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Jcqln 05-08-2022 03:32 AM

Kurt Vonnegut
I remember reading Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse 5" some years ago (a powerful piece of American post-war literature), and I remember thinking it was absolutely bizarre at the time. It involved trauma, time travel, and aliens, and it struck an impressive balance between misery and hilarity.

Now, more recently, I've heard people talking about 4D or 5D consciousness; the idea that time isn't linear. This is exactly what Vonnegut was expressing in his book. The main character becomes "unstuck in time". Funny how life imitates art... or is it the other way around?

A few quotes:
“All moments, past, present and future, always have existed, always will exist.”
“It is just an illusion here on Earth that one moment follows another one, like beads on a string, and that once a moment is gone, it is gone forever.”

lamb1 15-08-2022 10:25 AM

I like this author very much, tho I was reading him like 13 years ago so it's hard to say what I would tell about him now :)

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