View Full Version : Living with spirits

18-08-2014, 06:46 AM
Hi All

The house that I live in has a lot of energy around it from spirits, and there are a lot of spirits both good and bad, but despite all this spiritual energy around the house, nothing seems to happen, nothing goes missing or reappears somewhere else, no strange unexplained noises, but what does happen is that I sense them and occasionally see them, but since this place has so much energy you have to be so careful to what entity you are speaking too, as the last thing you need is that feeling that something bad is following you around, unfortunately this happens to me quite a lot, which means I'm using incense quite a lot to keep the energy more positive as well as sending my own energy out and around the rooms. I also think that my guardian angels have put up some sort of shield around my room to help protect me at night, despite the bad entities, I do happen to know a few of the spirits in this house who are good and are always there when you want to talk to them.