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28-07-2014, 03:35 PM
Just recently I came back in contact with my friend who is a medium, she's able to see spirits and auras and she was very shocked with what she saw when we finally met in person after a few years of not seeing each other. She told me the majority of my aura was orange, the outside part, and then a small line of purple, and then at the center it was completely black and I was drawing in energy like a black hole would. She told me something (some sort of entity) could easily be hiding inside of that so we decided to try and clear out the black energy, that was a mistake.

[Before I go any further I should explain a dream that I had a few months back, I didn't understand it at the time but it makes much more sense now. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom and I felt as though I was being watched, so naturally, I went looking for what was watching me. After some searching I went into my back room and around the corner I saw a mirror image of myself.. But I had demonic eyes and I was laughing a horrible evil laugh, right after that I woke up. At the time I thought it was me telling myself that 'I am my own worst enemy' or something cheesy like that, but after what happened last night I can see that it was much more meaningful than that. There have also been other times I've dreams that seem disturbingly real for the last 5 years or so. I dream that demons are coming after me, they're always saying something like "come with us" or "we're coming for you" or "we're still waiting" and every time I look into those awful black eyes and wake up a second later. Alright, back to the story now]

I stopped meditating a few months ago due to the fact that I would feel like something bad was watching me, but last night she told me to meditate to try and focus on the negative energy, so we could try to see if I can get rid of it, and so I did. Immediately upon doing so my friend (lets call her Mickey) told me the black part of my aura was shooting out some very hateful angry energy.. That was when we figured I had an entity hiding inside of me.
The deeper I got into my meditation the more my uneasiness grew and the more angry I felt, I opened my eyes and found Mickey looking at me confused and kind of afraid.. When I asked her what had happened she said that the black part of my aura had started growing and blocking out the other colors. This made sense seeing as I was beginning to feel very angry towards her for what seemed to be no reason at all.

I continued to meditate and I was visualizing the black part of my aura being surrounded by golden light and it healing and going away, but I could never make it stay away.. After maybe an hour of this I started feeling really strange. I was feeling dizzy and lightheaded like I just ran a bunch, my whole body felt tingly, and when I opened my eyes I was seeing everything in a very weird way.. Like I was in a dream and everything around me suddenly didn't seem real, colors were slightly off. I felt absolutely exhausted, which seemed very strange considering I hadn't moved from my spot on the floor, and like I was stuck in an energy glue. It was hard to move and it felt like I was fighting just to stay awake.

I looked over at Mickey and she got up, moved across the room and away from me and told me she was now positive there was an entity inside of me. I asked her what she was seeing and she told me my aura had gone completely black with a very small amount of orange on the outside edges, but the orange part was flickering and threatening to fade completely. At the same time that she was telling me this I was still having trouble seeing straight and everything was rippling, I felt like I was having a bad acid trip even though we were completely sober. I was also having some very angry and bad thoughts towards her, with some very disturbing mental images of myself physically hurting her and literally tearing her apart like a wild animal, there aren't any words to really describe the hate that I felt.. It was more intense than any feeling I've had in the past, and not acting on it was making me feel like I was dying. I never moved from my spot but I started seeing black spots like I was going to pass out and something in my head was screaming for me to just let go. Just let go and you'll stop being so tired, you'll feel so much relief if you just let go...

But I never did, somehow I stayed conscious. Although, for a moment I felt like I fell asleep and I felt myself making a terrible almost snarling noise that I didn't even think a person could make. In that time Mickey started yelling for me to come back, she said my aura had gone completely black, and I needed to come back right now. I'm not really sure how it happened but I woke up.. It felt sick to my stomach as soon as I opened my eyes (although she told me they never closed, I felt like they were) and she told me I had said some very disturbing things. She refused to tell me what, and when I saw how scared she looked I didn't ask anymore questions.. We lit some sandalwood incense and went for a walk after that and the black energy subsided and went back to its original size in the center of my aura.

I believe that what we encountered was a demon, I'm not sure how to make it go away but I'm open to advice.. I have an appointment to go see a reiki healer in about a week to see if she will be able to help me at all.. I'm wondering if any of you have any advice on how to keep it stuffed down and hidden away until that time, I'm afraid now that we've made it angry it will do whatever it can to try and stop me from clearing it out.. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before, I want to say I'm scared but I know if I fear it I'm giving it power, so I'm telling myself to stay strong.. Any and all advice is welcome and I'm open to any suggestions you guys might have.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story! Namaste

(obviously this is a shortened version of what happened, it happened over the course of a few hours, so if you feel like I skipped over anything and want to know more about what happened just ask and I'll do my best to explain in more detail)

desert rat
29-07-2014, 05:00 PM
You might want to try some of the standart protection methods , and you might want to try the circulation of white light .

03-08-2014, 03:21 AM
That's a demon. It's latched onto you and from the sounds of things, it's pretty strong!

Something you're doing must be feeding it. Demons latch onto us through the 'darker' side of ourselves; they prey on our weaknesses and fears. Something you might have done/doing has given it power. But they also get in through trauma; if you experienced some kind of trauma, this could have been its gateway.

A way to combat demons? It might sound cliche, but love. That's the best way. You can keep this thing dormant for a while with the methods you're using, but it won't eliminate it.

I've had experiences with demons. For me, they appeared after a traumatic incident. Nightmares followed, being attacked in the night also occurred. Thoughts that weren't my own would fly into my head. I still don't fully understand them but experience has taught me a few things. And it took a long time for them to leave; there are still remnants of them that are with me. The demons are saying they're 'waiting for you' because, make no mistake about it, they want you on their side. What I mean is, these thoughts flying into your head is their way of trying to manipulate you, to get you to 'slowly' turn evil so you'll end up doing some crazy act that will have you in their clutches.

Some people aren't as good at keeping demons out as others are. You hear all the time about people 'randomly' killing their families or shooting people up. Anyone who thinks demons aren't working on these people are lunatics - yet, people rarely ask for help because they're worried they'll be labelled insane. Well, they're not insane. Demons are real and they're very dangerous. Seriously, be strong and fill yourself with as much love as possible. You don't want it to get to the point where it takes complete control. They're like tumors.

03-08-2014, 11:53 AM
You are currently possessed by a very strong entity (demon I dont know, I dont like that term and dont call all dark beings demons but its certainly a very strong dark entitiy as it can completely over take you), I can tell that by your very description as I myself have been throu this very thing myself.

You friend had every right to be scared, you could of attacked her. These things can get very angry and act out if threatened. When I was partly possessed , I sought out some born again christian friends who are extremely pure (the nicest people imaginable, no darkness in them) and asked them to pray over me (thinking this would get it out).

The being I had inside of me as they laid hands on me and started praying, then started taking over me and all his anger and wanting to kill my friends. I started feeling like that of myself, I was becoming him. I had to stop my friends as I would of attacked them if they'd continued and really hurt someone or worst (he wanted them dead). It actually was about to start hissing at my friends and I was at the point it was taking every ounce of my energy to control and know I couldnt do that anymore.

It also got got unbearable to be prayed over and this is how he acted due to this. I made out I was fine so they would stop, I never told them what nearly occurred (how does one tell ones friends one nearly killed them?) and due to the discomfort was so strong while that was being done, I was unable to ask them to tie me to a chair or something before trying this again. It was all too much for me, he too strong.

I didnt just have a bad strong smart entity but I was also full of crittery like entities too, I had so many entities. I think this may of been things from other lifetimes coming up for clearing, a part of what I had to go throu to get clear of them.

I had about 17 healers, strong healers (not reiki channels but those who could see these things!! this is far beyond what most reiki channels can do with, the things I had, they didnt care about reiki energy!) working on me and the entities just kept coming back (so maybe it was karmic).

I went throu weekly healings, sometimes twice a week for years just to cope, the things in me and the energy being given off was horrible. It was horrendous, sometimes I could feel the beings within me, one day this huge spider like leg came out of my mouth and was stroking itself back and forth on my chin. I choked on nests of parasite things coming up for cleaning and went throu so many things. Another time I could feel tentacles moving around in my head.

We had healings in which my body took up postures and held them not possible (getting superhuman strength to hold my body at strange angles eg from sitting posture, leant right back, back arched with head almost touching the floor, I was in that gravity defying impossible posture for about 5mins), another time during a healing this big wind started coming out of my mouth and just went on and on and on in an impossible way.

Thank God very experienced healers who knew what they were doing were working on me to keep me calm and they were fine thou they'd said I was the worst case they'd come across and didnt know how I was still being myself and walking around with all these entities in me, I also had heaps of auric damage due to all this.

How I finally got freed of all this is (after years of dealing with these and hundreds healings being done on me. I paid out so much money trying to get clear of these). One of my healing teachers called our whole group together to do a depossession of everything on me.

I sat in the middle of the circle and there was about 13 of them all, my teacher and the ones she'd trained along with me (I wasnt allowed to work on the other students as I'd give them entities!), all fully trained healers by this point who worked with angels and who also did psychic surgery. So they called in their angels, and we called on the archangels and everything else (that hadnt been enough with individuals working on me) and then they all projected and channelled divine energy at once.

This really really hurt, the entities couldnt handle this and started ripping themselves out of me to get away. It was like I was being torn apart, I was thrashing all over the floor, crying and probably screaming (I so wish someone had filmed this!).

The group of lightworkers just projected and projected at me till I was completely clear and those things NEVER COME BACK this time (we'd won a huge battle!!). I was left all covered in bruises by the end of it where I'd slammed into the chairs while thrashing in agony on the floor.

Sorry if this all sounds very scary, maybe you just have one and a very advanced healer can simply remove if its karmically time? Anyway, I just want to let you know to feel free to message me if you need to talk about anything you end up going throu with this.

Sometime after my own experience, I once got called in to try to deal with someone I knew completely possessed unfortunately the being was too strong for me and my friend I took there with me (it basically mocked us, she had no control over her body and I dont think was even there no more, her body was as rigid as a plank! all her chakras had gone like shrivelled prunes and wouldnt even take on energy. As she'd been collapsed on a cold bathroom for over 12hrs before her husband had rang me and her body was very cold. We moved her, one holding under her head and the other her feet and she didnt even sag, just like a plank, so unnatural).

After the healing to get rid of the demon failed, I forced her husband to call an ambulance, she just couldnt be kept being left unconscious with only the being responding on occassions eg to laugh at us. I dont know what happened to her other then she came too the next day and freaked to find herself in hospital as was asking for me, but I wouldnt go (I didnt want to be near that being again seeing I knew it was too strong for me). I do believe I know how she got possessed, a few days before, her, I and another had been doing healings at a mind body spirit expo together.

Thou we worked on heaps of different people there together, I think I know the very guy she picked up the being from, this guy who had the most discusting energy which really wasnt right and I thought at the time "this guy must be full of entities". She was being lazy about her protection and didnt join the two of us others for protection prayers etc before we started that day. She was like "I'll be fine" (which I remember so clear as I'd be concerned about her slap happy attitude to safety). ***sighs** and then a few days later I got the call from her husband, almost in the middle of the night begging for help as she'd been on the floor since the morning, making weird noises and that at him.


I personally think seening the being in you is that strong that it can overpower you, I do not think you yourself have much chance of clearing it and you need to seek experienced help. Make sure it is someone who deals with strong entities!! maybe warn them it isnt the crittery kind, and has experience or they may end up hurt. Do not go to anyone for a healing as you may pass on what you have to the other or other things or do worst to them. Sometimes they are attached to the actual person and wont move to another (other life connections etc) but other ones may to another.

I dont think you sending love at it will help either (it didnt work for me) as when that being gets mad when you did that (it will either probably be amused at what it could see as a miserable attempt to remove it or it will get angry), you'll just shift into its emotions and feel mad too and will end up just feeding it. It will just overpower you.

Try too to think over if you did anything at all which could of caused you to pick up this being (as you dont want to be taking on more). Did you do any healing on anyone unprotected like the one I knew did? Did you use a ouji board (i cant spell it?). Did you do anything dark which could of attracted something dark to you? When I was full of entities my teacher made me get rid of any dark stuff in my house including books on demonology. I stopped listening to heavy metal and only listened to spiritual music etc etc but none of it was enough.