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Miss Hepburn 20-07-2017 12:19 PM

Really, tamarind? I always have a jar...I cook Indian recipes often.
I have everything but Asofetida, hing....but I will later today!
Thanks! :smile:

Shivani Devi 20-07-2017 12:23 PM


Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
Really, tamarind? I always have a jar...I cook Indian recipes often.
I have everything but Asofetida.
Thanks! :smile:

Cool! the asofetida can be omitted, just add another clove of garlic instead of it.

Also, this recipe can be made with or without lentils and there are a few variations of it, just do a search.

Happy making/eating your rasam. I'll go and buy the ingredients in a few days myself.

lomax 26-03-2021 07:35 PM

Glad i used the search button,cause i was ready to open a new thread about turmeric.Seems like it's very good for my body,and makes me feel energized.
I think i'll add it to my everyday habits.

FraZZleD 13-07-2022 04:28 AM

My son was in the hospital when I got the call he had MRSA and nothing was working on him. He was in really bad shape had lost a lot of weight. The doctors said it wasn't looking good for my son. I went to his house and got on the computer and in 5 minutes I saw a few video's on Turmeric. I was convinced I found what could save my son's life.

I went to the hospital and told my son I'm taking you out of here. Against all the doctors that told me he would die if I took him. I yelled at them they were killing and not helping my son. You said nothing is working and you have no clue on how to help him. I told them I'm taking him home to treat him myself. I stopped on the way and bought 5 bottles of Turmeric. I told him I don't care how he does it but he has to swallow 1 heaping teaspoon in the morning and 1 heaping teaspoon at night.

His upper lip was so swollen he looked like a human Donald duck. Doctors were more about taking photos than helping him. His wife got it down him with a syringe. Within 1 week his mouth was back to normal and he was able to eat again.

Next true story: I had a co-worker that wore huge pants and walked with a limp. One day on break I asked him what's wrong? He told me he only got the job here for the medical benefits. He hated his job here. I asked him why he needed better medical benefits? He told me he has to get his leg amputated. I again asked why? He said his leg would gross me out if he showed it to me. I told him my son burned his face were all his skin was gone I don't think he can show me anything worse than that.

He pulled his pants leg up pretty high. He was a white guy, but his entire leg was black and swollen 3 times larger than his other leg. It was swelling so bad his skin was ripping and oozing puss out. It looked pretty bad. I asked him when is the doctor going to amputate? He said when his medical kicks in in so many days.

I started thinking to myself. Turmeric helped my son I wonder if it might help this guy. I told him the story about my son and Tumeric. I told him I would like him to give it a try, all you have to loose is a leg BUT if it works maybe just maybe you can keep your leg.

He promised me he was going to give it a try. 3 months later he was wearing normal size pants not tripple x larger. I asked him how's your leg? He gave me a huge smile as he pulled up his pants leg. The leg was back to his normal color and has shrunk down to his normal size. All that was left to heal was where the tear was it was a small black area about 3 inches long. He gave me a huge hug and said I'm quiting this aweful job and going back to the job I love thank to you. I said so the Turmeric work? He said, I had to change it up a bit, I didn't care for the taste of it. So he said his wife pickled with Turmeric and he was able to take the turmeric that way.

I asked what the Doctor had to say, he wanted to know what I was doing that was causing my leg to heal and I told him what I was doing. He said the doctor was shocked. His leg healed 100% and I never saw him again. He was so happy leaving that job.

3rd True Story: My dog got a boil between his nose and eye in the cheek area. It swelled up huge right into his eye and most of his nose and all of his cheek. I took him to the vet who told me when it pops he's going to have a huge scar and no hair will grow back there again. The skin will die and I will probably see his cavity the rest of his life. Well I didn't like that answer. The Doctor put him under and popped it. I took him home.

I started feeding him Turmeric on his food. I sprinkled it on his nose area for about a week. It started healing. The skin did return. The hair did return. His nose was perfect like it never happened. I believe in Turmeric, I sprinkle it in my coffee a couple times a week.

In the beginning I didn't like the taste but after 6 months of drinking it I no longer taste that bad taste. I got used to it. I tell everyone how well it works.

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