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07-09-2014, 07:34 PM
Im having a frustrating issue. Im in a dark place in my life right now and every time this happens negitive entities get drawn to me and psychically attack. Its happened many times when im just trying to grieve, the only time they go away is when i do a banishing after bottling my feelings. I do positive spell work but im at my wits end! I want them to be gone permenant. Please help!

08-09-2014, 06:39 AM
1. Develop a good strong relationship with your guides, first point of call for help when trouble arises.

2. When you have a good strong clear connection, you can practise with your guides blocking, the idea is that you close your mind and thoughts to the beings around you, your guides can certainly help with them being the ones that are trying to get into your head, should you succeed in blocking them out then when a real no good entity will have a bit of trouble trying to get into your thoughts, for common sense reasons do not try this when your connection with your guides is still very much developing as this could result in you breaking the connection, a very strong connection is very hard to break, thus doing blocking practice should not break it.

3. Keep the energy around your house postive, white sage, sandalwood, frank and Lavender incense bring in higher up entities which are good and keep the energy postive, you can also learn to send your own energy out around you, or at no good entities, imagine a white light going around the room, this is your very own positive energy this works well when you feel the warmth in your heart. So opening your charka points up would certainly help with this one. You can also smoke an object which has powerful meaning to you in the incense I meantion end above, you can put such objects around your house or wear them for protection against no good entities.

4. When an actual bad entity comes for a very annoying visit do exactly what your guides say, as well as light some incense, and call on more angels for further help, and you can also imagine a white light surrounding your body, close your mind off to every enitity but your guides, and send your own white energy around the room and at the entity it's self.

Also you can use the ashes from the incense, springle along a doorway or along a wall and say no evil shall pass this line as you do it and rub it into the carpet, you can also write rules on a plank of wood and smoke it in incense and hang it up on a door knob, all beings must obey the rules.

But remember the greatest weapon a bad entity has is your fear, it feeds off that being positive makes things a lot easier and a lot safer for yourself, I Hope this helps anyone who is struggling with trouble causing no good entities. Feel free to put down your own ideas of protection against such entities.

08-09-2014, 10:04 PM
thank you night cat! i hope it will start helping clear things up for me.

08-09-2014, 11:17 PM
MetaMorpheus, I saw you have written ..."when I am trying to grieve..."

By that, you must mean you have gone through bereavement recently. I am very sorry. Please do hold onto love for those who have passed. They may have disappeared from view but if ever they loved you they still do. If there should be tears, let them be tears that shine with love, and a strange grace, and heartfelt gratitude. Thus your grieving will not be of a 'low' vibration even though it may bring tears sometimes.Those things will all serve to protect you too.