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TonySG 28-09-2015 10:49 AM

I killed someone :/
I was hoping someone could help me interpret this dream please.

I was with 3-4 of my old school friends (12-16 years old). For some reason we arranged to meet a older woman perhaps in her 30's?! After we met her we were walking down the street and I went into a pay phone and called a restaurant to find out what food they were selling. From here we ended up in a park which is local to where I grew up. We were sitting in a woody part of the park and somehow I killed the woman. I cant remember how exactly. My friends were involved but I think I was the main culprit. Then we realized we had to do something with the body so I think I cut the head of and buried it and we put the body in a black bin bag and I carried it.

From here we decided to walk to the nearby town centre. We ended up in some house/shop and one of my friends (Jason) scratched my fone screen with a sharp object and I was getting angry with him asking him why he had done this. I felt as though all the blame of the murder was going onto me.

We then left the shop/house and started walking out of town. Then I bumped into a small time Youtube celebrity whos videos I sometimes watch. He just looked at me and ignored me. Finally I was walking down my home town street down towards the house I grew up in. I remember being terrified that I was going to jail for a very long time. It felt real. I was thinking about all the opportunities that I had missed in my life. It was awful.

Sorry for the long story. Just wondered if anyone had any insights. Thanks

Yaoughta 28-09-2015 04:18 PM

This seems to indicate current issues or problems with communication and expression, perhaps having to do with a relationship or just in general. When you were younger, you formed a tough guy persona (group mentality) attitude of how to deal with life and killed off your wise and mature feminine self. This is the part of you necessary for healthy expressing of your emotions. In so doing, you're terrified that you'll be going to jail for a long time, which is to say that you will be living in the past or from a past perspective instead of being present and whole. This is indicated by you heading to your childhood home. The scratched phone indicates irritations and an inability to have conversations you need to have, including with yourself.

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