaving the affected person exposed to viruses and diseases.
A healthy diet,it's necessary when you face things like that.
Eat only fruits and vegetables for a few days,and see how it's going.(no salt,oil and dressings)

And no chemicals over your skin.Use only unscented soap.

ManSpider 17-10-2019 09:02 PM

God has power over evil spirits which He can share with you - so sayeth the Bible, and also my own experience.

Some spirits are more grey, but obviously evil ones like this can be cast out if you humbly ask God for help.

Treat it as an ordeal that you can learn from and that may help you grow in your faith. If you aren't righteous enough to do it yourself - but it will be easier to deal with this kind of thing if you can become righteous enough - you can find someone else to do it for you. Preferably someone who is a Christian but any righteous person who loves God can do it.

You should also ask yourself why you have this attachment. Maybe you put out a lot of negative energy or you need to change something about yourself.

EDIT: Meds can also help. For example SSRI's help me with intrusive thoughts which originate from spirits.

FuZzCasT 23-10-2019 10:36 AM

I agree with ManSpider about the meds. If you can't find a solution through the forum and it gets distressing then seek medical advice from a doctor which might refer you on to the right people.

mihael_11 30-10-2019 07:49 PM


You are quite direct about this possession. How did you get there?

Well i believe you, there can be bad thought reflected upon you, but you have your own thoughts and vision of what is right. So i suggest, that you slowly develop yourself in a way, that you will be stronger than they are. That is slow developing process ad i know, you probably have no time because you have so many other things to do, but this is what we do. Be who you are and progress..

glrecom 31-10-2019 01:25 AM

hello mihael, I got here because somebody sent evil spirits my way to attack me. Before they attached themselves to me, I see them in my dreams. Then I see them outside of my dreams. Then they started talking to me.

I thought they were real. I believed at one point that the Earth is a fake Matrix simulation. I thought that it was like the movie, Matrix. They tricked me into suicide attempts. I almost died once.

Now, I escape them by not talking to them but they keep talking to me and using my brain to talk back to them.

I ran away to live in a two different houses. They followed me. They refuse to give up. Like malevolent ghosts with the evil intent of killing me.

What can I do? There is only one solution and that is to have these evil spirits put to death. Because I don't know who the which that sent me these evil spirits is...only a slight clue that it could have been my old neighbor who used to own the house right next door.

mihael_11 31-10-2019 03:51 PM

First thing is, that you are never alone so don't be afraid to ask for help.

I don't know, what you should do, or what you want to do with this situation. When you talk about possession, how good is your judgement and vision. Do you own it or not? Can you trust yourself? If not, you can get many answers or situations and with patience and dedication go through everything and narrow your options. If you don't have time, that you should find appropriate group or person, to help you and guide you through this.
Maybe all this is not so personal as you describe and is manifest of something else, in this case you should look for other options than that there is something that want you dead.

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