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asearcher 02-08-2022 06:16 AM

why often this?
when me and my child go into stores something has often happened that i have thought has been down to natural phenomena but there are times i have wondered but naturally not said anything about it. it's been things falling down or if electric coming off with lights sounds right where we are even if we have not touched them. one time a bunch of dolls in their boxes where you would have to touch their tummy or what ever if something was to come off. i have no explanation of this. I have before thought sensors were responsible, detecting movement and then coming off, all natural.

Something that has happened when things fall off is that it is so close to us but still never hit us, just land on the floor.

Why in stores if something not caused by a natural cause? why so close to us but we never get hurt?

wondering if anyone else has a clue or own experience of it?

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