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Lynn 05-10-2010 05:54 PM

Full Moon Energies

The Full Moon represents a peek. The Sun and Moon at this stage are opposite signs, some feel and energy passing between them. Many feel uplifted at the Full Moon times.

When one has set in play on the New Moon what one wants to bring into one’s life the Full Moon gives one the chance to release them to Spirit. Its time for the Universe to work on bringing them to reality.

Often one will meditate nightly as the Moon travels through the phases it goes on to becoming the Full Moon. Adding energy to what one wants to bring forth. Keeping always with the same set forth goals, and seeing a clear path to getting there. This can be done with prayer.

One has to always bear in mind that one is a part of the Universe and that you move with that Universe and the Moon and its cycle. Remembering that Spirit is always a part of ye and that ye are in control of ye’s experiences and can make things real.
It too helps to keep a Moon Journal of dreams of images found in meditations to reflect on. To see where one has come from start to finish. To see what might have come to be reality.

Remember always if it does not work first time out there are many more chances in the year to try again.


Bambo 03-08-2022 04:58 AM

Thank you Lynn,excellent thread!!

I often notice people act strangely when a full moon happens like they cannot handle the energy.... Do you ever notice things like this?

I do notice along the seashore bigger waves during a full moon for sure......

I do think it brings alot of chances for things but many dont realise it..


I just saw your other thread also!


Uma 30-10-2022 05:02 AM

lunar trivia
we're 3/4 water and moon raises the tides and affects our moods, especially PMS as its linked to menstruation, fertility and rabbits making more rabbits every month.... the original calendar since prehistoric times is lunar

the bulge on planet earth is caused by moon
and moon came out of the earth's body

so much more, I've always been fascinated by the moon
especially three last three days to full moon

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