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hekotes630 14-09-2021 09:19 PM

There's something very wrong in my life.
Hello! I made this post so that I could let people know of a bad story of mine, something terrible that happened to me.
Hope you guys can help me. Thanks!

It all begun about a year ago, when the quarantine was about to happen. I had the worst night ever, and things just gotten worse and worse. During a night, there was a blue spirit scaring me, then I saw an angry bull, which made matters worse. During sunrise, I saw a woman threatening me to death with a knife, and, eventually, two spirits wearing a robe showed up. It was like a spiritual terrorist attack. A day before this happening, however, my aunt, which is a healing medium, revealed that I was a healing medium.
The spirit whom talked to me through her was Saint Raphael, the Archangel. Raphael said I'm a healing medium, have high spirituality and that I need a girlfriend (because I never had one). I was amazed and fascinated to that, of course, because it meant to me I was important and special to God. But, as soon as I realized my life have been worsened, all my expectations were turned off.
At first, I thought these bad happenings were temporary and wouldn't be there later, but I was wrong. Aside from the bad happenings above, there were much worse ones. It's a completely evil and cruel thing that has ever happened to me. I know the person I am and don't think I deserve this. My depression have worsened a lot, due these evil things.

I have seen the worst thing ever in my life: the Antichrist. I saw (and felt) terrible things from this guy. He attempted to kill me several times; the first time, he stabbed me (with a sword) in the heart, and I felt it (I had a feeling the sword was cold); the second time, while taking a bath, he told me to give him my finger, which I did, then he "chopped" it off (I felt my finger being chopped) and went away; after leaving the bathroom, however, he still was there, and attempted to chop my head off and kind of stunned me (I had some headaches and saw an evil thing rotating around my head).
They also picture themselves as Jesus, God and Angels, then deceiving me. They scare me during nights, having kept me awake several nights. They do false claims of many things, including my family.
Till this day, they still threaten me to death (except I did no longer see the Antichrist attempting to kill me). I'm a good person, I know who I am. For many years, I have suffered (and still suffer) a lot. I'm having a lot of *deleted* depression moments.

I have done many things to get away from this (pray, read the bible, read spiritual books, watch spiritual videos), but nothing worked. I have no idea what to do. *deleted*. ��

Lorelyen 14-09-2021 10:40 PM

Frankly your best bet is professional help.

You can watch all the videos, read all the books you like but it's how you assimilate what these things have to offer that counts and that doesn't sound easy from your starting point. Besides, reading too widely at your stage might just confuse you about which approach to follow.

hekotes630 15-09-2021 02:31 AM

The real question is why this had to happen to me. I never wanted to be a medium, it ruined my life.
I visited my aunt like thirty times, but she always says there's nothing wrong, even though I know there is.

By the way, Raphael also said I would suffer a lot, and that everybody will think I'm a liar.
The suffering part is the one said, then the liar one would be due to me saying there's something spiritually wrong with me.

This is just very wrong towards me. To me, the only viable solution is *deleted*, because I cannot handle that. It's a big trap that have been implanted into my life.
A medium is supposed to see beauties, but I do not.

PureEvil760 15-09-2021 09:21 AM

*deleted* Why enter into their domain? It's not the antichrist, *deleted* This is just a demon, they attack you because they can. They feed off attention and fear. They are required to leave you alone if you command them to. Also you can use energy like the violet flame, or simply white and/or blue light as protection

A lot of bad things have happened to me but if they didn't happen I wouldn't have become a prophet. When you know everything that happens is part of your own plan.. bad things don't seem as bad.

I've been attacked by demons before but I just find them intriguing, not scary. They can't actually do anything to you unless you allow them.

sky123 15-09-2021 12:21 PM


Originally Posted by hekotes630
This is just very wrong towards me. To me, the only viable solution is*deleted*, because I cannot handle that. It's a big trap that have been implanted into my life.
A medium is supposed to see beauties, but I do not.

Hekotes please get some help from someone who can support you through these difficult times, maybe your Doctor . You don't have to suffer alone.

Lorelyen 15-09-2021 12:32 PM


Originally Posted by hekotes630
The real question is why this had to happen to me. I never wanted to be a medium, it ruined my life.

There is no one on this forum who could answer that question sensibly which is why I suggested professional help.
The answer lies deep in your history and we'd need to know a great deal more before even starting to form a view.

It needs an astute therapist to unearth the reasons by sensitive questioning and suggesting contemplative exercises to help you find out for yourself.
Were it me, I'd start by exploring why you believe you're a medium. One or two people telling you that is no guarantee.

Probably many here wish they had a magic bullet for you but alas, they do not.


A medium is supposed to see beauties, but I do not.
A medium is above all a communication channel as I see it. I could be wrong of course.

Guillaume 15-09-2021 01:56 PM

Hi hekotes630,

I think you know it all, your message is very clear.
You have to go through that sort of rite of passage because something is wrong within you, in your habits.
Your aunt knows it as well.
As the Archangel Raphael told you, you should find a girlfriend to help you in that, or endure it all by yourself.
But as it seems it's too hard for you to handle, therefore I would recommend you to follow his instructions.

There is nothing much we can do, sorry for that.
At this moment you may not see beyond, and this is why it looks so hard and you don't see beauties, like you mention.

Native spirit 15-09-2021 02:27 PM

Arc Angel Rapheal is known to be the angel of Healing. of Mind Body and Spirit.
So for him to say to you that you will suffer does nor connect with him
If your Aunt is a medium has she taught you how to open up and close down?
as these are the first things you need to learn.
do you know how to visulise yourself surrounded by a orb of Pure White Light?
This is for protection as well as needing to learn how to ground yourself.

I am a medium a Natural medium meaning i was born with my gifts and it can be seen as curse to a lot of people, i see it as being able to help the Living come to terms with their lost loved ones who are in spirit.

I would suggest that you visit a spiritulist church, and speak to someone there.


asearcher 15-09-2021 10:48 PM

so sorry for your pain, i agree with what everyone has written here, there's several steps in this. you need to attend your depression and the aspiring fear, anxiety that comes with it with someone professional. there's ways to get good night sleep, if and when you break that evil circle of such unresting nights you will feel better I think, your mind needs to rest, please seek a professional to guide you in this.

i have no doubt that you are a good person. everyone good can still have scars, something up with the aura, unfinished business, wounds not healed yet; doesn't make you a bad person just because you go through negative emotions.

if real these energies would not be haunting you if you were bad, by the way. you don't see them haunt psychopaths down (as they have no fear, what are they gonna feed off? won't work).

it is my personal belief, experiences that when you do have negative emotions you move closer to the lower realms which then means that low entities or what now they go under can come in contact with you. If you go up-up they can't, there's another energy there. the thing with negative energy is that it can drain you and make you feel more weak but they can only take it so far. you are in charge. if they were stronger they would have done more but they can't. they are limited. just so you know. for you to be possessed you must have given your say so I think for it to happen and you have not. you have free will. you are in charge. think of the story of the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf. it could try to get the house down but it couldn't. you are that house. you will still stand.

sorry to say so but nothing against your aunt but i always get real suspiscious when someone claim so and so spoke through them, could be something personal that's up with me. i'm happy native spirit pointed something about it that was off out. To me it may just mean your aunt still has her own lessons to learn in spirituality about some things maybe. Or that it may not be such a good thing after all that she does reading for you as you two are connected and has a personal relationship? meaning she can relate to you but from her own views/personal feelings as well, she's not as neutral, her own feelings could get mixed in there too maybe? just giving you a random of examples. medium or no medium one is always still human. never mind that.

you are equally important if you have a girlfriend or not and/or if some angel would speak to you or not. i know when you go through a depression one does not feel that way but you are.

I am not a medium of any kind but I have had both good and negative experiences with energies,beings on the other side, and can agree that it must, especially at your degree, be feeling like a curse where you are at now, but these energies can too shift and it can then feel like a blessing. It's "just" energies. I'm hoping too in time you go and seek spiritual guidance, training.

you can do this. your spirit is more equipped than you may give it credit for at this point. please hold on and don't loose hope.


Traveler 16-09-2021 02:26 AM


Originally Posted by hekotes630
The real question is why this had to happen to me. I never wanted to be a medium, it ruined my life.
I visited my aunt like thirty times, but she always says there's nothing wrong, even though I know there is.

Psychic gifts like mediumship run in families. You have the right to peace and not to be bothered. Just because you're like a giant searchlight of white light glowing in the dark to spirits and such doesn't give them the right to bother you. Have you tried telling them to leave you alone?

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