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Unseeking Seeker 18-08-2023 04:46 AM

intermediate awakenings
hands folded
heart prayerful
we request lives we touch
be made more beautiful

to our astonishment
we hear a voice benign
telepathic and unmistakable
‘no one is yours, all are mine’

we don’t give up easily
‘oh lord, please intervene’
the answer is succinct
‘be still, that truth be seen’

the admonishment continued
‘who you are, in silence recall
if you pray for betterment
then pray for one and all’

relinquishing attachment
renouncing every fear
I stood silent in my emptiness
waiting for God to appear

Unseeking Seeker 20-08-2023 12:48 PM

Monk mode
Simply present with our heartbeat,
we delight as its pulse renews,
bringing with it, magnetic heat,
displaying love’s myriad hues.

Lazy is our meditation,
for we act as a receptor,
feeling within each sensation;
bliss piercing each body vector.

Seeking nothing, always content,
flowing as does a gentle breeze,
all we do is follow love’s scent,
touch tender, embrace and release.

Let the grass grow under our feet ~
Breathe in its fragrance, oh so sweet


Unseeking Seeker 31-08-2023 03:14 AM

Defying translation
a gentle breeze
arises from within
time for bliss beats
dance divine to begin

our ever present meditation
made feasible by rapture
is an ethereal romance
mind cannot capture

pulse of our being
mirrors a mindful eye
there remains no seeking
but still our heart does sigh

emerging from the chrysalis
completion as yet awaits
soundless bliss thunder
within form pulsates

transmutation of form
slow, lingering bliss burn
in staid stillness we so feel
magnetised nodes within churn

it is futile to attempt to delineate
bliss mist that makes us sway
it is a surreal magnetism
divine romance at play

Unseeking Seeker 02-09-2023 06:49 AM

Moment to moment, all moments entwined,
I feel the touch of magnetism divine,
the source of which, by mind is not divined
so to know the truth, with heart I align.
With this preamble, let’s step back in time,
that I may share how this romance began,
whose first tingle, was a soundless love chime,
of God performing a full body scan.
Grazed thus by Holy Spirit, I stood still,
melding with the flow, in staid stillness slow,
sensing dark voids of my consciousness fill,
imbibing in silence, a blissful glow.
Inner polarity of sense of touch,
grace divine for which hermits crave so much.

Grace divine for which hermits crave so much,
became finally manifest within,
for which, having discarded thought flow crutch,
each breath intake saw bliss tingle begin.
Now, unlike metaphors voiced by mystics,
I will share what touch of God truly is,
defining the main characteristics
of sublime effervescence of bliss fizz.
Imagine ignition in slow motion,
that begins, resurrects but does not end,
erasing every deluded notion,
cajoling soul to with the vast void blend.
Renouncing all knowing and past belief,
surrender paves way, to turn a new leaf.

Surrender paves way, to turn a new leaf,
enabled gently by magnetic heat,
bestowing cascading bliss as relief
to tremulous heart, which becomes upbeat.
With baton of awareness, now at heart,
higher mind awakes and nodes within stir
and upon presence adding love to cart,
touch of God’s grace causes chakras to whir.
My energy grid, this way sprang to life
and I felt the flow of soma nectar,
which transmuted form, making me bliss rife,
from head to toe, piercing every vector.
There’s more to this of course, so let’s get on;
when ego dies, we’re here and now reborn.

When ego dies, we’re here and now reborn,
is a deep truth, which I wish to affirm,
mentioned in holy books, some hold in scorn
but now comes the part, needing focus firm.
Mind-body is merely organic form,
lifeless and inert, without breath of God,
thus identity is but a thought storm,
a recognition, that leaves presence awed.
Labels matter not but let’s say we’re soul,
dwelling within this form, which is but dust,
which when touched by Spirit, makes us feel whole,
here for a brief sojourn, upon earth’s crust.
Ego that never was, must therefore die,
if our soul in truth, truly seeks to fly.

If our soul in truth, truly seeks to fly,
the fetter of ego must be released,
for which, choosing to become the vast sky,
we get to a knowing, leaving God pleased.
The preceding background, makes matters clear,
which is the pathless path I trod upon,
invoking grace, forcing God to appear,
feeling bliss even midway through a yawn.
I feel by touch now, my enlivened spine,
seamlessly magnetised from root to crown,
at centre of which, heart for love does pine
so in stream of bliss, I willingly drown.
Liken this to a moth’s death in a flame;
give it any name, but I’m not the same.

Give it any name, but I’m not the same,
for that that is, is energy I feel,
pulsating in each cell, a divine game,
ushering within, boundless zest and zeal.
Attribute of God’s touch is love supreme,
inking presence with myriad bliss hues,
grazed by which, we walk as though in a dream,
even as rapture within so renews.
No doubt Holy Spirit is transcendent
but if there be no agenda tabled,
it’s in form immanent as bliss resplendent,
which by God’s touch, is here now enabled.
Search not for Him in an unknown heaven;
God is here, within, in chakras seven.

God is here, within, in chakras seven,
each energy node, a sensation felt.
Some say nodes are more, perhaps eleven
but in truth how may we count, when we melt?
Suffice to say, having felt God within,
I ponder not on musings of my mind,
sensing by touch, bliss caressing my skin,
content to be led by love, in trust blind.
Knowing by touching by so becoming,
is the wisdom which with all I do share,
as best as I can, clear and forthcoming,
hoping someone somewhere, with truth will pair.
Joyous, I play my life role as assigned,
moment to moment, all moments entwined.

Crown of Sonnets

Unseeking Seeker 09-09-2023 11:08 AM

The way we are
Our tender eyes betray the way we see
Honouring God’s presence within each heart
That deems all of us as one, none apart
Viewed thus from soul’s eye, joyous and carefree
Our innocence with bliss beats does agree
Having willingly added love to cart
Thus feeling bliss ignition within start
Being the way we become and so be

It maybe said that we’re not worldly wise
For we engage not in one-upmanship
Resting in our heart watching bliss beats rise
Beholding life’s flow in childlike surprise
With the pulse of love being our flagship
Distanced from the world of deceit and lies


Unseeking Seeker 11-09-2023 02:27 AM

this morn at dawn
all of it
here now
all at once

million bliss bubbles
sanctified at the cross
embodied within the ocean

of form

Unseeking Seeker 09-10-2023 04:33 AM

somewhat by not quite
drawn to a sublime scent intimate
fearing the wafting elixir won’t wait
we opted to meld with the vast void
that our soul’s focus be not decoyed
but what arose, an ephemeral rose
seduced and then sank into repose
leaving hollow heart demagnetised
ethereal effervescence not realised
in as not as yet an ignition in renewal
whose pulsating radiance is continual
promoting us to dissolve identity more
that vibrant heart seeking an encore
in time aligns with frequency wherefrom
surreal magnetism creates a bliss storm

Unseeking Seeker 16-10-2023 11:06 AM

An epiphany
Moment after moment, flowing with my breath,
I was each character, performing on stage,
both murderer and victim suffering death
and as my mind battles continued to wage,
the unifying force was love’s healing meth,
paving way for my soul to turn a new page.
I see the drama unfolding, clear as day,
renewing until we grant love right of way.

Ottava Rima

Unseeking Seeker 23-10-2023 08:49 PM

Ageing gracefully
sensing age related decline
life journey as God does assign
let not God-connect zeal reduce
be joyous as bliss throbs seduce
even as love for love does pine


Unseeking Seeker 25-10-2023 10:08 PM

Yawn and move on
Perceptions and sensations,
sorrows and bliss elations,
arise and in time subside,
as on earth we wingless glide.

Step by step, we join the dots
but thoughts tie us up in knots,
whilst if we simply be still,
silence will wisdom instil.

One with universal mind,
no longer in ego’s bind,
by mirrorlessly seeing,
we reclaim our true being.

Letting go off, to get to,
each moment pristine and new,
doing nothing, we reboot;
into living light transmute.

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