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boocoo 29-12-2020 08:36 PM

Living in the moment
I think living in the moment can make you more spiritual. By living in the moment I mean not paying attention to the noises/sounds and other senses your brain generates and giving your attention to the sounds and noises you're actually sensing from the outside.
Since I've started doing this, my dreams are more as if I were actually experiencing them, but I still haven't lucid dreamed intentionally yet. I think this is what they called "all day awareness", but the explanations I read of it weren't clear enough to understand it.
The feeling of doing this reminds me of a study I read of when Buddhists vs normal people were eating an apple, for the Buddhists the feeling of biting into the apple for the first time lasted for the whole time they ate the apple, so it was as if they were always experiencing the apple for the first time.

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