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18-03-2015, 01:42 AM
Last night my daughter ran into my bedroom screaming, crying, and clutching her ear. She was frantic and begging me to get out of the house and throwing everything she could get her little hands on at the doorway to the room. I put on my robe and ran outside with her and down the block. Under the street lamp I could see blood on her hands and some clotted blood down the side of her neck. She said the dorje shugden statue had stabbed her in the ear while she was sleeping.

I'm a single mother so I asked a neighbor to come back with me to the house while my daughter stayed at his. Inside the house nothing was unusual except the things my daughter threw into the hallway. We checked on the dorje shugden statue and it was still in place. I thought my daughter must have been sleep walking and hit her head on the sharp edge of some furniture. Since everything seemed normal I wanted to go back to the house. She WOULD NOT GO HOME until I promised the statue was gone.

When I was taking the statue outside to lock it in the car the body of dorje shugden statue fell off the tiger. IT WASN'T ATTACHED ANYMORE! I called the lama who gave it to me as a present and his student answered the phone. They said I was fortunate because dorje shugden was very close to me and he was angry because I cared more about my daughter than him. They said I had to repair my samaya with dorje shugden by doing working at the lama's house 3 times a week and told me when to show up for work.

That night my neighbor and I smashed the statue with a sledge hammer in his garage, tied the pieces up in a canvas bag, and locked it in a tool box. Tomorrow I'm giving it to the dump to be crushed in an old car.

I know my daughter wouldn't hurt herself and I'm worried about what the lama and his students will do. They were so friendly before but now everything they say is threatening. I'm worried about tonight. How can I ward off dorje shugden?

desert rat
18-03-2015, 01:57 AM
Welcome to the forum . You can use some of the standard methods of psychic self protection , filling your self with white light , ect. It sounds like the lama put some kind of curse or neg. enery on that object that gave you .

19-03-2015, 01:21 AM
I agree with desert rat, it seems like the statue had something bad attached to it, maybe the lama knew about it, maybe not. I do find it suspicious that the lama is acting threatening to you and said that you could make good with the entity by working at his house. I would avoid the lama for a little bit, maybe observe from a distance to see if anything similar happens, or if there are any other people who have also had bad experiences there. Burning sage grass throughout your household may help, you must think positive thoughts while doing this-maybe a prayer or something. The white light meditation will help too, both for you AND your daughter, have her imagine it too, such things are normally very strong in children. No being of good nature or intent would ever attack a child out of sheer jealously, perhaps it wasn't the being the statue depicted but rather something else using the statue as vessel. Sage grass your house, burn incense, imagine the white light, maybe even make a circle of salt around the property so the energy doesn't come back. Do you have anything else the lama gave you? I would treat any such object with extreme suspicion. It is important to note that sometimes destroying the object will not get rid of the energy, and energy can never truly be destroyed, so, be cautious, listen to your intuition, and if any smaller paranormal happenings occur around the house then ignore it-if something harms your daughter, through obvious means like what you described or causing either you or her depression, then a more aggressive approach may be warranted.
Hope things work out

desert rat
19-03-2015, 02:42 AM
Burning sage is called smudging. This is a smudging link I posted, you can change the words to more chase away neg. energy . I have a post on the circulation of white light , if I find it I will post the link .