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lostsoul13 06-08-2022 06:16 PM

New matrix film and twin flame power.. spoilers
I watched the new matrix film last night : The Matrix Resurrections…

It’s basically about neo finding trinity after she’s still plugged in- they haven’t seen each other for a long time but he goes on a mission to unplug her as he’s freed him self from the pod; he’s woken up in the real world…

He finally saves her but no before she chooses to walk away until she realises she is trinity not the identity she’s been given- they go on to create a lot of power and their magnetic fields surge near each other so they have pods next to each other- they both have glimpses of what happened when they are near - they create big power.. trinity is so powerful with neo love - that she can fly and save them both-

What’s apparent here that twin flames or soulmates create energy that can be consumed and spent in the realms and dimensions as we are on the journey of reincarnation…

It was a great film:

Just shocked at how it all came together: twin flames and soulmates and how that’s projected in the real world and fiction..

Im a firm believer im plugged in and technology took us in time and put our higher selfs in pods not for the electric but because everything is a simulation of ones and zeros - the matrix code is real we just need to plug in- one day in the future when it’s uncovered…

emelyb 19-09-2022 11:13 AM

Thanks for this interesting information!

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