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16-01-2015, 03:31 AM
.Now i know this seems all about dreams but as the parts go by it will involve paranormal aspects.

This story is almost a life story so i will be doing it in parts.

For me this a sad true story as a baby my mum said id just wake up crying with no apparant reason numerous times in the night.I never wanted a bottle and i was always kept warm. A few years went by and from when i can remember as far back as i used to wake up in night with my back violently being forced forwards and backwards my arms would be above me being forced behind my head and my head would be being forced backwards too, My legs would also be forced behind me as these weird painfull pulsating spasms fired down my back one after another. This effect would force me to wake up as I could feel the pain as I slept and was unbearable I would wake up crying feeling frustrated that I couldn,t get a good night sleep and of the pain I was going through several times a night every night and the fear of this thing happening to me. This pain and loss of control of my body due to the painfull spasms would still continue after wakeing up for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Dad would always come in say its just a bad dream son goto sleep, and bad dreams they were.
These form of sleep attacks i am going to call (SA)!
Ok so now i was old enough to understand a little better of what was happening to me due to having so many, Im in nursury now.
There would always be a bad dream but not a nightmare these were scarier than nightmares see nightmares scare me to the point eventualy I will wake up and there would be no pain or (SA)! just the knowlege Ive had a nightmare. For some unknown reason from when i can remember there was always this character in the dream who would be coming to get me and he would be the one which would touch my lower back then the (Sleep attack) would begin. across the road where i used to live was a hospital since where i lived was my natural surrounding these dreams would always appear to happen where i lived also as far as i know this character which i will now call the KOTAH would come from the hospital.
Now because i had so many of them each night i started to realise i was dreaming and bad things were going to happen to me and i needed to wake myself up.(If anyone has seen the film Highlander when ever theres a bad guy around the highlander sences him its just the same. I found i had a new advantage against the (SA) like an anti Kotah radar I would sence something bad was going to happen become aware i was dreaming and try to wake up by closeing my eyes whilst in the dream world and counting to 10, I used this method for a long time and found it was 1 of the only ways i could limit the (SA) if i could wake myself up in tiime b4 he got me there would be no (SA) Obviously something bad was going to happen i could 3 out of 10 times wake myself up b4 he got me thus preventing a (Sleep Attack).Most of the time tho id be stuck in my own mind in my own dream scared trying to get out.
Beacause i did this everytime i had a (SA) I eventualy realised I had roughly 10 seconds to wake up b4 the Kotah got me and the (SA) commenced.
Here is the discription of the first Kotah blue jeans purple jumper metal mop bucket for a head. He dosn't sound very scarey does he.

During these times there was 1 other kinda bad dream i was getting i would dream i was in bed then i would float upto the cealing faceing the Cealing and get stuck the bedroom would always be dark and it would be very scary eveything would be very dark and vivid this also scared me alot and wasnt very nice. I would try to wake myself up by closeing my eyes and counting to 10
Around these times I was starting to become aware i was dreaming without it being a floating to the ceiling dream of a (SA) dream

I remember watching superman in my infant days and always wanted to fly its something most people could only dream about so thats exactly what I did.
It all started in 1 dream where i was in this park by us and i was running down this little hill then i remember watching myself running down this hill and my body left the floor and floated for a few seconds and then i woke up I thinking wow that was cool i hope that happens again.
Another night not long after I had a dream i was in my school playground and was playing with some other kids but i became aware i was dreaming i thought wow im in a dream and I thought right i got the lenghth of the playground lets see if i can fly some of it. After numerous attempts of running and jumping i realised i was starting to make long jumps by the end of the dream i had actualy flown from 1 side of the playground to another unfortunatly like with all dreams eventualy being aware slowly ended the dream and i woke up.
I awoke happy and pleased with myself thinking Awsome soon if i can master this I will be able to fly away from the KOTAH he will never get me then.
Time goes by and I learn how to fly when i wanted to since i had already done it there was no reason why i couldt do it again, for me flying was the same way as superman but kinda slowish and sometimes not very high reaching.
(From now on when i learn how to do something realy cool it will be known as a power)
I also pondered on the thought of how I could try to keep the dream going for longer next time without wakeing up so I could learn more and play around a bit for longer and so that is exactly what I done over time I learnt how to keep the dream going without wakeing up the trick for me was to no concentrate too much on detail or stare at things for too long another thing I realised to keep dreams going i had to be aware I was dreaming but not realy think about the fact I was dreaming too much thoughts would lead to the dream world collapsing and I would wake up.
Over a period of time I had learnt a new power i found if i closed my eyes I could squease myself through letter boxes and keyholes small holes etc this lasted a few years b4 I lost this power it never eaaly helped me escape from the KOTAH but it has significance as time goes by.

(At this point I want to also add no matter where I was or where I hid the KOTAH would always find me!)

This whole KOTAH thing had started to dominate my thoughts feelings throught the day each day petrified of going home and having to sleep.

I remember watching Luke skywalker in the star wars film move objects with his mind and hand and thought maybee I could do that so during my nights of lucid dreaming I decided I would learn this and thats exactly what I did.
(this never realy come in handy vs the KOTAH and throughout my life it never had any effect on the KOTAH. Throughout my life this power did get very strong to moveing huge objects people and even useing this power to move myself in the air using it rather than useing my flying power, but my flying power was always the dominant way of me flying.

Part 2 of this story i will give tomorrow and will be junior school years.