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auricman 13-11-2005 03:06 PM

Home Sick
in my last life i was chinese. and in this life i am very open to my past lifes, for example i can speak a language i learnt in a past life, but its strange cause i speak it and i don't understand what i am saying, and some chinese symbols i understand and know how to pronounce them.
but the strangest thing is whenever i see a movie or something like that, that shows the old traditional ways of peace and harmony iall of a sudden feel alot more connected to that life. and i get very home sick. i miss my old life in china i used to have. has anyone ever felt like this. i doubt anyone reading this will have. i know i am very unique in many aspects i can do lots of stuff that noone i know can do at all. it makes me very lonly at time
so anyone ever felt home sick for a past life before??


Athenon 17-11-2005 04:49 PM

Are you kidding? lol, I feel it all the time. My most profound is Ireland. However, I feel it for I don't even know how many others... Also, yes, I can speak Irish sometimes, it's kind of strange. I just started singing in Irish one day pretty randomly and people around me were staring at me and saying, how do you know Old Gaelic? I just kind of laughed it away, lol. Yes, I have almost no idea what I'm saying, but oh well :p. I can speak many more languages than that as well, some from here, and some from elsewhere. However, Ireland was not my last life... Everyone keeps telling me I was some French Guy, lol.

You're not the only one auricman ;p.
Oh, from when we talked, I have discovered you are extremely open, extremely. You have a sort of filter because you are so open, but this allows you to do just about anything, remember just about anything, etc. You probably already knew this though... Oh yes, you also seem to have a rare type of energy about you. Not sure about it yet, but I will look into it.

Love and Light,

bfogg 23-11-2005 02:58 PM

Reincarnation and regression way cool!
I am new here and happy to find this board. I am a hypnotist and have regressed many people but never myself. I happened to meet the man who literally wrote the book on past lives and he has regressed me quitea few times.This has totally changed my life it explains so much of why i do things, for instance my friends will introduce me as this is my friend so and so she is a psychic i have always immediately said no i am not I am an animal communicator! well I found out in 4 of my past lives I was killed for being a psychic!!
I have learned so much of why i am who I am and why I do certain things.
I would reccomend anyone to get this done and learn aboutyourself.
Glad to be here

Athenon 28-11-2005 03:21 PM

I haven't been regressed before.

homecoming 30-11-2005 06:40 AM

I was in Iceland once just walking along the fiord and came upon a stainless steel skeleton of a vikking ship, i just stood there and cried and cried i couldnt believe it....they have a wonderfull idea of art over there....In Greenland i sat on a mountain top in the interior and fell back having a past life experience of being a man moving my family to other grounds, but they died below in the canyon i could hear myself blaming myself for my poor descion that cost the family....when i went back to Iceland i went for a walk past the vikking ship again and just burst out into tears again...but could indentify it was a different lifetime to Greenlands one, but am I homesick...not really...life is what we make of it....its your actions that will make this life as good as the others :lol:

Enlightener 26-01-2006 02:07 AM

I have this deep yearning to go to the misty mountains of Japan or the Himalayas or somewhere mystical like that. Once when I was meditating I had this vivid image of being an Eastern mystic meditating in the himalayas, I think that I had a past life in japan or somewhere in that region. It interests me greatly.

How does one find out about their past lives? I've heard of regression and am willing to try it, are there any other ways?


Poppies 27-01-2006 03:42 PM

I know nothing about past lives and reincarnation... I'm curious though...

Do you know, or is it possible to find out how many past lives you've had? Or is it something you're not meant to know?


DASA 27-01-2006 03:58 PM

Re: Past Lives
Apparently the best two methods for finding out are either to 1) Have a past-life regression session; or 2) Speak to a 'pukka' Astrologer, who will be able to tell you of past (and future?) births according to the lines on your palm, or exact date of birth etc...

I've had neither of these, but I know a lot of people who have been regressed. Some say it didn't really work for them, and others came out with crazy stories I'm not sure I'd beleive! There is one friend of mine who had some information which seemed very genuine, about how a close friend in this life, was also close in their past life, and they had actually taken birth in a close location to them out of the desire to see them again this time round.... and she remembered certain details from her previous life that were later verified.

I've had dreams of being a Buddhist and wearing a basket on my head! Which I thought were just some funny thing I'd dream about, but later discovered Zen Buddhist musicians actually do sometimes do this, or wear weird basket-hats at least... could be a past-life memory??? ;-)

DASA 27-01-2006 04:01 PM

Zen Buddhist Past Life?
Actually I just find more information about this on the link below:


Poppies 27-01-2006 04:12 PM

Thankyou! :)

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