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TheLegacyFHP 08-04-2021 05:43 AM

Whats Your Mind BODY Spirit Routine??
Hey guys relatively new here!! Love the conversations!!

I am a Certified 'Spiritual' Life Coach that is focused on learning better ways pertaining to Holistic Wellness (Mind, Body & Spirit Unification & Growth)

Society is made of "Individuals," therefore I focus on helping "The Individual" Maximize & Achieve their Potential Mentally, Physically, & Spiritually.

Was wondering what kind of Holistic Routines & Exercises you guys do and how often?? Specifically how do you guys progress and maintain the "Physical" aspect of "The Self"?

I Currently do 20 minutes of yoga in the mornings and workout every day rotating muscle groups and resting on the weekends.

2.5 Mile run every other day for cardio

any insight would help!!

Truth, Beauty & Righteousness ❤

Deadrick Baker II
Humble Servant

lostsoul13 01-06-2021 03:29 PM

At the moment I’m just working out on Wednesday—- biking, rollerblading —-yoga on Wednesday and Saturday: I have weights which I’m going to start back in every other day...and core exercises everyday pushup’s, sit ups ect I have a pull up bar which I use ever day... I’m going to start running everyday soon... have a treadmill and live near the sea so can’t ask for much: good surface on the prom... I surf every Wednesday of the month!!!

Sir Neil 30-08-2022 09:29 PM

It depends on whether I am working, and what shift times I am doing, but I like ti have a routine a bit like this:

Early morning gratitude whilst in the shower
On the journey to work, I usually affirm how I want my day to go
Positive thoughts during the day (as much as I can)
Drinking water and eating fruit and veg during the day
If I’m working an early shift, I have a short sleep after lunch
Evening walk somewhere I like to go
(I always like to get out in the fresh air and be active)
Night walk before bed to relax my muscles and help the blood flow
At this time I tend to intend for something I would like to happen
I complete and post the day’s entry for my gratitude journal before bed
I like to do this as the last thing, so that the gratitude sinks in subliminally

kris 16-10-2022 04:14 PM

Yoga and mediatation.

dream jo 23-10-2022 12:03 PM

How do I meditate my step asleep if I can but I didn't look this now because my mum is speaking to me she was because my mum is in spirit world now which was speaking to me but quite a bit and that's nice meeting for giving me important information
But I try to do daily mindful walking everyday and fading my life feeling the via life but I've left and the cats have left I failed them that food so the if food does not get rested because I know the birds and squirrels and their and the hedgehogs ated I know I'm doing a good thing by phone then feeding them
I know last year I found some out of date selection boxes and I took up to the graveyard I fed the real life and I know it the bread it out of The Byrds eight the bread actually enjoyed a chocolate which was out of date
But I love mine from this walking since what sort of sensor took 6 stone away from me

RedEmbers 14-11-2022 09:58 AM

Great question and it made me think... I don't have any daily routines, I feel like I should set to making some.

Mind: Daily gratitude practice and achieving small/ fun and creative goals. Say at least three kind things to myself every day.

Body: Swim with flow, alignment and strength. Any fun activity of my choice and weight baring activities.

Spirit: Dance, go out in nature, laugh every day, say loving things, slow down and soak in simple joys.

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