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17-06-2014, 11:06 PM
I have two sons 13 and one nearly 16 ....This is about my eldest and his imaginary friend call Shuggy .... This happened when he was about 2 years old ,before his wee brother was born ....Both my sons are very intuitive especially my eldest ..I was a stay at home mum at the time and my hubby worked really long hours ,he started at 6 and didn't usually finish until 6 or 7 ...I don't know how many times my son who could barely talk would say ,"dads going to be home soon" ,usually it was around 12 oclock ,mid day ish and I would say to him ",no sweetie Dad wont be home for a while yet" only for his dad to show up a little while later ( sometimes they were sent home early ,if there was no work ) ..This type of thing happened a lot and we would ask him how he knew that dad was going to be home and he would point and say Shuggy .....So after a while we realised shuggy was obviously and imaginary friend of some sort .....I know I should of been a little freaked out by this but I wasn't for some reason I felt this shuggy was a good sort and my son seemed happy ...He would sit in his bedroom just chatting a laughing ,just like he was having a proper convo with someone and I would walk in and say "who are you talking to "? and he would always reply" Shuggy" ..He seemed happy as ,so I let him be ....It wasn't long after this however that my son started to have nightmares and started to refer to someone called dark eyes ,he would point to the corner and just say" dark eyes". when ever he had what we thought were nightmares ...There were times when toys would go off in his bedroom at night ( the ones that play music etc ) and he would wake up and say dark eyes did it ,the poor wee man was so petrified and it always took us so long to lull him back off to sleep .....I can remember he got given a few books for his birthday and one was a sesame street book ( ican't remember the title ) but it was a Burt and Ernie one where Ernie was scared of the dark ..Now in this book there was a page where there was a dark shadow in the corner that Ernie was scared of and my son would point to this and just say" dark eyes" ....My hubby and I thought that maybe the book was contributing to the nighmares or had caused them ,so we hid it away but they didn't stop .....There was one day I was doing the dishes and my boy was sitting in his highchair having his lunch, when I heard this wooshing sound ,I turned around only to see our pantry door swing open ,it had never done it before ,I went to close it and my son said "stop it dark eyes"! ......These are only a few examples of what happened ,there were plenty more strange things that happened ....One thing that was weird was when my son started mentioning this dark eyes ,shuggy seemed to disappear for a while ,so we don't know if Shuggy and dark eyes were one in the same ...... once my Youngest was born they both seemed to disappear thank god and we also ended up moving to another house ...My son has no recollection of these imaginary friends ,which is prob a blessing . ....Anyway just thought I would share .

Just a little add on my youngest boy ( he was a bout 9 at the time ) talked of seeing a shadow person a few years back ,which kind of freaked me out but he only talked about it a few times ...he said it looked like a person but dark and sometimes he only saw it's legs ,like it's body was missing ...I did see something one day ,like what he said but I am a bit of a sceptic about these things and just put it down to my imagination ....Not long after he talked about this shadow person my son had a seizure ,it was a one off and he hasn't had one since ,after the seizure he never spoke of this shadow person again .

20-06-2014, 06:54 AM
Hi Kiwigirl11, I just now read your story, as you probably know children are very intuitive, these entities your eldest son saw, seem to be attached to the house you were then living in, as they hav'nt followed him since, I'm glad that all seems to be well now.

20-06-2014, 04:38 PM
Kids are so innocent and their intuitions are pretty accurate, no matter how small they are. The other day everyone was sitting down and there were no more chairs left and I was standing right behind my daughter and I just thought to myself (man it be so nice for me to sit down) right at that moment my daughter said mommy sit down, please sit down and she got up and left. That was incredible somehow she heard my thought !She's amazing!!! She drives me nuts sometimes but I love the heck out of her. Anyhow I always trust kids intuition. :wink: