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MergingWolf 07-04-2017 07:03 PM

Lucid Dream: astral projection Institution
40%: I went to sleep and had a LD about being in a Institution, (yes i did take an interest in this particular dream senario) the place was like that monroe Institute i keep hearing about,but never been to. i wanted to know more about AP from a experts perspective, so i jumped into this dream senario.(yes aware of my surroundings) in the dream there was a machine that make people have AP automatically, well except this machine made the whole physical body go astral.

If you wanted to return to the physical you had to return to the machine, it even had a radar that detected where every projected person/being was. the red dots were the projected people, it also had this mapping thing going where it showed the buildings and everything. i then looked towards the window as i recognised one of the projectors, it was my brothers friend Q. he was floating outside the window, he smiled then took something from the window seal and flew off ( sneakily). I was so amazed that i wanted to

try, so i went over to the machine and sat in this steel plated chair and the scientist people strapped me in then i closed mein eyes, they flipped the switch pushed some buttons. when i opened my eyes i was floating outside the building, everything was so clear and real looking. (wow) i looked around and saw all the projected people, most of them were flying around doing what ever they set out to do, while others were just floating in one place not moving at all. i wanted to find Q to see what he was up to, but as soon as i turned to go in the direction he wen t i woke up. i guess you can say i had an AP within a LD. never heard of anyone doing it so this is rare in my book

Gracey 07-04-2017 08:34 PM

astral projection is an expansion of consciousness. we dont actually leave our bodies, our consciousness expands.

i did hear about scientist who have created these types of machines. seeing as how this was your first time "astrally projecting" in the dream world, this was a pretty neat way of experiencing it.

The Future of the Mind book by Michio Kaku really gives good insights where the human species could very well be moving with the science and consciousness in the future.

MergingWolf 07-04-2017 10:32 PM

Wait what really these type of machines really exist, I never knew this, what is your source for this, would love to look into it, seems fairly interesting?

Gracey 07-04-2017 11:12 PM

sent you a pm with a link.

Gracey 07-04-2017 11:13 PM

look for this in the link

frequencies between 20Hz – 100Hz

PatrickFinley 01-11-2021 08:42 AM

Even i have been seeing these projections.

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