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Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2021 04:14 AM

Laughing Buddha

An enigmatic beat, from head to feet
pervades form, enlivening soul presence,
benign magnetic heat has heart upbeat,
revealing maya veiled luminescence,
as bursts forth, bubbling bliss effervescence,
transmuting lower mind, now love aligned,
seeking ends, with nothing to be divined,
being to become, one with That oneness
playing out earth role, in as is assigned,
aglow in the light of Christ consciousness.


ImthatIm 28-12-2021 05:46 AM

Thanks for your dedication to poetry Unseeking Seeker your dedication and poetry inspire me in many ways...:hug3:

Unseeking Seeker 28-12-2021 06:10 AM

Thanks ImthatIm! Happy New Year! :hug3:

Unseeking Seeker 31-12-2021 04:26 AM

Leap before you look

We predict not which way the wind may blow,
preferring the element of surprise,
essence of presence, retaining its glow,
embracing currents, as they choose to rise,
ego rested, ceasing to weigh and size.
Save fearless souls, none leap into the void,
for who knows how we may therein be toyed,
thus vaporised self sings in nonchalance,
unfettered heart, neither anchored nor buoyed
moment to moment enhancing vibrance.


Unseeking Seeker 03-01-2022 03:48 AM

Bliss mist

aware of our stupor
centreless as is vapour
whilst yet remaining stuporous
in time stretched stillness continuous
in tranquil recognition of what is as it is
diminishing not the elixirous bliss fizz
innocence poised in nonchalance
within current of life’s vibrance
according no preference
to hues of our luminescence
blurring boundaries with the void
remaining for eternity by God buoyed

Unseeking Seeker 06-01-2022 02:18 AM

The now continuum

Attention oscillations now dampened,
duality no longer holds its sway,
essence of presence, clear truth has reckoned,
knowing God alone is; life a mere play,
through each night and day, do steadfastly pray.
Earth life yet tests, as new challenges surface,
which are viewed nonchalantly face to face,
outcomes may be any, bliss throbs within,
trusting divine will, relying on grace,
as moment to moment, new breaths begin.

Unseeking Seeker 08-01-2022 08:53 AM

Waking up to the morn

Upon waking up from restful slumber,
as we be thus in the in-between stage,
tranquil peace engulfs us from deep under,
with no ego thoughts trying to upstage,
we allow bliss currents, to swathe form cage.
In time stretched stillness, we meld with our soul,
feeling a heightened joy making us whole,
as magnetic bliss fills all voids within,
there remaining for us no earthy goal,
ecstasy unbound felt upon our skin.

Unseeking Seeker 10-01-2022 03:15 AM

Thoughts at rest

Thoughts at rest, erst fears and desires recede
We dwell in peace, with joy our trusty steed
No attachment borne loads, burden our chest
We breeze merrily through life, like a fest
Abandoning greed, living as of need

In stillness we watch the seeds of love breed
Currents divine, each node of form do feed
Teleported thus, to zenith bliss crest
Thoughts at rest

Awareness self-aware, a pristine creed
Love suffused embrace, in both word and deed
Acting no longer at ego’s behest
Enacts this earth life role, in mindful jest
Follows pulse divine, letting conscience lead
Thoughts at rest


Unseeking Seeker 13-01-2022 03:04 AM

Dance of Shiva

Supported by Brahma
Holding erect energies
Shakti engages in play
In the stream of soma
Igniting our central vein
As a gift to our presence
Receptive in surrender
Aligned with love divine

Centred in the vast void
Encased by feeble form
The dance of polarities
When graced by Mother
Enlivened by magnetism
Manifests bliss frictional
That pervades each node
Gripping heart in rapture

Yearning replaces desire
As bliss currents caress
Grazing touch seductive
Vaporising our lower mind
Wherein free will chooses
To dissolve in the ocean
Becoming the ocean itself
Whist yet soul now whole

Unseeking Seeker 16-01-2022 03:59 AM


We look outward, here upon earth
Ego anchored, devoid of mirth
Fleeting joy that’s mirrored by pain
Bound head to foot by desire’s chain
Caught in a web, our heart did weave
Time’s now that we cease to so grieve
Conscience showing us path correct
That love aligned, we stand erect

Before each act, let’s take a pause
Discern if lower mind the cause
Mindful eye, thus always aware
Adroitly sidesteps ego snare
In timeless time, heart becomes pure
Resolve firm, each test we endure
Our consciousness, witness presence
Aligned with God’s omnipresence

Attention posed in cessation
Tranquil calm, our meditation
Magnetic currents pervade form
Invaded by benign bliss storm
Captivated by a love mist
We surrender; do not resist
Ceasing to size, we vaporise
In as ordained, God realise


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