View Full Version : My Ghost Story - Great-Grandma Says Hi

25-06-2014, 10:45 AM
I will start at the beginning, my beautiful great grandmother fell ill with lung cancer at the start of 2012, I nursed her through every hard corner there was and would do anything to make her feel as happy as possible, but there was one thing I wish, I wish that the family had told her she had cancer, not because of the survival rates, but because it was diagnosed too late and that she’s already battled bravely through three other cancers. But for some reason I felt that she knew. As months went by her condition started to deteriorate, we would have to move her from her bed that was upstairs to a hospital bed downstairs, she started to see things, telling us to get out because they were scaring her, I didn’t take this to heart because it was her bodies way of trying to cope with what was going on. At the beginning of October 2012 she slowly began to slip into a coma, we were all there beside her. Just two week went by and we all knew it was about time, I visited her one last time, gave her a kiss and said that I loved her, I think she heard me, because her expression changed slightly, then 12 hours later she passed away peacefully in her sleep.

For some reason this was a good thing to me, simply because she would always talk about how much she missed her mother and husband, So I know that she is finally with them, healthy happy and forever together.

Everything went okay for a good couple of months, as a paranormal believer and investigator I slowly began to wonder when she would make contact, I only wanted to know if she was happy.

It was March 2013 and every Tuesday I would phone my dad to see how he was doing, as we got talking I heard “Helloooo” behind his voice, as usual my mother would be there shouting hello to me so I shouted back, my father stumbled a little because I interrupted him, I said “Is mam in the room with you? She shouted hello”

“No, I’m the only one in the room”

Shocked I carried on talking, I didn’t mention to him about this voice that sounded like my great grandmother, because my dad does not believe, he believes once you die you die, that’s it, so I kept it to myself.

Once I got off the phone to my dad I smiled, because I knew that was my great grandmother saying hello for the first time since she had passed away.

Another incident was when I was getting ready for bed, As usual I would check to see if everything is locked and tidy, then I headed off to bed, as I was about to switch the TV off I could hear footsteps, I listened closely…

Looking at the floor the floorboards was moving too, and the only way they would move was if someone was physically walking on them, but there was no one, I looked at my mirror and that was moving too, in sync with the footsteps, I wasn't creeped out because I knew this was my great grandmother, I placed my head down on the pillow and closed my eyes, a minute or so later I could feel someone touching my hair and stroking my head. I smiled then it stopped. I knew she was there with me, she always use to stroke my head when I was a child to help me off to sleep, And I can’t wait to make contact with her once again.. some day, I just hope that she’s happy with her husband and her family. I wonder what my next experience will be?