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Xan 02-10-2010 07:47 PM

EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

"EFT often works where nothing else has.” - Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT - also called Meridian Therapies or Meridian Tapping - is an amazingly effective healing method, with clinical proof that it can eliminate negative emotions and beliefs and self-judgment, physical and emotional pain, bad habits, past trauma and abuse, anxiety, fears and phobias, migraines, and often even helps to heal physical injuries and illnesses.

EFT uses healing affirmations along with specific acupressure points to release unwanted patterns from the mind and body.

EFT may be used to treat any difficulty, pain, negative pattern, conflict, block, painful memory, health problem, or relationship issue… or to remove obstacles in achieving personal, performance, or spiritual goals.

For successful EFT we need look into every specific feeling, belief and memory about each issue. You may begin with the most obvious feeling or symptom, then work through all the various aspects.

Sometimes pain, headaches or surface emotions can be cleared very quickly and EFT is known for its One Minute Miracles. But these tend to be rare and if the first few tapping rounds don’t seem to be working it’s important go for more… with persistence and exploration.

To get the most from EFT one needs to explore each issue thoroughly, with an intuitive and creative attitude.

This method is easy to learn and easy to use for oneself, and there are many trained practitioners around the world who often work effectively even over the phone.

It’s important to learn to do EFT correctly from studying a book or watching a full length video or from an experienced person, rather than from a little YouTube blog.

An excellent book is, “Discover the Power of Meridian Tapping“ by Patricia Carrington.

Here are two sites with basic explanations and instructions:



You could check out this short introductory video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=FR&h...eature=related

Children like EFT because it helps them feel better fast, and it even works for infants and animals using yourself as surrogate. This often convinces skeptics since there can be no placebo effect with them.

Although EFT may sound too good to be true, literally millions of people around the world now attest that in their own personal and professional experience it is… true.


Coming2 03-10-2010 03:33 AM

Xan ty for the information!! Before the site went down I had read another thread where you mentioned this technique and I searched online for more information. I have been using the tapping for several weeks now and I am slowly seeing progress. Thanks again for opening a new door for me!!

Leah85 05-10-2010 05:59 PM

Problem with affirmations
I found it very interesting and useful, but I have a doubt related to a kind of affirmation.

For example, if you say "I choose to feel that Mary loves me" as the example given, couldn't you be fooling yourself? What if Mary actually doesn't feel the same for you? Wouldn't your feeling be "unreal"?

I see the point of avoiding manipulation, as it would be stated on affirmations such as "I choose Mary to love me" (as another example given on the explanation of the technique), but wouldn't "I choose to feel that Mary loves me" be denying the truth, if the truth is that she doesn't love you?

Thank you for sharing, this might be really useful in order to build up our self-asteem and have healthier relationships! :smile:

zannierose 07-10-2010 03:29 PM

yes, I would tap on something like 'I choose to feel loved' or 'I choose to open to more love'

Putting someone else's name anywhere might bring up even more tail eneders

Xan 23-12-2010 01:08 AM

Of course, bringing up tail enders is a good thing because once they are 'up' you can release them with EFT. It's a way to go deeper and farther.


Perspective 21-01-2011 09:38 PM

Thanks for sharing that, Xan. :hug3:
I'm going to look more into it & muscle testing.

Xan 24-01-2011 04:44 AM

Good idea, Perspective... Muscle testing can help pinpoint the specific beliefs and emotions to treat with EFT.


MoonDancer 05-05-2011 01:22 AM

Woah, I really need to check this out! Thanks!

Sapphirez 09-05-2011 09:19 AM

I plan to use eft to heal myself a great deal. I need some dental care first.. sadly eft can be useful for almost everything except that =/

Xan 10-05-2011 08:11 PM


Originally Posted by Sapphirez
I plan to use eft to heal myself a great deal. I need some dental care first.. sadly eft can be useful for almost everything except that =/

So far it seems EFT can't put fillings in your teeth :tongue: but if you have any fear or other issues about dental work EFT is great for releasing those, and it can promote gum healing and so forth.


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