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SyFoster 11-06-2022 04:38 PM

Magick Spells For Ex
I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this, but since Wicca involves spells and magick, I thought this would be a good place. While I have plenty of experience in other energy arts, I admit I am a novice when it comes to magick, spells, etc. Although as someone who is drawn to, and resonates with, ritual and ceremony, I would like to know more.

Anyway, I wanted to ask advice on spells, chants, rituals, etc that would assist in drawing an ex-girlfriend/lover back; either to rekindle the entire relationship, or on a purely physical level. I know there must be many of them, and thought I would ask those more knowledgeable of the subject than myself. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. I’m happy to give any information that may assist in finding the best ritual or spell.

And to be clear, I realize that Wicca, spells, rituals, etc are serious and require effort (just as energy arts do). So yes, I am serious and looking for real, honest help; and no, I don’t think it’s as easy as waving a wand and saying a single phrase like Harry Potter. :smile:

Thanks again for your time and assistance.

Chrysalis 12-06-2022 09:10 PM


I'm not Wiccan either but this forum seems suitable to discuss magic.

What you're asking for is a love spell which I don't have any experience with. However, I did buy and read two books by Lady Rhea for candle magic. The books compliment each other but, imo, "The Enchanted Candle" can stand alone. The other book, "The Enchanted Formulary" is mostly about making your own fragrant oils. She has a few love spells and you can do her spells exactly as she directs, or you can change them according to what you have and/or on what you're guided to do. Her methods are flexible which means you can adjust them to complement your current practice.

One thing I do know (from reading) about love spells, try timing to cast it on Friday which is the planetary day for Venus. A bonus would be to cast the spell on a Friday with a waxing moon phase. A brief note about moon phases just in case you want to know. Waxing moon phases to full moon is for manifestation. Waning full moon to the dark moon (the phase just before the new moon) is for banishing stuff. Timing spells like that is optional but does add extra energy to the spell.

Another thing to consider is to cast a glamour spell on yourself before seeing her. Again, I don't have experience with this either.

Good luck!

SyFoster 13-06-2022 12:53 AM

Thanks for the info, Chrysalis. The day and moon phase info sounds quite helpful.
As I said, I have zero experience in this type of thing.
As far as the glamour spell before seeing her again-I don’t have any contact with her at all; physical or otherwise. She still lives and works fairly close to me, but we have zero contact.

Ideally she’d return to me to rekindle a full relationship; however, I’d be content with just purely physical encounters with her. I would take whatever is possible at this point.

Chrysalis 13-06-2022 07:02 PM

You're welcome.

Another thing I suggest is for you to read up on is how to safely cast spells, such as protection and how to craft spells. You might also want to use divination, before casting a spell, to find out if your spell is exactly what you want. You can also consult your guides, spirit allies, etc. At this point, you're looking for ways that your spell might go sideways. Another thing that isn't mentioned much, is putting a loophole in your spell so you can undo it in case the spell gives you what you don't want to happen. In short, if you craft a spell, can you undo it to end the spell? If you can't end a spell, or stop it, then you let the spell run its course OR do a counter spell to reverse the original spell's effects.

SyFoster 13-06-2022 09:07 PM

Whew! That’s a lot of spell work.
If she knew how much effort I was expending just to potentially have some intimate time with her, maybe she’d just be flattered and go for it, no spells needed. :rolleyes:

Thanks again for the input.

asearcher 18-06-2022 05:52 AM

Maybe that is what you need to tell her instead of doing any spells then? then let her come to you if and when her own free will wants to and not under the influence of some spell.

SyFoster 18-06-2022 02:27 PM

Well, unfortunately, there is no contact between us. We never see each other, and there is zero texting, calling, or emailing. In fact the last time we even walked past each other, she didn’t even make eye contact or acknowledge me.

Now, in my opinion, if she was over me and didn’t have any feelings towards me, then she wouldn’t act like that. It’s not like our relationship ended on a bad note. She just chose to leave (after lying and cheating).

It seems to me that she avoids anything to do with me because she is worried that it might stir up feelings that she doesn’t want to think about.
Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe she is just heartless and has no real feelings about anything or anyone. Or maybe she avoids me because I know that she’s a cheater/liar.
That’s why I’d just be happy with a purely ‘physical’ encounter with her.

asearcher 18-06-2022 07:26 PM

Hi Syfoster, could be that she does not want to face herself, sounds like it, and your existence remind her of that, what she has said and done, and it has nothing to do with you. Wish you healing.

SyFoster 18-06-2022 07:59 PM

That is very perceptive of you; I myself have thought the same thing.
For her, looking at me is probably like she’s looking into a mirror, being reminded of what she did. She wants to pretend as if she did nothing wrong, and any thought, picture, or interaction with me makes that impossible.
In addition, she doesn’t want me or our past encroaching on her new, ‘fake’ life, because she knows it is a farce and held together by a few thin threads.

Thanks for the healing wish. As much as she did to me, and the irreparable damage it caused, I do still love her. But she’s obsessed and ensconced in her current life. That’s why I’d be content with some purely physical/sexual time with her.

asearcher 18-06-2022 08:10 PM

Thank you, well that is where she needs to be right now. some people have the kind of self confidence but not self esteem and is like this balloon and if you just take a needle and point every so slightly it will blow up. Those who look to live fake lives often have this in my experience, they treasure the status of looks, money, popularity, superficial things really and somehow make them think other will think they are worth more than anyone else because of it or they feel entitled to have all that because they are of course worthy of it ;) like there is zero connection between the self esteem and the self confidence. Had they had the good self esteem they would not want the fake life and it would not break so easily either then. I know other people who too have that in their lives, luxury for instance but they do not have the (bad) attitude at all, so it is not the things in itself really, it is what you do with it, I think, how you wear it.

I know people who having had intimate of sexual nature of relationships but it always goes the same way. Because they are human beings and enough whole within themselves they develop feelings, love for who they end up in bed with and it will end, one of two will develop stronger feelings. They always think they are in control of this and that they will stop in time, but they never do, feelings are hurt, but I actually think it is a good sign that they develop feelings. I understand you wishing you can only have that with her but I guess what I am trying to say is that with the people I know having been there is that it won't last. Perhaps that is no comfort to hear, and I could be wrong. Still wish you the best luck with everything. I am not one to blame anyone for still loving someone even when we may not think that person deserve it, love is more complicated than that. Only hope you don't sell yourself short, that's all.

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