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Miss Hepburn 13-12-2011 07:39 PM

Control thoughts or let 'em rip? While meditating.
Because I am well aware of what thoughts can do...where they can take me -
I am a firm believer in some sort of control over thoughts.
Sure, when they come in - laugh at them, push them aside, whatever - but to let them "go freely" for myself is a danger.

A thought could come in between my ears -" How are you going to pay for 'blank'?
'OMG, what I said at that party last week, I could shoot myself!'
'If 'so and so' isn't there tonight I'll freak.'
'God, I can't believe my father did that when I was 7!'

Sometimes a thought comes in that puts a smile in my heart - only to be pushed out by a 'bad' or useless thought...
(Well, not really anymore..)
Why not? because I practice thought control, modification for years.

But, there are those that believe we should be the observer and let 'em fly...
I am not talking about never thinking -
never letting the mind wonder about a creative project or never contemplating a verse or idea -
I'm speaking of sitting in meditation;
the place of stillness, still waters, no ripples on the surface, going past the Mind - to pure awareness - emptying your cup of thoughts to be filled with insights.

And thanks.

Neville 13-12-2011 09:55 PM

Nearly there Miss Hepburn :smile:


creative project
may have benefited from being read as creatively project. Getting past the material or mundane into the realms fantastique.

Aquarian 14-12-2011 12:28 AM

I think suppressing feelings is underrated. :D

Ideally, you clear them but the only other options are suppressing them, distracting yourself or going postal.

And by going postal I might mean doing some exercise, being artistic etc.

Oh right this is the meditation forum.

Well I clear them but if you can't do that in a few mins without messing up your meditation, this is what I was advised: encapsulate the thought in a bubble and let it drift away. Repeat as necessary.

Shabby 14-12-2011 12:49 AM

I would suggest not to do anything with them. Instead you could simply look at them and see them for what they are....thoughts.

Miss Hepburn 14-12-2011 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by Shabby
I would suggest not to do anything with them. Instead you could simply look at them and see them for what they are....thoughts.

Yes, that's right -just thoughts.

The more I don't give them importance the less they seem to come.

And wrap them in a bubble...

Perfect Storm 14-12-2011 06:59 AM

For myself I find thinking instead of clearing my mind completely REALLY helped me take in alot of idea and understand and to 'be' them, rather then just knowing them.

I do not mean random thought about daily activites, but I sterr my mind toward spiritual topics and let it 'chew' through them.

This way I find my mind accepts them easier without accepting the knowledge then putting it in the garbage slot :0

Stillness_Speaks 14-12-2011 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by Miss Hepburn
But, there are those that believe we should be the observer and let 'em fly...

I'm one of those :smile: The thing is... when why are trying to control thoughts it seems to work very well, during the meditation... then they come back. Again and again and again. And we get "carried away" by them when there is not enough prescence or in a stressful situation. "Control" is a word that is not really something to recomend in general but it also depends what we mean by control. Push away thoughts? Or gently guide them in another direction? I guess it works differently for everyone but I prefer to practice to be the Observer and in that way learn to detach from thoughts, not control them. There are some thoughts that have much more power, thoughts that are connected to deeply rooted beliefs. Learned responses, many years of programming. These are VERY difficult to control. There is automatic response in the body, the emotional stuff triggers more thoughts of the same kind and so on.

Shabby 14-12-2011 12:05 PM

If you can see a thought you have the opportunity to realize that you are not that thought but separate from it.

It's like going into a candy store. You see the candy and your mouth starts to water you can already imagine how it's going to taste and you want it....but when you instead of eating it change the focus of your attention let's say onto a Horror show.....where did your desire for sweets go?

It is the focus of attention that gives power to creating your experience.

Rebel*Child 14-12-2011 12:09 PM

This is good! I have the same problem. Sometimes when I'm focused on my breathing, there is still some random thought drifting across my mind; a song being played, a memory, etc. Either way, my head never really becomes "clear".

BlueSky 14-12-2011 12:12 PM

I believe in giving them space.
Space to allow them to just pass or space to allow them to look within at their source or space to allow them to be a reminder to you.


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