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ScientificExplorer 13-09-2021 10:26 PM

Helpful Video
Understanding consciousness and reality

It's 1 hour.



Oranssi 28-09-2021 05:17 PM

Thank you, this was an interesting podcast. OOBE will be, eventually, a stepping stone to human evolution and the discovery of the Universe.

astralsuzy 03-10-2021 02:06 AM

There are a lot of people that believe what they were taught to believe, such as religions, politics and many other things. They might read things in books and they will believe it. I do not. I find out the truth for myself. They believe whatever they are taught or read. People always vote for a certain party because they always have or their parents voted for that party. Not everyone is like that but a lot are. We can only change ourselves. We cannot change others. It is up to them. I do not believe things unless I find out for myself, what is true and what is not true. It might take a long time but eventually I find out.

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